Daniel Dale: ‘Almost every single thing Trump said during last segment of debate was inaccurate’

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CNN's Daniel Dale fact checks part of the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

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    1. I get Democrats deal in Feelings & not Facts but FACT is Trump has gained more JOBS in the last 4 months than Joe Biden & the Obama Administration did in 8 years ! Mostly because Obama & Biden sent all those JOBS to China & told Americans to “learn to code”

    2. @Ray Con Not so much Fox anymore. But, yes, you have all the major liars. The same people whose reporters talk about “Peaceful protests” while a building burns behind them. But, anyway, what is your point-Or do you even have one?

    1. @jj childs Nah. I’ll use the same argument obnoxious stateside blowhards use, and say you won’t silence free speech. If you don’t like that, I don’t care either 🙂 P.S. what the US does has economic etc. ramifications worldwide, so as a citizen of the world I have the right to express an interest in the implosion of the world’s richest country. SO there. 🙂

    2. Matthew Bollinger I know you’ve likely never travelled outside the States, but it might surprise you that the Internet isn’t a US only domain.

    1. @carmen capa I only saw one toddler on that stage last night. It was Trump acting just like he does at his rallies, only he had someone else to interrupt to the point where Vice President Biden was not able to get out a complete sentence. Trump’s only strategy was to try to get the former vice president to stutter. Just like in all his business ventures, Trump failed.

      You can be sure that the debate committee is going to change the format by the next debate, so that the toddler in chief won’t be able to turn the event into the Jerry Springer show.

    2. Michael Caruso one? honey u need to put glasses on bc I saw three. One wouldn’t let anyone speak the other was name calling and saying lies lies while the third was there just trying to debate too. Never seen a moderator debate instead of moderating. It’s was a horrible debate and the moderator showed himself incapable of moderating. All three were horrible in that stage ALl THREE. And This is an unbias opinion

    1. I guess the proud boys standing by aren’t ,sad part is its all based on hate And a little child President, who has to get his way or he will throw a temper tantrum .I guess its shines a light on the true nature of the hate ,And Trump is willing to use it to get votes. It shines a light on how certain people in history have used hate and lies to gain power, and blame all of that countries problems on the people ,that leaders tell the people too hate. Allot of Americans died in world war 2 fighting against Hitler and his thugs.All Racist based hate .in fact over 50 million died because of the hate, and greed for power. it seems to be boiling to the surface here.I don’t think any Vets. alive today like to see people marching around with Nazi Flags and still saying heil .

    2. I’m talking about voting for Trump because he brought us 700,000 manufacturing jobs back, had lower unemployment than Obama, lower black unemployment, higher wages amongst lower income Americans, less bloodshed in the Middle East (for which Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times by other countries), allowing seniors access to lower prescription drug prices by getting rid of the regulation which made it illegal to purchase their medicine from Canada, I mean it just keeps going. What has Biden done for you EVER? He was in office since 1973 and didn’t do a thing but make himself rich. Please.

    3. @Eli K. Webber The only hate I see are the liberals that are burning down our American cities. Yet I still haven’t seen these white supremacists you’ve been brainwashed into thinking are somehow responsible. To the rest of the country its the liberals that have become the racist and its Antifa along with BLM that are the largest hate groups in our country. America has been watching video after video of radical liberals terrorizing people simply for the color of their skin and we are sick of it. You better wake up and look at what’s actually going on in front of your face before you wake up to a post apocalyptic America and YOUR the cause of it.

  1. To characterize Drumpf’s statements as inaccurate implies he is not “lying”.
    Liars lie, on purpose, because they are…liars!

    1. @Toilet Paper “Drumpf is a German surname that dates back to the 16th century. It is most commonly known as the likely predecessor to the family name of President Donald J. Trump.” Oh, and your handle is juvenile. Just pointing it out with less than three point marks!!

    2. I saw the debate live last night. It was disgusting how two men that wants a position as the most powerful men in the world in the most powerful country (so far) and can not behave like a true professional nor gentlemen. It was full of insults, interruptions and contradictions among both of them in a more or less measure. They both behave like spoiled childs having a tantrum for the whole world to watch. That was not a debate, that was the closest thing to a fist fight without actual fists. This is not democracy anymore, this is the start of a dictatorial state for whoever wins the 2020 Elections.

    1. @Tiffy Vella It’s an old trick the authors of the Bible made good use of, and that trick is probably the only thing tRump found of value in that book.

    2. He asked Chis Wallace who he wanted him to denounce and Chris and Biden said Proud Boys it was not Trump who picked them. He probably don’t know anything about the group. Beside who said if you don’t vote for me then your not black. Biden did and he needs to shut up on race issues because he has said and done way more racist comments than Trump. He is a hypocrite every time he calls someone else a racist.

