Daniel Dale debunks GOP lawmakers' Antifa claims 1

Daniel Dale debunks GOP lawmakers’ Antifa claims


In the wake of pro-Trump supporters storming the Capitol Wednesday, several Republican allies of the President are attempting to shift blame to supposed left-wing activists, namely Antifa.
Reps. Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz have all promoted the idea that left-wing extremist group Antifa snuck in with Trump supporters during the rally to provoke the mob.
"Evidence growing that fascist ANTIFA orchestrated Capitol attack with clever mob control tactics," Brooks, an Alabama Republican, tweeted.
"This has all the hallmarks of Antifa provocation," Gosar, an Arizona Republican, wrote.
Gaetz was more specific when he cited, on the House floor — and to loud boos from his Democratic colleagues — an article from the Washington Times, which has since been removed from their website. The article said that a facial recognition firm, XRVision, "claims Antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol."
The Florida congressman began by saying he didn't "know if the reports are true" but went on to cite the Washington Times article, saying it contained "compelling evidence" that Antifa had infiltrated the Trump-supporting rioters' ranks.
"(S)ome of the people who breached the Capitol today were not Trump supporters," Gaetz said. "They were masquerading as Trump supporters and, in fact, were members of the violent terrorist group antifa."
Facts First: None of this is true. The firm cited by the Washington Times has told two news outlets the story is false. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said there is no indication, as of Friday, that Antifa infiltrated the mob. Furthermore, right-wing extremists have been identified in the crowd that stormed the Capitol and CNN has, as of the publishing of this article, seen no evidence whatsoever of a left-wing infiltration of the mob.
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    1. @W Also learn how to construct a proper sentence next time before you start spewing bullshit, it will make you look smarter.

    1. the sheep think they are grazing openly in the land of the free until one day they will hit a barrier lift their heads open their eyes slowly and realize they too are living within the same walls as those they once ridiculed

    2. @Marc Temura – I am Canadian. Here, we never see to ever speak of appointed judges as right or left wing. It is not a thing. We are amazed that is ever a thing for judicial appointees. The law should just be the law and all who stand before it should be measured against the law only (I guess precedence has a part too). I can see where it matters at the Supreme Court level when it comes to matters of interpretation and measuring cases against the letter and intentions of the constitution. I have been relieved that a number of the attempts to present b.s. voter fraud cases before all of your judges seem to have been dealt with impartially (so far). I hope that Trump is neutered before he can pardon a single one of the traitors. America, like all free countries, needs to demonstrate that it respects and applies its own laws evenly. I know that rich people and DT’s friends sometimes seem to get away with more than most people do.
      As an aside, I do worry that you have a Supreme Court judge who BELIEVES, without any credible evidence, that her SOUL is in jeopardy in the decisions that she makes. If a case dealing with women’s’ freedom to control their own bodies, just as every other American has, makes its way to the SC, if she is fair she should recuse herself. For superstition to supersede the construction, etc would be a travesty.

    3. @Marc Temura – There sort is such a handbook.Snyder’s “On Tyranny: 20 Lessons from the 20th Century”. It is a best seller from 2017. It is a short, but excellent read.

  1. “I don’t know if the reports are true.” But I’m a scum bag and will spew it out on the House floor to defend my Dear Leader.

    1. @uppgrayyed You bet they will be. Try storming the Capitol building tomorrow and see what happens.

      Twitter can ban whoever they like. It’s a private platform and you agree to their codes of behaviour when you sign up.

    1. Chuck Schumer said Jan 6 would live in infamy..He was off by 2 days. Today, Jan. 8th, 2021 is the day that will “live forever in infamy”, for today is the day that America has been attacked truly, and from within.
      Banning the President from Twitter, as well as his whole team, is an act of war on the American people.
      They claim it’s to tamp down any potential violence, but this has only ramped up that potential 10 fold..

      You don’t just silence the President of the United States and not expect some serious consequences, do you?

