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  1. Amen all glory to God 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️thank you Jesus for saving and using Darren , do not move your hands off him Lord Jesus 🙏

  2. You continue to preach and spread the word my brother. Don’t be ashamed of the gospel. Have faith and he will provide all your needs. Look at Lt. Stichie and Papa San. God is blessing them tremendously. Proud of you my brother. Blessings.

    1. Why is it that something went wrong though ,why can’t you just wish the young man well without being a sceptic smh you need prayer life is bigger than money and games we were made for a purpose please find yours

  3. Bigup my bro Darren/1bag juice…from Bridgeport days till now bro…mi cya even fine words to describe my fren…dis ute is d humblest ute mi eva see…I remember wen wi was playing manning cup…mattocks only have 1 shoes weh him wear fi d hold sch semester…d man boot lean pon him foot wen him a walk…an mi a tel from d day him get d buss ina Waterhouse team d Ute jus transform…has weh him seh a god a dweet b4 football is not lie…bigup mattocks…from cuzz

  4. Darren is a Flag Bearer for the King of kings and Lord of Lords…Jesus Christ….proud of you one of my favorite footballer, God will ensure that your table will always of bread. Keep lifting up His name, Amen.

  5. Well spoken brother. God
    Grace and mercy are sufficient .
    We see what we have, but overall God is the Author of
    Happiness and satisfaction.
    He gave us the Strength and
    the knowledge to make the
    provisions to sustained our
    well being. Yet still when you
    looked around the world and
    learned of the well to do people
    and they are unhappy and miserable. Money makes
    Comfort but not inner peace and happiness 😊💖🙏
    More Blessings to you.

  6. The grace of God be with you 🙏 as you continue to teach the word of God. You’re blessed and highly favored. 🙏 the Bible said young i call unto .blessings

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