Dan Riskin on how climate change will impact our vacations 1

Dan Riskin on how climate change will impact our vacations


Are warmer temperatures caused by climate change causing people to avoid going on vacation in the summer? Dan Riskin reports.

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    1. Why even bother coming to this channel and clicking the video if you don’t care about the information? What a waste of your life

    1. @LunarOrbit Are you suggesting there is more money in oil than green tech? Have you actually compared the two? One of the richest men in the world runs a electric car company.

    2. @LunarOrbit “Not this drastically” …been said for many decades now. When I was young, it was holes in the ozone layer and acid rain, mass flooding….yet climate alarmist buying mansions on the coast.

    3. @LunarOrbit so whats your point? I’m sure at least one cell will survive, and the evolution can start all over again!

    1. You’ll be dead before any of this comes into full effect anyways idk why you bother paying attention old timer

    2. @You’re Misinformed you are so right..im 60, i couldn’t give 2 fucks about what happens after i die! Civilizations come & civilizations go! Another one will pop up in a couple millenea!

    1. Well i guess the usa better get back and take over afghanastan again,pretty quick, so they can deplete that country’s natural resouces, it has the richest content of lithium!

  1. Seems like an accurate way to make “predictions”. The sun is heating up Earth and other planets in our solar system. Unless of course there’s an unknown population on Mars burn up fossil fuels we don’t know about.

  2. Peoples personal accounts plugged into a climate model? “We took subjective accounts and plugged it into a faulty model and you wouldn’t believe what we found.” You’re right, I don’t believe it. Remember, the arctic ice was supposed to be mostly gone by 2013.

    1. There is climate change and it is being done deliberately via aerosol spraying campaigns and nonstop cloud seeding operations.

    2. @Hi There search cloud seeding canada or ontario even. Look up operation Popeye too while you’re at it. This is the real climate change aka changing the climate aka spraying chemicals to cause cloud cover and rain.

  3. It is forever rainy and cloudy in Ontario (4 times the annual rainfall consistently recently), a direct result of nonstop cloud seeding operations.

  4. Fifteen years of research! Are you kidding me, who is this guy and why does anyone listen to him. Maybe 500 years of records and you might see a pattern but 15 years, come on!

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