Daniel Goldman: Videos Of Capitol Riot 'Evidentiary Gold' | MSNBC 1

Daniel Goldman: Videos Of Capitol Riot ‘Evidentiary Gold’ | MSNBC


MSNBC impeachment analyst Daniel Goldman discusses how the videos and social media posts from the rioters are useful as evidence. Aired on 2/9/2021.
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Daniel Goldman: Videos Of Capitol Riot 'Evidentiary Gold' | MSNBC


  1. The tape shown in the impeachment trial is about a scary a thing as I have ever seen. I came here looking to see it again. Very impactful video evidence.

    1. @Voix de la raison “It took Hillary 5 hours to respond to the Benghazi”…?
      that’s not what the final House report (gowdy) said

    2. @Jock Young so you think Trump wanted people to lead an unsuccessful “coup” attempt in his name while waving confederate flags all so they could be federally prosecuted and he could be impeached? In no way would Trump have desired this. And the riot at the capitol wouldn’t have ended any other way. The media has been reporting for over a month now that Jan 6th was planned way in advance by some bad actors. If their is evidence that Trump has anything to do with those plans I would love to see it presented in court as soon as possible and then take him down on criminal charges. But that evidence probably doesn’t exist. It never happened.

    3. so the tape is scary to you? but the antifa blm riots, burnings, murders of 40 people during the riots, that wasnt scary? you people on the left are f’ing insane.

    4. I keep hearing the word “extremist” time and time again over and over ? do they really want to provoke 70 million armed fellow Americans..?

    1. @Special People 2/3 present, if they are not present, then they don’t count. If only 60 Senators are present, then 2/3 of that is 40, in which case 40 votes convicts

    2. @Belly Dancer Em Agreed, that is why I wrote the comment the way I did. Although the quote I got from Article I Section 3 Clause 6.

    3. The mistake Charles Manson made was not to run for president. Or for Congress or Senate. As a Republican of course…

    1. @mdtdbe The people who believed him expected him to do it. That’s why they asked for pardons…but oh well…

    1. @M Meland Notice from the live footage how quickly they were able to fix the frat party damage that happened at the Capitol. I bet it took two or three handymen. They still got a check from us!

      But what about the $2 billion plus in damage to my inner cities all summer from those insurrectionists??? Those neighborhoods are still destroyed and some of our businesses will never rebuild in our communities further pushing black people into a solid ghettos! The people lost their ability to earn a check!

    2. @Tony T I’m with you. It’s already been shown that antifa led the mob into the Capitol. But the MSM WON’T say that. It doesn’t fit the narrative. Oops shouldn’t have said that.. youtube will delete my post any second…

    1. This word “extremist” keeps coming up time and time again? The left wants a civil war with former Trump supporters and Patriots…

  2. Good evidence goes to waste in this trial in which people’s political leanings mean more than their sense of justice.

    1. Only evidence you need. PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY. Dems have 4 years to come up with something better than this. Use your time wisely

    2. @Brian Nave They didn’t Attack the Capital,,,there’s been Riots before ,,,but Attacking the Capital Chant Hang the VP(with Gallows) will be the Death Knell to Trump’s legacy HE KNEW HE LOST and still sent those Night of the Living Dead Braid Dead MFs,,who actually believe The Worlds most famous pathological Liar and Conman to the Capital by BS!

    3. The defense will have to explain to republicans, that it is ACTUAL and FACTUAL evidence. That way they can understand it’s NOT a trump HOAX!

  3. Susan Collins thinks trump has learned his lesson. Schumer said he was going to do it again. Who was right?

    1. Schumer. The sad part is it is unlikely Trump will be impeached and if so could run again. He is unrepentant and the GOP is foolish to keep him for the votes. Migod, can you imagine if he wins? No doubt he will try to hold on to power once again at the end of a second term.

    2. @soulful41 first have to get Merkel Garland confirmed now that Lindsey Graham isn’t in charge he wasn’t holding any hearings. For President Bidens pick of the DOJ.

    1. @Dogs are Fun the rioters literally yell at the capitol police “you’re outnumbered!! we are MILLIONS!”
      (never mind that ‘millions’ was off by x20. the capitol police – indeed VERY outnumbered – couldn’t know that was bs)

    2. This wasn’t a rally, it was a mob gathering. A rally would have to have some sort of relevance and since he wasn’t campaigning and had already lost, what else could you call it?

  4. Much, much more than we know, will come out during this trial. That’s why the GOP doesn’t want witnesses. Again.

    1. Bring in the witnesses, every Capitol police officer.Let them give full eye witness account.Everything said and done by the angry mob.The GOP may not want to hear it,but let the country hear it.

    2. @Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman I just hope that ALL evidence is viewed with a just weight. Please try to see the hypocrisy and hateful actions. Just saying.

    3. @Pilgrim In Christ I see hypocrisy and hateful actions in most everything Trump and his cult do, say, and believe.

    4. @Brian Nave “Where was the Democrats’ outrage during the summer of 2020?”

      Where it belongs: with the qualified immunity that fails to hold our police accountable for systemic racism and the murder of citizens they are payed to protect.

  5. Daniel was correct, as always; that was one lung-busting, gut-punch of a compelling video making case for conviction.

  6. On one had you have his supporters claiming he’s still President, and then you also have them saying you can’t impeach him because he’s no longer the President. So which is it, MAGAts?

    1. The politicians have to accept joe Lieden as president. 80million patriots don’t. The Dumbacrats know he is still president and are still trying to remove him from office . A third grader can understand what the word “shall” means. (the impeached president “shall” be removed from office.) Ya gotta go one way or the other . Friend,you are in the matrix. You keep takin that blue pill. I hope to see you on the other side.

  7. All of the managers’ opening arguments were compelling today. I had tears when Rep. Raskins told us about what his daughter said and the officers who died, suffered and tortured.

    Isn’t that enough, Republicans?!

  8. The GQP Senate will let donny go once again and the vacuum that will be created will be filled with AMERICA’S 1st DICTATOR……………….IDICT, CONVICT & SENTENCE

    1. What peacefully protest? I keep hearing this word “extremist” time and time again? Do they really want to provoke 70 million fellow Americans?

  9. After Charlottesville action should have been taken against him
    Once he got away with that he was off and lying. Over 35,000 right ?

    1. charlottesville? oh you mean where antifa and blm showed up with clubs, shields, containers of cement, containers of feces and urine and attacked the tiki people? yeah trump should have immediately declared blm and antifa as the terrorist scum that they are.

  10. Those foolish ridiculous individuals are so ducking hopped up on stupid, that they’re even fighting each other.

  11. prosecute him like manson. trump did even worse in some ways. he was the president. not a dirty hippy drug addict.

    1. I keep hearing the word “extremist” do these “socialist” really want to provoke 70 million fellow Americans.?

  12. Trump’s has been saying, “Don’t Believe what you see, and don’t believe what you hear” For years..in New York.. That’s his Rhetoric. Even after 9/11/2001.

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