Dany Fortin: 'My family and I have had to live in this nightmare' 1

Dany Fortin: ‘My family and I have had to live in this nightmare’


Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin spoke media after appearing in court to face a sexual assault charge.

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    1. ‘fame seeking hussy’ is not accurate
      Don’t be surprised if her name is never revealed. Apparently they have not even told Fortin or his lawyers who she is
      Whoever she is, she is a political operative. A tool

    2. @Eichmann Weiβmann you can be whatever dress up face ju wanna be..
      rag top..
      it is your way
      old cheese..
      you been a ham sandwich your whole life
      why stop now..

      the body count is what we both want after all..

  1. I am really beginning to believe our current PM. Is going to remove the CAF from Canadians. I do not believe it is about justice in any form.

    1. @logustrate we’ll if we want to be open we should be as liberal as you can. Keep the discussion going. Also sexual misconduct is not sexual assault. In the military sexual misconduct could even be as small an issue as. Asking a person male or female, if they would like to go for lunch together. You can not date someone outside your rank either.

    1. @Marty True Gene Greatest chief omelette of egg tribe, tell me how much drugs must one do to have eggs so scrambled ?

    2. @Eichmann Weiβmann i do not know..
      chicken ain’t part of my diet..
      your love of KFC is why you have pok marked skin…
      joke about deer or bambi..
      i love venison..

  2. We had absolutely no benefit from accepting women in the army. You cannot send them in combat and risk to be captured, tortured, raped etc. The only result of women in the army was lawsuit after lawsuits, against superiors and against their own country for discrimination. Great soldiers and patriotic ladies, what a joke!

    1. @Marty True Gene Using discriminatory, anti-Semitic terminology, against someone solely because their name appears German is called discrimination.

      If you would like to believe all accusers then I would like to accuse you. There we go! By your standards, your life must now come to an end and you shall be charged without evidence. Isn’t this great?

      You must understand both sides. If you report that your car is stolen 33 years ago, it’s the same thing – don’t expect the police to figure out who did it.

    2. @Erich Hartmann wrong…
      ju wish agitator
      you yank me
      ju get shanked back
      this is war after all..
      go cry to your queran..
      ferry boater

  3. This is disgraceful isn’t there statue of limitations on these alleged charges, enough is enough already!

  4. She lived with her allegations for 30 years and decided that now is the right time to proceed with charges…. Yeah what a crock of shyte.

    1. @Marty True Gene I’m a woman. Maybe I should have a casual encounter with you. Then a week later accuse you of harassment. Maybe I felt you shouldn’t have shook my hand for too long. Then you lose your job and disgraced in your neighborhood and friends family know. How you like it happening to you? Your life upended whether proven innocent. All because of a hand shake eh.

  5. Glad someone finally stood up and address the situation as it-should be addressed, and let the whole world know that, if you cant handle being in the military as a female, than this is what happens, its not right, i get that lots of sexual abuse happens ,,, we all get that but 30 years latter?? Ya these kinda of aligations happen on a daily bases, i feel for the guy, unless he rapped her or touched her unwillingly , than thats a different topic , but you don’t address it 30 years latter, and if you do, your the reason the world is where its at today .

  6. I want to see evidence before i judge – but I don’t believe that fortin should have been removed from his position until found guilty. Furthermore, wtf doesn’t his legal team have ALL the information ? Side note.. who approved him wearing his uniform???

  7. anyone ever notice when someone becomes a political sacrifice the allegations are always a “sexual crime” the reason for that is its hard to fight and if your guilty or not the damage is done that’s why these type of accusations are always used! its a pattern used many many times trudoh tried did it with the Quebec mp last year when he called for him to step down and like clock work a unknown women came out and accused the mp for a sexual advance and no proof was ever given!!!

  8. Om all for getting justice. But 33 year old accusation. Are you kidding me.this is not right on any level

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