D.C. Officials: Four Dead After Chaotic Pro-Trump Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

D.C. Officials: Four Dead After Chaotic Pro-Trump Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


NBC News' Vaughn Hillyard joins Brian Williams to discuss the latest reporting on the aftermath of the pro-Trump riots at the U.S. Capitol.
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D.C. Officials: Four Dead After chaotic Pro-Trump Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @John Anderson You mean like the BLM and anarcho-socialist riots that burned down two dozen cities during the summer?

    2. @Cole Cole poor sheep, you don’t know the definition of socialism. Your soft brain won’t let you remember it was Bernie that was a Democratic Socialist. Not at all the same as socialism still. You should educate yourself. Clearly you are an imbecile who should not be broadcasting your embarrassing stupidity

    3. @LollieVox (Laurie Webb ) they are now labeled a terrorist group and the 25th amendment is being considered to remove the orange failure from office early. The dumb tRumpers fell right into a trap and did exactly as expected. Democracy won last night TRumpers should start their move to Russia

    4. Trump is scared to leave the white house,because after he leaves,hes a dead man walking with no protection of people. He has a greenlight on his head,many elite and government officials are betting on his life

    1. @Andy Olea exactly what i though should protest without ripping windows and damaging things or tan a dem yaad!

    1. Its no joke…. those are the votes he went for and he got them. Lower class people… Trump supporters, not all of them,… but most.

    1. @mary jane that’s not what god meant when he said “Let the little children come to me” -george carlin

    2. @Daus Herryanddhy brother don’t let the kooks get to you. rejoice n celebrate trump is going to prison soon lolhahahaha yeah

    1. @10cody7 Exactly. The election has been over for two and half months. What happened yesterday disgraced this country and wasted lives for no discernible reason other than their master told them to do it.

    2. Jesus Christ be more respectful, the entire year the police employed excessive force this is the lastest case of it

    3. @Ryan Bone and here you go again thinking you know something when you really don’t..who exactly is “you people’ im not part of the political party you think I am

    1. @Tom-A062 those cities didn’t have deaths oh but wait a minute a teenager shot a unarmed man was able to drive to his state and didn’t face charges until months later… get out of here im neutral to all this but facts are facts… there is NO WAY you can be ok with what happened yesterday…

    2. @Adrian Vanderbilt the VAST MAJORITY of people arrested in Portland Oregon for destroying the city are whiter than I am and that’s a fact.


    1. They get bail??? Acts of ter a rzm..
      100s not arrested? A u turn in front of white house in the past sharp shooters klld. Who gave order for sharp shooter to stand down?

    2. The national guard was on standby but Trump wouldn’t call them in. Mike Pence was the one that finally called them.

    3. @adam destri General Tilley already stated yesterday the military is defending the Constitution not trump. I’m sure there are some supporters amongst the ranks but for the most part the Generals are against this.

  1. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
    – Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. @Peace & Love you are not in america. You are in YT comments. Free speech laws dont apply to businesses. Best to k ownthat before you comment

    2. @John Elkins maybe, cant be sure since we cant see it. You could have been talking violence against a group of people for all I know and I see no reason to trust what you type.

    3. @adjwindu70 no violence either it shows you the level of censorship going on . 0 cuss word 0 violence anything of that nature.

    4. @adjwindu70 i feel all people are equal some are just stupid. Regardless what so called side you vote for

  2. This is literally what Mussolini did when he took power. His followers marched down to the Kings Palace and demanded to make Mussolini Dictator

    1. Hitler tried the same stunt in 1923 and failed. The lesson here is: If you don’t go after everyone involved and enabeling this hard they will try again. And next time they will be more organized.

  3. I Blame McConnell If he took the Impeachment to a vote
    NONE of this would have happened

    1. It did go to a vote, but all Republicans just voted against it, except for Mitt Romney. The final score was 52-48 in the senate against impeachment.

    1. @Carl Johnson lol what else did the machine tell you to think? You assclowns will reeeee russia with no evidence forever i guess.

  4. When the mob goes in because Trump told them to and goes home when Trump told them to, he IS the LEADER of that mob.

    1. Was there ever any question to that? We’ve watched this for 4 years…persons driving trucks into crowds, teenagers killing others in states other than their own, racist rhetoric from the head NAZI himself…was there any real question where this was going?

    1. Nope. It won’t happen. Democracy is as fragile as a piece of paper, and its slowly being ripped apart from the inside out..

    1. @Raven113 P poorly educated deplorable Klan members white supremacist neo nazi’s domestic terrorist the original terrorist

    2. @Claude Williams I really would like to make basket reference of some kind but I just not clever enough this morning.

    3. @greenknightable that’s FINE private BONE SPURS is a cowards coward and a ignorant immoral immature illiterate inbred incestuous incompetent imbecile who grabs women by the vagina what do you expect??? He is a 6 year old petulant child childish 300 pound orange pompous windbag


    1. @lokis Mischief
      He could be a Russian bot but just like his channel says, he should get this tattooed across his forehead: *This channel doesn’t have any content.*

    1. @Will YoujustSTFU I can’t find anything like this anywhere, the news, yt, google. Can u tell me the news source?

  5. This finally is treason under the constitution. Attempted violent overthrow of the government. Donald Trump and Giuliani ought to at least be charged with sedition.

    1. They should be convicted. Neither would be eligible to hold a US public office ever again. That would be good news for all of us.

  6. He’s gotten away with so much already. He figured he’d get away with this, too. I hope to God that he doesn’t.

    1. some are already using the we can’t look back, move forward for the better of the country schpeil..like we’ve heard with every criminal president on their way out…nixon , reagan, bush ,bush ,don’t you see the pattern?. R..next to their name….

    2. Don’t worry he might get away with something here but his days are numbered because he is an old man! God will take care of the rest and knows every second of this crazy man’s life!

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