      No, you don’t.

      Intended or unintended, this big tech/ Dem push to ban Trump is going to backfire spectacularly, and I hope EVERYONE is getting prepared for the consequences..

    1. Nancy Pelosi said, ” my NOTEBOOK IS GONE !!!!accused who got into her her office, could be ANTIFA ,,,,
      Another democrat dementia patient, OLD GRANNY NANCY PELOSI,, she doesn’t even remember her notebook was which she was using at the meeting….
      Like asay, why so many democrat pitiful patients are working for us[ we all Americans]?????

    2. @Go Caps That’s a lovely 3rd grade writing level you’ve displayed there. Good job for being barely literate! You get a gold star.

    3. @Go Caps That’s hilarious, you almost sound like bot. That might work at the “Fox News” comment section, copy and paste it and go try over there.

  2. imagine being a trump supporter, i did this for tump, and im not even getting credit for it. LMAO.

    1. Nancy Pelosi said, ” my NOTEBOOK IS GONE !!!!accused who got into her her office, could be ANTIFA ,,,,
      Another democrat dementia patient, OLD GRANNY NANCY PELOSI,, she doesn’t even remember her notebook was which she was using at the meeting….
      Like asay, why so many democrat pitiful patients are working for us[ we all Americans]?????

    2. Yep, it is important.
      I think it is also important that children start being taught in school critical thinking skills. Apparently it isn’t being taught in their homes. This way they can see right through bs. Such as the paid troll Go Cap. And a paid foreign actor, too.

  3. Someday, I bet conservatives will say trump and “Q” were liberal double agents, designed to make conservatives look bad.

    1. @Zero Cool Got it wrong then wrong again, Trump did collude with the Russians but is not a Russian spy, he’s just in their pocket for reasons yet to become known.

  4. Gaetz must have been dropped on his head when he was a child.
    ALL Republicans involved with sedition MUST be removed from office NOW.

    1. @1844junkercars The only sheep are the morons why deny science, eat up the bs their dear leader spews at them, & think name calling & spewing bs makes it true

    2. Gaetz has a face that just begs to punched! Wonder if his early state of being drunk killed some brain cells.

    3. @sam ridges Are you in love with Matt Gaetz, is that what you are trying to say?
      That is kind of personal, keep it to yourself “Sam”

    1. Probably the same time he stops pretending to be straight and that the boy he’s been living with for the last decade or so and calling him his “son” is really his gay boyfriend.

  5. Trump: “I want to see Biden in prison.”
    Biden: “Why does Trump think I’d visit him in prison?”

    1. @Bubbles By the way, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all privately owned platforms. They can ban whoever they like, up to and including the president of the United States. You agree to their terms and conditions when you sign up. The First Amendment defence has been tried time and again by people like your mate Alex Jones and it has failed every time for this reason.

      And as a publishing platform, they are also liable for any damages caused by what one of their posters puts up. This is why they reserve the right to remove offending material. Case dismissed.

    1. Source AOL news:
      Republican Kristina Malimon arrested by D.C. police.
      She is the vice-chair of the Young Republicans of Oregon; organizer of the infamous Trump Boat Parade; participated in the U.S. Capitol attack.

    2. I’ve been made privy to some of the things these idiots believe. The ignorance and stupidity are mind boggling.
      We’re gonna need reeducation camps, although to call them that would be a misnomer.

  6. Gaetz looks like a villain out of a comic book. He’s a huge danger to society with his drunk driving. How is he still in office?

    1. Agreed. It’s like one of those comical songs, funny at first then irritating and in the end you just want the artist put against the wall and punished for crimes against music.

  7. 2020: ” I was the worst year ever. I almost brought the world to its knees”

    2021: Hold my beer….

  8. *_”I Immediately Deployed the National Guard”_*
    tRump trying to take credit and lying right up to the end!

  9. “Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”
    – George Washington
    Farewell address

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