'Dangerous’: Former Fox News Correspondent Rips Carlson’s Vaccine Rhetoric 1

‘Dangerous’: Former Fox News Correspondent Rips Carlson’s Vaccine Rhetoric


Daily cases of the coronavirus are on the rise, and conservative outlets like Fox News continue to spread misinformation about the virus. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by former Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron and MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Natalie Azar to discuss this damaging rhetoric and how to counteract it. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. If someone goes on TV and says: “Have headache? Take a cyanide pill and you will never have a headache again!” wouldn’t they be liable for something?

    1. Yes, and I think msnbc is lying until there is a lawsuit and successful win against “dangerous” competitor tucker Carlson.

    2. @Kevin Turner funny how Fox is still the only network to be sued ( and lose ) several times for defamation. Which in case your pea brain needs the breakdown means simply put – LYING. Funny how they are being sued for the same issue right now. Lies spread a lot faster than truth does. And has a wider audience. Because people don’t like to hear the truth. Just look at the amount of people who watch FOX religiously compared to how many watch msnbc. They can count on those lies. Here tho. You might actually hear a bunch of numbers, statistics from actual studies, and facts. How boring right ??

      Yeah. Thought so. Now what was that about a petty jealously existing between real journalists and carlson’s ??

    1. @Jack O’Jack No but you should be praying at one of the many George Floyd shrines or playing with your monchichi lol.

    2. @J Groovy You have literally said nothing or contributed in any way to the conversation and call me a troll? I’m starting to wonder if you are even sentient ?

  2. Fox’s backflip is like Ted Bundy forming a womens support group….The slugs are only flipping for numbers, they dont care one iota about life.

    1. Flipping from lawsuits and fear of a Nuremberg style court for their internal war crimes against the American people.

    2. @J lock hmmm, don’t think you are a licensed practitioner.
      Your phraseology in your description, is very partisan. Not sure a real practitioner would write this.

    1. So he’s supposed to commit career suicide? Give him a break; he left the dysfunctional fox family didn’t he?

  3. If you are making life threatening decisions, then you owe it to yourself to ensure you have the best information available. People who don’t at least fact check info from an opinion channel, are proof of human stupidity and maybe it’s a good thing they won’t be breeding much longer?

    1. Corporations need to stop throwing their ad dollars at Fox, especially Tucker’s show! That WILL get them to change their tune.

  4. Well I tell you what, when some high school dropout starts rambling about “gain of function” and other terms they don’t understand I know they are just puppeting what someone else told them.

    1. Correct … FYI when they mapped the genome for covid 19 the conclusion was:
      “Our best available data at this time indicates that this virus was not made in a laboratory”
      James Lyons Weiler
      Anyone who wants to can look this up ..

  5. Who knew after spending 5 years calling all news fake that does not fit their narrative would turn into an issue.

    1. Denial doesn’t work but we don’t all deal with and learn from it at the same rate or to the same extent.
      Some poor self-righteous and self-absorbed types don’t learn much despite it all. As if refusing to be ‘wrong’ (admit they aren’t actually better or worse than others & make mistakes or didn’t have all the info) is a bad thing when it’s the only way to be respected and credible/trustworthy. 🤦🏻‍♀️

      …. Not to mention actually fools anyone outside their own mind.
      It’s rather sad and pitiful in many cases.
      Hard to feel pity for the most vile and destructive among them, there are some who simply don’t deserve any excuses.
      When people forgive & forget freely and because it’s easier to do continues the vicious cycle. Judging people on what they say and do isn’t wrong, especially when their stated ‘values and beliefs’ are challenged & tested. Words are cheap, and integrity matters and cumulative it’s not common or easy but it’s all we’ve got.

    1. Trump is only one puppet, out of plenty… Being president was his biggest accomplishment, even beyond wealth.
      Had Trump said anything he would’ve been considered a patriot to the people, there would’ve been tweets, attention, etc etc.
      Then like every other event it’ll be forgotten, and he would’ve be left alone to fight against a government who’s undefeated in the court of public opinion.
      To them he would’ve been Benedict Arnold, sorta like Snowden.
      It’s we the people’s fault, we have ourselves to blame.

  6. there really is a difference between people… I can’t stand to hear 20 seconds of carlson’s whiney voice, no matter what drivel he is shilling out, …. yet he is top show on Fox ‘news’…. you can’t possibly reason with people that would purposefully tune into him

  7. Carlson should be fired and forgotten. His black soul will have no saving vaccine. Listen to Carlson and you’ll suffer the consequences.

  8. The easiest informed decision will be when their insurance provider refuse to pay due to refusal to diminish their risk.

  9. “Identifying the consequences” has been shown more effective than the scientific method, facts, reason and logic. Death rate of 99.5% un-vaccinated is a hard permanent consequence.

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