    3. @LLCALE J
      “In some ways, the debate showed a classic Republican-Democratic split between the candidates: President Donald Trump opposes limits on fossil-fuel production and doesn’t accept the scientific consensus on the role of man-made emissions in climate change. Former vice president Joe Biden wants to quickly phase out the use of energy sources like coal and bet big on renewable energy.
      For markets, the most important thing to watch was how Biden discussed the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Early in his campaign, the former vice president wasn’t clear about his position on fracking, sometimes making it seem like he would ban it entirely. He’s since made it more clear that he would ban fracking only on federal lands, which makes up less than 10% of the land used for drilling in the U.S.

      During the debate, Biden touted renewables but drew a hard line between his plan and plans pushed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Ind., Vt.), whose Green New Deal is more ambitious and far-reaching. ”


    4. @Dirty Red I disagree with you. You are going back too far.
      People change. Their just do.
      No one should hold any person to their beliefs a world ago.

      Is this a hard rule of yours…
      Or is this only for select people?

      All people change over time.
      Some for the good… Some for the bad.

    5. @R K nope… I disagree with you.
      I don’t believe you have an argument.

      “Trump’s actual record, however, tells a very different story.

      On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly made explicitly racist and otherwise bigoted remarks, from calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, to proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the US, to suggesting a judge should recuse himself from a case solely because of the judge’s Mexican heritage.

      The trend has continued into his presidency. From stereotyping a Black reporter to pandering to white supremacists after they held a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, to making a joke about the Trail of Tears, Trump hasn’t stopped with racist acts after his 2016 election.

      Most recently, Trump has called the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and “kung flu” — racist terms that tap into the kind of xenophobia that he latched onto during his 2016 presidential campaign; Trump’s own adviser, Kellyanne Conway, previously called “kung flu” a “highly offensive” term. And Trump insinuated that Sen. Kamala Harris… ”


      There are many examples to show that Trump is indeed racist.
      Not just from this site either.

    1. Prophetess not just segregation but also back to when women had no say either apparently America was great when minorities were slaves and women were barefoot and pregnant

  2. This Boy Lie’s like a rug. Trump has done nothing! This administration is putting people out in the street’s mainstream media won’t report on and the GOP Moscow Mitch will have the avg American penniless if we don’t vote Trump Out.

    1. @DC CXI 😂 leftism. You are a lemming being led off the cliff by a draft dodging con man. Enjoy your place in history.

    2. That is an asinine statement. That’s what’s going to happen if Kamala Harris gets into the White House. Notice I said her and not Biden? Yeah, she’s the real candidate and Sleepy Joe is just a puppet to get her in. Our freedom is gone if Trump loses.

    1. Yeah, groping kids, sniffing hair, lying about having 3 degrees – Biden sure is a picture of integrity and honesty. Fact Check! SMH….

    1. They are laughing at that racist dictator he made completely mockery of the debate….what a disgusting racist monster racist people put in office

    1. @Keith Deel Meaning, they did fact check anyway. Trump’s truth is decided, by him, in the moment. It’s true for him at that perfect moment. In any moment that follows, near or distant, Trump can have a contrary truth which he can and will express. It happens within a sentence sometimes. It means that on those many and various occasions, Trump’s truth is “too stupid” to fact check. But as it is possible, the news checks anyway. And finds lies.

    1. @Robert S. He’s a threat to National Security, inciting violence because he’s a sore loser. But what really gets to me is that he cries all the time.

    2. Unfortunately there’s enough of other selfish people who need straight jackets too voting that makes it a threat for him to serve another term! That alone is even scarier then a madman president!

  3. even this moment these guys are still talking sides and politics, the debate was a big disgrace to everything america stands for.

  4. Biden wasn’t president, Obama was. Why does this maniac keep blaming Biden? Rump is disgusting!

    1. @asdlkfjawoeijfldkf Prison for tax fraud, treasonous traitor(Putin puppet) murderer trump. Biden/Harris 2020!.

    2. @Josh Edmonds Josh to ‘get it straight’ should have watched SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK, “I just a Bill”😆.

      Or you had to attend Civics Class in the USA. The
      VP doesn’t make policy.

      You’re spamming again now about Muslims? Red Herring bubba. You’re a typical Trumper. Random attacks and lies.

      So you admit now your ‘Jungle’ quote was total Bravo Sierra?

    3. This is another issue that the majority of Americans don’t realize what that really means. I mean for sure that is something we can all blame on our school systems for not having actual lessons on how our government works. From a basic understanding of who is in charge of what, how issues are handled as far as delegation, systems in place to handle issues, etc… Do you agree with me on this? I hope both sides will agree with that, and very quickly, meaning it should be common sense that we are taught this at a younger age in our school systems. (And I am speaking from k-12th grade) It should be like learning a foreign language. We all had to take a foreign language class, sometimes we had a choice on what language, but we had to take this class, and once you get to a certain point and pass, you no longer have to continue with this elective if you aren’t interested) Ok sorry that was long so back to your question,
      Why does he keep saying Biden when Obama was president? OR
      Why are these cities with these ‘protests’ being destroyed and Trump does nothing about it? OR
      President Trump is our CURRENT President, he is the one who is in charge of running this country when it comes to COVID19 or the economy or anything..NOT BIDEN, so why didnt our President do anything? (or some form of this nonsense)

