DAAS Statement on Fire/Emmanuel Residence

Statement  of the 
Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences
On the Christmas Day Attack on Mr. Glenworth Emmanuel, and other Criminal
Acts of 2010

The Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences (DAAS) wishes to express its
concern on the reported fire bombing attack on the home of retired Chief
Magistrate Glenworth O. N. Emmanuel (GON Emmanuel). The alleged attack on
Christmas morning, December 25, 2010, took place at approximately 3.00 a.m.
Awakened by a loud explosion, Mr. Emmanuel rescued his wife Greta and ran out of
his house which was by that time partly engulfed in flames. As a result of
the fire Mr. Emmanuel’s vehicle was incinerated and his living room, kitchen
and dining area destroyed. The elderly couple luckily escaped injuries.
This incident is considered part of a spate of crime and victimisation in
Dominica that are of national concern. We are believed to have recorded 14
homicides in 2010, and the details surrounding the cases are quite
alarming. DAAS extends sympathies to all victims and families.
Mr. Emmanuel is a distinguished Dominican who served in the Royal Navy
during World War II in the fight against fascism; the mortal enemy of
democracy and rule of law. He is President of the Dominica Legion of the Royal
Commonwealth Ex-Servicemen’s League.

After he completed legal studies in the United Kingdom and practiced there
for some time, Mr. Emmanuel returned to the land of his birth and served
as a Magistrate. He was respected during his tenure as one who was firm and
fair in his implementation of the law.
The alleged attack on Mr. Emmanuel and his wife is a very frightening
development. This is mainly because if the reported circumstances as connected
to the incident prove to be true, such can have far reaching ramifications
for law and order in our beloved nation.
The Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences has worked to provide resources to
law enforcement in its fight against crime on Dominica in the past; we
shall continue to do so. We call on the Government and police to protect the
life of Mr. Emmanuel and his wife Greta, and all other victims of crime. We
further call for every effort to be made by the governmental authorities to
properly and expeditiously investigate this matter and other criminal
conduct, find the culprits, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the
law. To that end, we ask the Government and civil society to join us in this
condemnation of criminal activity on Dominica, and work toward a more
peaceful 2011 and beyond. May this expression of concern in the national
interest be a rebuke to those who seek to trample rule of law in Dominica. May
the many recent acts of wanton violence meet with the sternest condemnation
by all those who seek a civilized, law abiding and better Dominica.


Dr Clayton A. Shillingford

Agribusiness Consultant
1522 Braken Ave, Wilmington, DE 19808
Ph: 302-239-9643
Fax: 302-234-4148


Checkhall Valley, Massacre, PO BOX 1466
Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
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