D.C. Police Officer Who Was Attacked On Jan. 6 Speaks Out 1

D.C. Police Officer Who Was Attacked On Jan. 6 Speaks Out


DC police officer Michael Fanone, who was beaten and tased in in the Capitol Hill riot, joins Andrea Mitchell to react to Speaker Pelosi's announcement that the House will form a Select Committee on January 6th and the fact GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy still has not met with him. He also rejects the claim from Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) that January 6th was like a “regular tourist day” at Capitol Hill, saying that that is “an out and out lie.” Fanone discusses his PTSD from the attacks and shares his desire for police reform to be approached in an “honest and genuine way.”

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  1. I recall republicans saying “what does it hurt to humor him?” I guess we have our answer

    1. We as Americans owe these true Americans our deepest gratitude and prayers.
      Its not dems not Republicans its the USA. Very sad that Republicans hide their faces behind a flag. What happens on Saturday will show the true color of American

  2. Speaking truth to power is an important part of our democracy, that republicans refuse to interact speaks volumes as to how they want to dismantle our democracy…

    1. They think we’re all so stupid! Or being blkmailed they do anything trump wants. How can they hate America so much!

    2. @Phyllis Irwin **they’ve been brainwashed by Fox news!!!!!! They drank the toxic Kool-Aid!!! And they can’t think for themselves!!!! It’s just them versus us!!!**

    3. @Phyllis Irwin because they’re the children of the thousands of Nazis brought over in operation paperclip.

    1. @Jeremy Backup if people don’t see that it was all due to Trump, then they are completely lost.

    2. Mango Mussolini made a call to dismantle the democratic processes and principles of the republic to retain power, and on Jan 6th a scourge of Trumpanzees answered.

    3. The only president to be ever impeached for Incitement of Insurrection against the United States of America

    1. Because republicans HAVE NO SHAME!!!!! They’re liars, they could be played the tape back showing they lied and they’ll still say it isn’t true!

    2. Sold his soul to the devil,,, Trump…. Just like all the rest of the Republican politicians….. All the real Patriots are leaving this Republican party…….**

    3. Interesting and good, that the FBI is asking the public to ID potential law breakers.
      Now one would think that the FBI has millions of photos of last summer’s rioting, arson, attacks on police, looters, and murderers?
      Silly me. 99% in those riots were Democrats.

    1. @Dach speaking as a former teacher….some of Trump’s people are so poorly educated they think Trump’s sophomoric vocabulary and speech patterns are correct…please, not even clise.

    2. Interesting and good, that the FBI is asking the public to ID potential law breakers.
      Now one would think that the FBI has millions of photos of last summer’s rioting, arson, attacks on police, looters, and murderers?
      Silly me. 99% in those riots were Democrats.

    3. @Dach “C’mon Man” give the old politician some space. The Cartel President or Whispering President.

  3. You will never see this kind of interview on Fox News because it is not fake. All my prayers are for him to heal from this ordeal. And the deepest shame for all the Republicans senators who have voted against the commission on the inserection.

    1. @Dach Nothing more delusional than telling people to inject bleach or shine UV light into your body to cure covid. Or nothing more delusional than claiming you won an election when your opponent got 7 million more votes than you did. Nothing more delusional than to believe Putin over your own intel agencies , You are terrible at trolling that whole Biden dementia thing is played out and not working.

    2. @Dach Your dear orange clown president is the one behind all this. He is responsible for this and only one with a mental health issue would do such thing. What would you have said if Joe Biden supporters would have been there instead of Trump’s,huh. You would yell at the to be traitors. The actual situation is no different but your reaction is and shouldn’t be. If you want a fascist country you , the right, are on the right path.

    3. @Dach Trump left the last NATO summit early because other world leaders were laughing at him. They must have seen Trump’s baby Orange blimp flying outside NATO summit! I love it when Trump traveled the world how his baby Orange blimp would magically show up!Hilarious!

    1. “very fine people?”….. ok so very good people dont have neo nazi tatts on their neck

    1. @Dach every time one of you MAGA people speak you show more reasons why we call y’all stupid.

    2. Lol , Fanone should get a Job with the Democrat Party already , how many CNN and MSNBC appearance has this guy had already?

    1. **two other cops committed suicide,, because what they though,,, were their Brothers,,,, ATTACKED THEM…. AND THREATEN THEIR LIVES…. THEY SAW THE REALITY OF TRUMPISM…**

  4. Takes more strength to tell the truth,then to lie. Republicans know the truth,but have no will for the truth. Lies are all the Republicans have now.

    1. It’s a cancer trying to appeal to America’s delusional race superiority. The GOP of today’s world in a nutshell.

  5. Glad this guy survived. Others did not. I put the blame squarely where it belongs…on Trump

    1. Two other cops committed suicide,,, because they were Republicans,,, and were attacked by what they thought were their brothers!!!!!!!!**

    2. @UNLESS COMMUNITY Even with a broken educational system in the U.S., without a half-witted demagogue stirring the pot, this never would have happened.

  6. Its bizarre how Republicans dont want to see or shake the hand of a guy who almost died to protect them.republicans are supporting and speaking up for the insurrectionist. that party has zero leadership qualities at all.

    1. He is also brutally honest. Very dangerous for the “Republicans”, a person who can think for themself.

    2. There were more than a couple of the GOP politicians played tour guides to these tourists the day before the insurrection… If there was a bipartisan committee… These GOP politicians will be deemed traitors. My hope is the DOJ will investigate these traitors and prosecute as soon as possible.

    1. @Cyril Millet – Trump didn’t storm the capitol. 10 idiots walking through barriers is not storming!

      You really need to get out of your Leftist propaganda bubble.
      Google it.

    2. @Scott Harrison Crazy crackpot conservatives stole Pelosi laptop tried to sell it to the Russians.

    3. @Starman Dx – A bipartisan Senate Committee determined that this man was put into harm’s way by Nancy Pelosi.
      Trump requested extra troops, Pelosi denied it. This fact is recorded and there are no doubts! LOL
      What part of that are you missing? You can’t see the Leftist media trying to cover up for the failures of Pelosi?

    4. @Scott Harrison throw up a link to your sources. Last I knew Republicans voted against an investigation. You won’t though.

    5. @Scott Harrison The middle-class paid more in taxes than Corporate America did under Trump. So much for being Fair and Balanced…fox news logo what a joke!

      Trump and the Republican party gave Billionaires Trillion dollar tax cuts which added Trillions of dollars to our debt. Corporate America wants to control America but our Democracy keeps getting in their way. Guess who wants to get rid of our Democracy? The republican party! Less government so the republican party’s biggest Corporate donors can control more of America!

  7. The fact that he is such a good guy only makes their lack of dignity more disgusting and dishonorable.

    1. This all began with lies to America. A business man who has failed as a president and puppet of putin. He and the rest of the FAMILY are guilty of racial violence in this time.
      Now everyone is crying foul because they got caught

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