D.C. Bomb Threat Suspect Surrenders Outside Library Of Congress 1

D.C. Bomb Threat Suspect Surrenders Outside Library Of Congress


Law enforcement officials announced that the Washington bomb threat suspect, Floyd Ray Roseberry has surrendered to police. The North Carolina man drove his pickup truck onto the sidewalk in front of the Library of Congress and broadcasted a list of government grievances live on Facebook. Authorities are now searching his home. 
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    1. @Max Power no. Radicalization oversimplifies it. The process that is done is very targeted and sophisticated.

    1. @v blackwell How so the bomb suspect is not a fan of President Biden. I have a better idea then if you don’t think the bomb suspect should of been shot. The bomb suspect can just leave our country altogether even better & take everyone with him who believe what he believes how’s that one for ya


    3. @Random Internet User a bullet is less expensive then the meals, room and board were he is going. That’s why. Need to work on that deficit

    4. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Rasmussen, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News are not reliable sources for polls since they lean either right or left with those polled depending on their leanings. I believe polls showed Trump down when he went up against HRC but we saw that polls don’t mean squat until people vote. Nice try though.

    1. @Mad Labs There are more in-depth stories detailing his now suspended Facebook page. He was very pro-Trump in his FB posts.

    2. Making this a right left thing is not helpful. There are much bigger issues than your favorite screaming match team.

    3. @Mad Labs totally understand. This article/video doesn’t talk about it, so the Trump Supporter accusation seemingly came from nowhere. Heck, it seemed a safe assumption, but best to confirm (easy enough with Google).

      Have a great day

    1. @Charlie Foxtrot Yes, you are right. But even better to have an Algonquin or a Sioux at home to stay in touch with american spirit and the said “sighting in”.

    2. Nobodies saying that. Making this a left/right thing is not helpful or wise. This was a terrorist attack on the capital and nobody worth talking to is denying that.

    1. Bomber wannabe mentioned ready to give up life for “revolution”. Backed down really fast and opted instead for looking “revolting” as he slithered into ‘Surrender Street’.

    2. @John Mags Do you believe in my body, my choice? Don’t try to nanny people over a virus with a less than 1% mortality rate that mainly kills the already unhealthy and elderly.

    3. Don’t make this a right left thing. It’s not helpful or smart to blame it on trump since he isn’t in power anymore. Do you seriously believe that trump personally sent a suicide bomber to DC?

  1. Shouldn’t matter if the bomb was real or fake, if you rob a bank with a toy gun it’s still armed robbery.

    1. It’s stupid that you can get charged with armed robbery with you weren’t armed. That’s like being arrested on drug charged for snorting flour, but you told people it was coke.

    2. From his actions the only charges I see him getting is terroristic threats & CONVEYING FALSE INFORMATION. Which will probably land him in jail for a maximum five years and he would only do like 2 or less

    3. @Trumpocalypse actually, conspiracy is by definition a lesser offense, to the offense the conspiracy sought to commit. I learned that the hard way, from my lawyer. Its also the reason that you can’t conspire to commit a misdemeanor. Cause conspiracy is a class c felony.

    4. @Maggie Norris How is it not? Armed robbery gets more time because weapons put people in life-threatening danger. If you have a Nerf gun, you obviously can’t threaten anyone’s life.

    1. @Bill Cosby I bet if lauren Boerbert was there she would had shot him with her selfie gun prop, assuming it’s even loaded.

  2. 200+ years ago we defended America from the ‘Red Coats’. Now we defend America from the ‘Red Hats’. One consistency throughout History, Traitors tend to wear ‘Red’.

    1. To be fair, the British red coats weren’t traitors, they were trying to supress our treason, from their perspective.

    2. That has got to be the most foolish statement I’ve ever read. LOL
      Take a course on history, and research the definition of traitor.
      Then, research who’s trying to actually destroy America during the current times.

    1. @Python PogChamp that is a lie. Couldn’t find a reliable source that reported on such a thing.

    2. @Yaria Samavan Carlan sure dude. The FBI totally doesn’t have a history of radicalizing people, causing mass shootings, and using the results to push more draconian law.

      They were unsealed court documents. The court refuses to state which agents tried to get the kid to do the shooting.

    3. @Python PogChamp you are lying. If you are making statements and want to be believed, link trusted sources (in this case the unsealed pdf, which should be available as well as their docket numbers) so that we can all see “the truth”.

      Go on. I’ll wait and don’t tell me that ain’t your job. Big claims require big proof.

      Show it up or shut up.

    4. @Yaria Samavan Carlan I can’t. YouTube is notorious for censoring for the state. I tried posting it three times and all of it got deleted.

      You got a throwaway email account? I’ll send you a link to the most documented case. Court documents, FBI testimony, all of it in one easy to read twitter thread.

    5. @Bill Cosby yeah, it’s obvious for anyone paying attention, but they know half the population will buy into it, like they do with most false flags

  3. I blame it on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy that his invitation to the Jan. 6th insurrection came 7 months late.

    1. @mintymus have you been living under a rock or something? Maybe a coma? Let me feel you in you missed all those republicans blaming others for all their short falls, my favorite of MTG blame an ominous ‘they’ for letting her look up Conspiracies on the internet and that they should have stopped her from doing it

  4. Was down there this morning…was a crazy scene…sirens going everywhere…it’s becoming stressful living in/near DC…sigh

    1. @Jacob Durand Neo-Nazi Matt Braynard is recruiting MAGAt’s for another “rally” at the Capitol.

  5. “Today’s D.C. Bomb Threat was brought to you by MONSTER Energy Drink, Self-Detonate the Beast!”

  6. How is it characterized as “ending peacefully,” after all the fear and chaos he caused? It ended with his surrender and without blood shed or significant property damage, but I wouldn’t call it peaceful. That’s a bit too whitewashed IMO.

    1. This guy committed many serious felonies like treason. The only way this guy isn’t getting the chair is if he is found insane.

  7. Eventually, one of these people is actually going to set off a bomb! These terrorists need to stop being treated with kids gloves!

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