For your information I would like to report on an article in the Dominica   LINK Newsmagazine recently published by Parbel Enterprises , Editor Parry R   Bellot  It covers a wide range of subjects  from National Awards through  Nation  Building to People.. Under People, the Good and the Bad the magazine has   singled out Clayton Shillingford, Gabriel Christina and Thomson Fontaine as the   persons who     " gave their organisation such a bad name that DAAS is now at the  cross  roads. The Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences ..was once a great  example  for the extraordinary contributioins that individuals in the Diaspora  can  make to thier homeland . The organisation,  however , has become very   political..according to some of its own members! There have been internal  problems  and very conflicting visions with suggestions about inflexibility on  the  part of some members of its leadership"   I do not wish to speak for others but I fully intend to reserve the right   quite separate from DAAS official non partisan policy to speak my mind  openly on  any matter where I hold my individual view..as does anyone else.  regardless of  what organisation they belong to. I hope I have made my position  clear once  again. Should the DAAS leadership and members feel that I have  violated some  constitutional rule they need only initiate a process to have  me removed.    Parry Bellot says "other members joined the chorus and CRIED that DAAS   should remain apolitical and neutral.". I never shared the neutral view ..  .  There..I admit my guilt .. Trust others in the Dominica political leadership   can be honest enough to do the same.    At this point I would like to remind Parry Bellot that he owed  DAAS EC$300  given to him to help organise the DAAS Local Chapter..The task  was not  done ...and he did not repay and forced me to take him to Magistrate  Court to  recover funds that I was responsible for..Is that political ?  Is that event  in part the genesis of his hostility?   C A Shillingford

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