Dallas Co. Chief Exec.: 'Bad Weather Is Predictable, And Bad Policy Has A Consequence' | Katy Tur 1

Dallas Co. Chief Exec.: ‘Bad Weather Is Predictable, And Bad Policy Has A Consequence’ | Katy Tur


Who is to blame for the current power outages in Texas? Dallas County Chief Executive, Judge Clay Jenkins, joins Katy Tur to discuss. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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Dallas Co. Chief Exec.: 'Bad Weather Is Predictable, And Bad Policy Has A Consequence' | Katy Tur


    1. yep, never had a single day of bad weather in a blue state. i remember the day Newsom took office, the fires just stopped

    1. trump is already going to cost the grand kids a bundle, what do you think made his financial policies to look so rosy.

    2. Everyone already knows that but the people who are busy running things into the ground in their attempt to make a quick buck.

  1. Ted Cruz had the balls to clown California for missmanaging the fires and then lets a few snowflakes shut down his state.

    1. Yeah and they are blaming Democrats for that too they can’t take responsibility for anything, it’s truly amazing and pathetic.

    2. I have power, heat and water in Michigan. Do I feel anything for Texass? Not so much! Let me send a trailer full of thoughts and prayers for you! Good luck.

    1. @5 D They are the worst in California Oregon, Washington, not to mention the massive crazy underfunded public pension liabilities. It’s not just drug problems, it’s crazy leftist polices that have turned cities into utter shitholes of crime, filth, needles and trash. Where cops can’t even enforce the law against things like shop lifting or using the sidewalk as a toilet or temporary home.
      California is an utter disaster , the Democrats have taken a beautiful abundant state and run it into the ground. It’s literally like a third world country where you have pockets of elite gated areas while filth and trash everywhere else.

      Yes what happened in Texas is bad, but it’s not surprising as winter storms are a once in a 100 year thing in Texas, you can see why the power infrastructure wouldn’t really invest in winter prep.

      In Texas there is immense power demand in the warmer months, and unlike California, Texas never has rolling blackouts.

    2. @A Al Those problems started happening under our Republican governors so you know where you can shove your propaganda!

    3. @sam-online Nope, not a fan. Just pointing out that the biggest most poorly run shithole in America is California.

      Texas gets big winter storms once every 100 years, you can see why the energy grid wouldn’t be ready. It never happens.

      However all summer long the grid easily meets power demands while rolling blackouts are common in California every year.

    4. @A Al
      That was an awfully short hundred years since the last TX rolling blackouts due to winter weather. Happened about 10 years ago. Maybe check your mouth until you check your facts.
      Oh, and btw, back then it wasn’t frozen wind turbines either.

  2. All that trash Ted Cruz talked about California during the fires, it’s not the cold killing people it is bad Republican policy. Such hypocrites.

  3. I like all the skyscrapers being lit up while the people suffer in the Dark and Cold. Call Cruz, Call Abbott : CONS SERVING THEMSELVES !

    1. I have a co-worker whose husband works in the windmill business. She told me about the deregulation problem in Texas. Her husband won’t go there to work even though they have offered him good pay. The deregulation not only includes not planning for inclement weather but safety. The windmills can be dangerous to work on if the engineers are not properly trained for safety and the right mechanisms that protect them are in place and maintained. Yet, I see many Republicans I know posting post after post blaming Green technology for this problem. They don’t seem to care about people as much in that state. California does have our problems with PG and E. Fires and homelessness. None of us is perfect but I prefer honesty over lying because I want to worship the Great Orange God!

  4. Praying for everyone in Texas except Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, Dan Crenshaw, Dan Patrick, and the the rest of Texas GOP who talk bad to California.

    1. As a Texan, “I approve of this message.” When Cruz talked that absurd trash I wrote him. He basically has let me know that he doesn’t consider democrats and independents constituents even when they live in his district. That’s pretty much how the whole party is in Texas. We’re so gerrymandered they know no matter how many liberals live here we’ll never have a voice.

    2. As a Californian, LOL and I completely agree re the legislators. And prayers for your people and a fix for wicked gerrymandering.

  5. if we are fortunate. Karma will play her role in fixing a lot of bad things that have happened. I say no more.

    1. I hope so, but it seems more likely that when this and covid are done, people will go back to business as usual. The business as usual that is broken and led to all of this.

      Not learning seems to be the true epidemic.

  6. What went wrong? The population of Texas has been growing in leaps and bounds and our electrical grid hasn’t kept pace. Passing dividends to stockholders and big salaries to executives is more important than our safety.

  7. The big issue in Texas are the politicians brag about less regulations and oversight leaving the people of Texas victims to the lack of accountability of the state government and these companies. It’s time we vote all these Republicans out of office. They Have to go.

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