Dashcam shows collision resulting in pileup on Highway 401 1

Dashcam shows collision resulting in pileup on Highway 401


Dashcam footage shows a car merging in front of a transport truck, resulting in the truck swerving into the guardrail and a 6-car pileup near Pickering, Ont.

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  1. Looks like the car also braked on purpose when it got in front of the truck…transport trucks cannot stop on a dime!!

    1. The car in front of the blue car was well ahead so there was absolutely no need for the bluey to slam on the brakes. That person needs to lose their licence at the least.

  2. The guy in front of the blue car started braking and so the blue car slowed down too. I feel like the wet road may have had something to do with the semi unable to slow down properly

  3. GET THAT BLUE CARS LICENSE PLATE AND PHONE IT IN! This truck would not have crashed if that blue car didn’t go right in front of him and immediately step on the brakes

  4. To civilians on the road, if you can’t see truck’s headlights in your rear view mirror, not your passenger side mirror, you are cutting off a truck. This blue car was cutting off the truck.

    1. You need to see the front tires on the road and vehicle fully in your rear view, lights are too early.

  5. yup real smart. put in front of a 80,000 pound truck in the rain on a highway and hit the brakes…… well, that truck is a total write off…

  6. Insurance fraud. The blue vehicle was hoping that the semi would plow into him and claim the insurance benefit. However, the semi tried to avoid the collision and we all can see the result.
    Summary: Stiffer punishment is needed to curtail this selfish and greedy act of brake checking.

    1. John, if that dear Truck driver had not have swerved the ‘person’ in the blue car would be catapulted so far he’d be dead. Hopefully the trucker dash cam caught the license number.

  7. Typical brake check. Hope that guy feels better now causing the truck to crash. Now the blue car guy will try and sue the truck driver for letting him pass.

  8. Hey guys I’m pretty sure I’m the only person to notice this, I think the blue car was at fault!

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