Dana Bash pushes Secy. of State Blinken on repercussions for China's management of Covid-19 1

Dana Bash pushes Secy. of State Blinken on repercussions for China’s management of Covid-19


Secretary of State Antony Blinken suggested the Biden administration would not take punitive action against China for its handling of the Covid-19 outbreak and instead stressed the importance of planning for and mitigating a future pandemic. #CNN #News


  1. What is America afraid of to open for WHO virus origin investigation? Pushing blames only makes US look really really bad. SAD!!

    1. That is a bad advice to allow WHO investigate Covid on US soil. What if the world finds out Chyna flu is from bat labs in Maryland? Please use the brain.

    2. @lee j covid-19 2019 sars 2003 bird flu 1997 hong kong flu 1968 asian flu 1957 all came from F$CKING CHINA

    3. @John Francisco don’t worry he’s just a ccp bot. they get paid cents by the hour to post propaganda bs

  2. I’m not a religious person, but I read Mathew 7:5 once and it had always stuck with me. Please recognise the facts and not blame the innocence.

    1. The world had got it USA the most dangerous to their survival USA stop blaming other than Ur self the whole problem created and financed by Ur we are getting tired of Ur double standard

  3. Hey the US! Did you guys falsely accuse Iraq before too? For many decades the chaos and wars around the world were caused by the US.

    1. @Hong Yang Wang
      For sure the US has caused and/or got involved in many wars over the past two centuries killing many people, but the amount of lives it has saved are not even comparable to the one’s lost. The money the US spends on foreign nations on humanitarian efforts is more than the entire EU combined.

    2. @Insidious Vidz we stopped being a helpful nation after the soviet union fell, and we became a vicious dog.

  4. It’s funny the new admin starts accusing other countries to navigate peoples focus from the severe problems in the states. Have to admit they are much smarter than Trump.

  5. I have lost all respect for CNN. It is simply turning into a propaganda outlet for US talking points on anti China propaganda.
    Also many lackeys in the US are in dire need of introspection as the US handling of the pandemic early on is mainly responsible for many of the deaths that were preventable. Finger pointing and constant blaming China will not get the US very far specially if the US assumes that western Europe is basically going to line up and blindly follow the US in creating an anti China front in its attempt to start a misguided cold war.

  6. Russia meddling in US elections…she and Blinken lost all credibility as they still try to push that hoax.
    Biden should fix problems at home, not start another war.

    1. Not a hoax. Stop trying to fool people. There was a congressional report about it. Go look it up. Russia definitely interfered in our elections in 2016.

  7. you are only insulting everyone and you get nothing done. meanwhile your sightseeing show they already made very important deals with the Chinese. the EU is not going to let you wreck our economy.

  8. The fact that Antony Blinken was not in any media out let in Europe tells you enough. no one in the EU knows he was here.

  9. US should take care of All Life Matters first, it is no longer a big brother, infrastructure is in shambles, keep printing money

  10. Let me get this straight: A guy builds a wall to keep people out… then another guy comes along and takes it down, then, blames to first guys because everyone is coming in… OK

    1. Your first mistake is failing to mention that the first guy only built a few miles of wall or that Trump did everything he could take this country down with him. He made a mess because apparently we didnt love him enough. Trump took our ball and went home like the petty backasswards child he is. It’s clear you followed the directive of only paying attention to trump approved media. Jfc

    2. You mean the wall that is not very effective? They found people who cut through the wall to get in last week…..

  11. WHAT an evil person the host . All she was asking for , punishment, sanctions and wars .. A bloodthirsty person!!

  12. I don’t buy this idea, needless to say when pandemic hits, it hits everybody, going back to history, how many times mankind have faced it? Why this time is so different than before? It is racialism because this time it was first reported in an Asian country

    1. @oliver chao covid-19 2019 sars 2003 bird flu 1997 hong kong flu 1968 asian flu 1957 all came from F$CKING CHINA

  13. Should the West be punished for the colonialism, invasion of Iraq, 2009 swine flu and the 2007 financial crisis from Wall Street?

    1. @Loke Chan Mun covid-19 2019 sars 2003 bird flu 1997 hong kong flu 1968 asian flu 1957 all came from F$CKING CHINA

  14. Y’all, let’s get ourselves and our mismanagement of covid sorted out first.
    It really doesnt matter where it started. Trump disassembled our protections from pandemics years before whatever happened in china. This is on us.

  15. CNN must post the entire video on the summit in Anchorage and allow the viewers to make their own conclusion. Not doing so will only cast doubts on yourself and invite criticisms. Up to this moment, there is no complete video of the talks on YouTube.

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