DACA Recipient Reacts To Supreme Court Decision To Uphold Protections | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. So happy for the American Dreamers!! 👏🙌🙏❤️
    And the thought of Stephen Miller punching his balls in self-hatred right now….😅😂🤣

    1. Every once in a while John Roberts does the right thing. Miller and Drumpf take another one without lube!

    2. @Doug Lowe Roberts seems to be the only Conservative on the Court with a consistent conscience. Someday soon, Miller will be out of a job, ostracized, and rightly vilified. History will not be kind to Trump and his cronies, much like it hasn’t been kind to Sen. Joe McCarthy.

  2. Thank you for all you are doing, Jesus, I’m relieved for you and all Dreamers! Justice has to begin somewhere and for you to also be helping your community as a first responder is sobering. Peace.

  3. It’s all fun and games until DACA has to save your life! They are our healthcare workers and on the front line

    1. Real Vessel God Bless everyone 🙏🏽. ONLY God knows the true intentions of us all. And Trump is bugggingg out to the maximum like a demon.

    1. @Don Romeroo is Melania Trump a U.S. Citizen? My second question is , are these daca people u.s. citizens?

  4. Lord we thank you so… Much for your kindness for this victory for all these families 😭😭 I can’t imagine how they must feel today😭😭 mother’s , father’s children in the shadows wanting to be part of this country to work hard pay their taxes uphold the law of this country and send their children to school to get a good education and the kids going to school and becoming their very best is what God intended them to be. Lord I’m truly humbled by your kindness .🙏 Lord we are reminded that no matter what we see in the natural going on around us the evil of mankind day after day and how our leaders governs. You are supernatural and your God and you are still in the affairs of this world and you are still in charge of this world. 🌎 no matter what mankind thinks you have not given up your authority and you will never. Glory be to GOD in all His doings.❤❤ I’m so… Happy for all these families and their children. There is more to be completed so Lord we are asking that all children in these situations will be able to get the same opportunities and the same be done for their parents. Lord we thank you for what you will do. In Jesus’ name Amen.

    1. @Ugo Idika people throw Jesus at me all the time when i speak the truth. Pass that on to democrats.

    2. @Chinche Malinche I must say thank you that we spoke today respectfully! about God and His goodness.

    3. @Ugo Idika you know we all need Jesus let us pray one for another that the Holy spirit will bring us to all truth a lot of us read the word of God, we read it on our own understanding but we should never… Read without asking the Holy spirit to shine His light in the word so we can come in all truth so we don’t rest on our own understanding which is all error😭😭. Let us continue to be kind in words and actions. We are children of God and as children of God our light must always shine because we now walk into His light we are no… Longer in darkness.

  5. Hey, tea dummy trumpers. Guess that wall’s not working out too great for ya huh? 🤣🤣🎉🎊❤️✊🏿.

    1. Yep and Obama wins again even when he’s no longer President @Douglas Lowe. So much winning.

    2. The wall in front of the trumpers is still in place and effective… They’ll never see the truth.

    1. Ralph Boyd, why don’t you look back at the Dems, including Obama’s comments regarding daca and Latinos in general. No different than trump, you guys are too stupid to see they lie every four years. Just look at their racist history with blacks. The Confederacy, slavery, segregation, KKK. Of course as you know democrats get a pass on racism. Biden and Hillary are perfect examples.

    1. Kitty k, I bet you didn’t feel that way during the kavanaugh hearings. You are a hypocrite like the rest.

    2. It’s because conservative judges have a backbone and don’t vote purely on a partisan basis. That can’t be said of liberal judges, or any liberal for that matter!

    3. @Andrew B let’s just recall what the liberal senators try to do to kavanaugh. I bet they don’t feel that way right now.

  6. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! (The spigot of goodness is starting to flow.)
    Be vigilant and not complacent, though!

  7. USA 🇺🇸: Venga, todos tenemos un montón de puestos de trabajo para todos, tenemos sistemas de apoyo para ayudar a las familias a ponerse en marcha y si usted puede dar a luz a su hijo en América ese niño será un ciudadano americano, 🇺🇸❤️❤️ también Bienvenido a América la tierra de los libres cuando llegue

  8. We know who is truly choked … Stephen Miller. Really hope all these early good news SCOTUS decisions are not ‘padding’ for a win on the taxes thing for Trump. He showed America something that day in Lafayette Square … a dictatorship is a real possibility with this clown. If he gets to be a dictator, he will throw these decisions into the trash.

    1. Au contraire. He’s not big on this issue, one way or the other; it’s just a foil to rile up his base.

  9. I’m so elated you guys. Our fellow Americans ain’t goin’ nowhere, they’re staying right here! Their HOME! I love you so dearly my brown brotha’s and sista’s.☺💙🇺🇸

    1. Darlene Smith if all these white people are on welfare – that kind of destroys the whole idea of white privilege. Wouldn’t you agree?

    2. @Chinche Malinche No, the end of your idiocy. It is sad that you are so ‘misinformed’ (I’m trying to be kind there) that you cannot see/accept the truth.

    1. @Chinche Malinche I never stated otherwise nor hinted at what you just assumed I did so….what’s your point again?

    2. @JR N lol, 🤗 don’t worry. I wasn’t being agressive toward you at all.

      I was just comenting and expanding on our shared views. 🍻

    3. Neither of these decisions had much to do with liberal or conservative. They were strict interpretations of existing law.

    4. @Jock Young Yes, conservatives couldn’t kick the can anymore and were forced to deal with common sense (the law if you will – that part that is still good anyway), given the times.

  10. Jesus Contreras, May you and other DACA American citizens, never have to doubt again that you are home! It should NEVER have been in question. God Bless You. God Bless the Supreme Court AND God Bless America!!!!!

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