      Ok what Im saying is I wish Americans knew more about the parties..
      Democrats were in office for 8 years before Trump came in…They fired more ppl then any other president in history..They had plenty of time to back so many democrats in many local elections, as well as many cities who are already democratic, now they have one of there own as the president and vp (obama/biden)…
      Democrats = BLUE State
      Republicans = RED State
      2016 Hilary was there way to continue there reign…Trump came in and WON THE RACE…PEOPLE DID NOT BELIEVE IT! So now, to all the democrats, there is now an enemy running the white house.(unless there is a normal dem out there that I dont know about. that doesnt think like the others, if so please let me know lol)
      This sparked the entire phony impeachment of our president, which was just proven to be a complete sham..And even worse, THEY were actually spying on trumps campaign (they = OBAMA,CLINTON,BIDEN) but obv its so much deeper and so many more ppl lol.

      Ive been hearing ‘fake news’ for years from some random trump clip on someones cable tv. And like most people, you shrug it off like “ya ok, we all know there is some fake news reported, who cares blahblahblah”
      But after covid19, and the democrats struggling so hard to push this corpse into the white house to gain there power back..only word for it is
      WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW…..NBC,MSNBC,CNN,ABC,PBS, FACEBOOK/TWITTER/YOUTUBE (shadow bans, strikes for content, the ENORMOUS amount of bots spreading fake news ‘misinformation’ is the better term btw),and FOX too, just fox has a couple of great guys that will tell it like it is…but they have been infected with other hosts too…90% of main stream media networks are owned by 5 huge corporations…and all these corps, and all this corruption and piles and piles of money, regulations that will destroy certain ppls companies but some allowed to get away with murder, you got mail in voting fraud thats been going on for awhile now) But now they went and changed the laws because of Covid19.. And if you really want to do your homework go read the laws they changed for ONLY THE DEMOCRATIC STATES. Like go read California laws changed due to covid 19, and read the details..It is so blatantly obvious how easy it is to cheat. But okay the biggest thing of all that i havent mentioned is one word..->>>>
      CHINA….have you ever heard joe talk about china recently? or anybody on the left ????
      President Trump ruined there lives getting into office..No longer could these corrupted politicians and there ties and all shenanigans they pulled to make fortunes from countries like CHINA/RUSSIA/UKRAINE …suddenly the faucet was in jeopardy of being caught red handed. Trump is smart though….Think back to last year when the Trade wars he started, began heating up. For the first time in decades China had a record low year. And next thing you know, we are hit by a virus that came from where? CHINA! This was clearly an attack, and if you really want to go complete full blown conspiracy nut….think about how deep the democrats have been in bed with these countries, and how much money…it would be insanity if they claimed they knew nothing about this virus before it was released, and have no clue on why such a horrible thing could be acted out like that….
      President Trump was not kidding about draining the swamp…its been going on since he got on, and at the tail end of his first term look what happens.
      And please, can somebody share if they have experience having a discussion with people on the left about CHINA. Anything related to China…because they avoid it like the plague. Biden was asked once recently on why trump blames china and if he sees china as a threat..and Biden laughed saying China is no competition with the U.S.A. ” and i forgot his exact words after that but it went along the lines of his classic, deflect the question and spin it back on him…So something like, “the president says these things to distract the American people from the real issue, and how we have 200k dead in this country and no plan to solve this crisis…

      You ever notice they always go right to the fear and it always starts off “200,000 PEOPLE DEAD IN THIS COUNTRY FROM COVID19,!”
      And the president doesnt take it serious, with no plans to fight it.

      Trumps response: “We have 4 diff companies on there last stages of testing of a vaccine, with an already established plan to have 100million vaccines rolled out BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR YADADADADAD”

      And the democrats will only go to -> ‘We cant trust this man, that goes and speeds up the process of a vaccine, how can we trust him? We have to trust the scientist and the data”

      Trump : ‘uhmm Joe, you are correct, the scientists and data, that is how operation warp speed has been successful so far buddy”

      DOOM & GLOOM for the democrats..its so damn sad to see….seniors brain washed from main stream media, youngsters brainwashed by schools that taught them to hate america and how ideas of socialism and Marxism and many other isms are better.
      The democrats gone so low that all these radical parties latched on, hoping they can help them win this election…But so many of us see what they are planning….How many times did our President say last night ‘ You just lost the left joe’ ..because its true…thats why he refuses to answer such important issues, because these radical parties they have aligned themselves with will nail him to a cross if he goes against what he told them. I hope this post opens some peoples eyes, even just 1 person would make the time worth it!
      Trump2020 and God bless America!

    4. @Chris Morrison Mr. Sniffles trump obviously snorts his drug paraphernalia. Just like my employment was contingent upon passing a drug test, all presidential candidates should be required to pass a drug test; and disqualified if they fail.

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