Darrell Brooks found guilty of killing six with SUV at Waukesha parade | USA TODAY


    1. @OklahomaSwagMaster i do. we all did. but not because i cry and beg for forgiveness and expect them to NOT PRESS ANY CHARGES and letting me go after running over 70 people INTENTIONALLY and killing 9 and expect to be free? no. & im sure they all have. “kindness”

  1. He posted alot of race hate on social media that left zero doubt about his motive. Why were there no federal Hate Crime charges?

    1. @Geo Betus he doesn’t actually want the links. He just wants to live with his head in the sand and not acknowledge what happened

  2. I guess that story he told about not being able to hold his infant son didn’t win over the hearts and minds of the jurors.

    1. yeah casue nobody cares, they care more about the six lives he took that may have families that will never see them again

    2. @Cyber Gaming Studios His most petulant moment was asking the judge to make sure he had time to “put his affairs in order” if the verdicts are guilty.

      Like the way he gave all those people enough time. Like, 15 whole seconds.

      What a maniac. I hate him

    3. I see people trying to say this guy isn’t getting Fair treatment. I still see people trying to make him the victim. I guess that’s where we’re at now

    4. Blacks think they are so smart and savvy lmao. They think they will always walk because they have sob stories and excuses for everything.

    1. @Connie Kissick Wow! What’s your favourite…I know that sounds a bit grim but is there a trial in particular that struck a cord?

  3. Need to reinstate the Death Penalty for these types of crimes ! I’m offended by having to pay ANY $$$$ to feed this animal !

    1. @Brian Blunkosky You sound like someone who lives out in the country where its easy as hell to drive. One week in Tulsa and you would change your tune. Missing a turn here can cost you your life.

    2. Death Penalty..? Calm yourself. It’s death penalty enough just to be behind those bars. What he did was wrong, we can all agree to that. He’ll be doing his time anyway EVEN if it aint enough for either of you folks in the comment section.

  4. Hopefully they have been airing the trial in prison and hopefully the inmates feel the same way about brooks as the rest of us do and im sure the families will receive justice.

    1. they do. alot of those inmates are from that community. he will never live comfterably or without fear looming. inmates aren’t inhuman. they have human emotions and reactions. they have human connections in their community. they empathize with victims and families in some cases. especially when it isn’t their victims. they are HUMAN. with that said many inmates in that prison will feel that Darrell is a stain in their home and will eradicate it when given the opportunity. he hurt children. inmates don’t like other inmates that hurt women or children as their preference as victims. if someone accidentally hits a child or woman that’s a different story. if you intentionally hurt women or children then the inmates will be stacked against you. there is a moral code of sorts among condemned men.

    2. @Sean Mitchell 100% u beat women or u do anything to a child and ur fellow inmates find out ur gonna have a really hard time

    3. I don’t think even prisoners take kindly to paedophile who mass murder people. Dahmer a case in point.

  5. I think we can safely say the “who is ‘you’?” defense is not the best strategy when acting as your own attorney.

  6. Wow, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gave a run down of all his past-transgression with the law and it is rather substantial. He got what he deserved.

  7. Thank goodness for small mercies. My son and parents were at the parade when this happened. It makes me very upset to know that at 9 years old my son witnessed a kid close by him get struck, and now has to live with that image. Anyone who can do that doesn’t deserve to ever get out.

    1. @smokingthereefer92 “I work at Walmart” lmao you low iq blacks never cease to amaze me. Go back to Africa you don’t belong in a civilized society.

    2. I am 62. As a child, I loved parades and took part in every one I could.
      So many children witnessed something to ruin that, to terrify them, then to have this childish thug go into court and get away with more defiant and ignorant behavior was so offensive.
      He finally shut his murderous mouth. I pray no one ever has to hear his bs again.
      At 9:20 there was a response to the baby man named Darrell E Brooks. I am grateful for his words. He stopped with bs objections, oppositional defiant bs pretending his name is not his name.
      POS is perhaps more fitting. God bless everyone who suffers from his selfishness and arrogance. He is deadly dangerous. May he never be free to harm again.

  8. So this is what Justice looks like. Finally it’s over but the sentencing phase is next and I can’t wait. Darrell Brooks treated that judge so much disrespect. Now his life is in her hands. ⚖️

    1. His life was in the jury’s who found him guilty. Doesn’t matter if he’s sentenced to 50 or 1 000 years by the judge . He will die in prison and that’s because the jury found him guilty

    2. You are so right Sean there was no reason for him to treat her like that, he needs to remember that his Mom is a woman also!

  9. I have watched much of the trial. Brooks attempted to impede every aspect of this trial. Judge Dorow proved herself to be a very knowledgeable and patient judge. His guilty verdict doesn’t begin to alleviate the suffering of those injured and killed by him. It is my hope that he is not given a retrial. He is clearly guilty and a retrial would just add more suffering.

  10. I am happy and glad that Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. is found guilty. And I feel bad for the 6 victims and their families. Rest In Peace to all 6 victims

  11. He did ask the jury to do the right thing. 😂 Seriously though, prayers for all who he hurt and those who died because of him.

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