Damage, Deaths Reported in Haiti Following 7.2-Magnitude Earthquake 1

Damage, Deaths Reported in Haiti Following 7.2-Magnitude Earthquake


The prime minister of Haiti has confirmed that people have died after the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck the coast of the Caribbean. NBC’s Ed Augustin reports. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Damage, Deaths Reported in Haiti Following 7.2-Magnitude Earthquake


    1. @Soy Goy they are not dumb. And dont forget the clintons own all the gold mines there. Not too hard for them to cause an earthquake. Just a theory

    2. @Not Human only cause they had Spain’s help Haitians were by them selves against the world for daring to be a free Black Republic and they have been paying for it ever since from world leaders.

    3. @HEALING TUBE right go heal your tube in privet you weirdo cause you dont know much of anything about Haiti only that they are Black and dark

    1. Not everyone loves Jesus, but everyone was born as a sinner. Everyone can repent. You can try to act as a gatekeeper of the kingdom of heaven, but in the end, God will pass the judgment, not angry conservatives.

    2. @Peter Griffin he doesn’t know God, else he wouldn’t use a name like Florida Rocks! It rocks alright, rocking with COVID DEATH rates!!! And amongst children at that!!!

  1. I have criticism of our government at any time and administration. But I am so relieved at the straightforward, normal response of our current one here. Neighbor has catastrophe. REspond with humanitarian help spearheaded by our own agency already organized for just such work. I’m actually a little proud of us. With reservation.

  2. Hopefully, the Clinton Foundation will not be involved in the aid relief, so that this time the money donated will mostly go towards the people who actually need it instead of the pockets of those who don’t.

    1. The Clinton needs to bringing back to Haiti they’re collecting from the last hurricane for God sake Lady Clinton Make God happy with peace

    2. Go there y’all self help Haitians people’s out who in needs right now in the name of Jesus Christ

    3. I find baseless lies so offensive and am so tired of them and their perpetrators…stop and try to learn to be helpful if you are able…

  3. Omg praying for Haiti poor people,and also praying for my people in Cuba where the reporter is speaking from.God help all of them.

    1. In this Time period it may be they are getting the judgement they earned. When the 2 witnesses make themselves known you all will hate them and call them evil as they bring about the deaths of 100s of millions.

  4. This is a heartbreaking tragedy following such a terrible time of upheaval and unrest after the assassination and a red hot COVID outbreak

    1. I doubt you’re actually praying for Haiti, but if you do, pray that they will give up their Voodoo first.

  5. Demand France to pay for allt he damages..they exploited this island and took All its resources and left the island barren…

    1. Killey had a big hand in the last earthquake. We need to make sure she goes nowhere near that island this time.

  6. The last earthquake left most people homeless during hurricane season and this appears to be similar. Much love and many prayers to those affected.

  7. The Clinton foundation still has almost 1 billion from the last earthquake in Haiti.

  8. “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences (pandemics), and earthquakes in various places.” Matthew 24:7 NKJV

  9. Don’t allow the Red Cross to exploit this devastating situation! Keep the Clinton’s out!, don’t want a repeat of what happened in the last earthquake. Send real help!

  10. We want to hear from Biden from his vacation.
    Remember he said nobody would care if it just sank into the ocean.

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