1. @Ellie Fuller there’s 1 party that wants to keep america the free and original, and one party that hates america and wants it to “progress”. I think I’ll stick with the first

    2. @hwan hee How are Socialist ideas destroying the country? Because your pedophiliac politicians say so? Your garbage doesn’t work on the majority of Americans, thank God!

    3. @Douglas Landfield Did you know that Socialism, Communism, and Fascism are completely different things? Or do you just always regurgitate what your repud programming allows you to?

    4. R u kidding friends r giving up friends n family to the FBI who stormed the Capitol…money buys alot. Shame on them they r the traitors. We need to be vigilant otherwise God help.

    1. @Terry Michaels The MSM has spent millions of dollars on behavioral research to learn how to keep the ignorant ignorant. Unfortunately for many it’s working. Trump 2024

    2. @Terry Michaels the dems passed election security bills in the House last year, Mitch said we didn’t need them…

    1. Self awareness is not a requirement to be part of the media today. Selling out your integrity is, however.

    1. Nope, thats what dictators want you to think, then the dictator tries to silence all social media and replace it with one that only praises whatever he does.

    2. @Deb Moore that’s just not true. Do you really believe that? Yeah of course Fox lies but do you honestly believe that CNN and MSNBC don’t lie? Please tell me I really want to know

    3. @Deb Moore You are totally right Deb! Lets keep our Democracy and vote for any party where Totalitarian wannabe djt is not part of.

      djt directed a failed coup to become a totalitarian, we should never forget “Jan 6 2020” and held him accountable so he or his family is never ever able to hold any government position.

    4. Oh please until you hold Fox OAN and Newsmax accountable for the lies they’re still telling you can’t call out anyone else… The fake news song you all been singing for four years is played out. At this point you all just saying this to seek attention or for shock.

    1. @hwan hee Read everything, watch everyone… Only trust what you can prove with your own research.

      That being said, you are here too. Wtf is your excuse?
      Remove your blinders – or just tell yourself pretty little lies, if that’s your thing.

    2. @ForumLight if there would be any serious evidence for your theory, McConnell and pence would’ve stopped the transition. Change my mind

    3. @Tom Schäfer People that shove through an election result at 3am while America is asleep are not interested in any evidence whatsoever. Change my mind.
      If you have nothing to hide, you don’t send an army of officials to stop an audit. Change my mind.
      I already gave you evidence. You ignored it. Change my mind.

    1. @Brian Winiarski before I make fun of your lack of intelligence, you’re an adult right? I don’t want to pick on a child again.

    2. @Stephen Lott His/Her account was created 3 years ago so yes this is not an Adult but it’s a brainwashed child sheep!

    1. @J C Dude, I have been trolling these lefties nonstop. You should hear their responses. They are literally calling me liar when I share articles that they deleted the computers. These people should be institutionalize.

    2. @Cognitive Supreme If you seriously believe Biden got more votes than any president in American history, with the least amount of counties in American history, you need help.

    3. @Mark Mywords Really dude? At what point in my one comment lead you to believe I was any kind of a Burden supporter?

    4. @Alex T Uhh? I think what you’re noticing… is that people are more honest with their real opinions on the internet…

    1. Who is “they,” and who is, “us” in this scenario? I’m getting confused. I thought we were Americans, United, under god, indivisible…

    2. You are right..
      Everything they falsy acused President Trump of is actually happening in less then 150 days in office. Total destruction of democracy as we know it.. wake up to Communism… Falsy acused then hide like little girls.. CNN… Not news you want to hear….

  1. Their panicking now. Laws to keep cheating from happening at the ballot box is driving them crazy.

  2. They never proved it was a lie. They completely stone walled and denied. They refused to even investigate. That’s all

    1. I don’t really have anything against Republicans or Democrats, but the media is toxic, and the media is dishonest. I don’t trust any of these self interested talking heads.

    2. On one story? You think one stories thumbs up or down ratio shows MSNBCs reputation? You’re going to need to program more bots kid.

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