Daily Beast: Lev Parnas Felt ‘Betrayed’ By Trump Friendly Legal Team | Hardball | MSNBC

Daily Beast: Lev Parnas Felt ‘Betrayed’ By Trump Friendly Legal Team | Hardball | MSNBC 1


  1. Who would have thought that Lev was such a smart guy? 🤔
    Learned a lesson that the republicans still have yet to learn.

  2. Lev Parnas felt betrayed by Trump’s legal team??? How does he think Melanoma feels? Trump betrayed her with urinating prostitutes.

    1. Nah, it’s always been a cesspool, it’s just that the truth is prevailing.
      The truth will always tell on you. Simply magical to watch these guys roll over on trump!!! Rudy Tootie will be singing soon;)

  3. trump does not believe in reciprocal loyalty!!! Abandonment and running over you with the bus is trump’s M.O.!!! He’s done it enough times…why don’t they learn!!!

  4. Parnas worked for Fred Trump going back 30 years, Trump knows Parnas as much as the treasonous daughter he wants to “date” . They are all part of the global mafia.

  5. Welcome to the club Lev. Trump has betrayed America, the Kurds, Ukraine, our NATO allies, all of his wives, and his oath of office. Betrayal is clearly in his blood. The only person Trump hasn’t betrayed is Putin. He will remain loyal to Putin until the end. The only question now is, who or what will Trump betray next?

  6. Trump always says that he doesn’t know somebody, when he’s caught lying, sheesh, if you supporters can’t see that well pat yourselves on the back, you’ve been suckered again for the 1500 time! You are all fools

  7. this orange clown show is getting quite tiresome…
    the GOP has become a tool for Moscow Mitch to enable Russia to meddle in 2020…

  8. Trump doesn’t know ANYBODY. He just spends time with them and uses them to commit crimes…..

    But he doesn’t KNOW KNOW them…. right?

  9. So a crook betrays his friends to protect himself………nothing new there…..and our POTUS has a long history of it.

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