1. When you make everything “not OK”. And representatives do not work for the people that elected them anymore, they’ll switch sides

    1. @King James Decisions decisions, who do we vote for? – old and delusional or crazy old and delusional. So many choices there bud.

  2. I’ve been around long enough to remember that the Republican party talked a good line, but they trashed unions by fomenting discontent and resentment of unions by the people who weren’t members of unions.

  3. This describes what’s happening to the British labour party and its appalling treatment of its loyal supporters. Fascism is rising to fill the gaps.

  4. If only WE, the people, KNEW and UNDERSTOOD the history of our nation. Sadly, we don’t and that’s intentional and strategic because the dumber and less informed we are, the more susceptible we are to accepting culture wars as legitimate political discourse and the more we allow for hateful legislation that goes against our own interests.

    Both parties have shifted throughout our history and they will continue to do so for the purposes of holding on to power. Just like in the rest of society, some folx get into politics with good intentions and worthwhile aspirations to serve, few if any remain untouched by the corruption and most become jaded the longer they’re in the game. The political class has historically been exclusionary and more about protecting their self-interests, just ask to see their bank accounts and you’ll notice, that most are not FOR US.

    Still, with all that said, the GOP is presently on the wrong side of history, but the Dems are showing us just how much they enable the status quo too. That’s why we must get rid of the feckless, obviously-corporate-bought obstructionists like Machin and Sinema who are getting in the way of the working class. Bernie and the Squad and people like Katie Porter are the only ones speaking truth to CORPORATE power, which is what most of our politicians actually bend the knee to. Of course, just saying what I’ve said makes people think I’m a socialist, communist who hates America because that’s how we’ve been trained to think. Regardless of race or background or age, we’ve been primed to respond to grievances and it requires a lot of effort and more education and the development of critical thinking skills to be an informed citizen who stands up for democracy. It requires us to self-reflect that WE are both the problem AND the solution. 💞

  5. This is why everyone loves Podcasts interviews more. People can’t even get their thoughts out on TV interviews before the host is cutting them off and rushing them to the next commercial break

    1. True. I wanna scream every time i see Lester Holt and his USA TODAY style of reader’s digest news

  6. People only think of demographics in terms of political parties. They never think in terms of how this will balkanize the country socially and culturally to the point where America becomes like Yugoslavia.

    1. @Cheryl Walters Thats all ya have? The new blue team safe spot go to phrase? Troll!!! lol. A good debate would have overwhelmed ya?Sorry to hurt your feelins kiddo,grab a tissue and catch your breath.

  7. Republicans brought in right to work; 30 hours a week without benefits and call it full-time. Working 2-3 jobs became the norm.
    The leader of the republicans lives at his country club.

    1. @Roger Brown Reacts Every one of those things MUCH higher in RED states. You’ve got it backwards.

  8. I wish anchors like Smerconish wouldn’t INSIST on getting the last word–they continually step on lines the viewer wants to hear from the guest.

  9. You can’t predict what will happen in politics thirty years from now.
    All the older people will die out before then. The Democrats definitely need to get their economic message out to the public.

    1. @ Nathaniel Anderson It is not a messaging problem. It is a problem with policy. Democrat economic policy doesn’t work.

  10. A vote for Biden isn’t always a leftward move. Some of us that tend to vote Republican recognized the existential threat that Trump poses to the republic, and would go back to voting for conservatives again if the Trumpism ever passes

    1. Trump simply expressed the views of his supporters. There are hundreds of Republicans to step up and continue the movement he was instrumental in starting.

    2. @Jax Stax I totally agree. Trump isn’t the head of the snake. (Trump-ISM is still aptly named because it is a recognizable way to refer to that brand of nationalist conservatism.) I think some people would be terrified to learn how organically these ideas move around with or without Trump

  11. I totally disagree with this guy’s analysis. It’s less about country club democrats and more about educated vs non educated and I wouldn’t use the word ‘discontent’, I’d call it ginning, up victimization and grievance.

    1. @Natster Jam Sorry, but it is not about policies …. the GOP has no policies of any kind whatsoever. But even if they did, they never accomplish any of them anyway .. smaller government, fiscal restraint, etc. And you totally misrepresent the “abortion” issue. Pro-choice is exactly that CHOICE by the woman. The only ones FORCING anyone to do anything are republicans who FORCE women to carry to term, even when there are many valid reasons not to. The democrats certainly do not force women to have abortions …. that CHOICE is left to a woman and her doctor. So do not misrepresent the pro-choice alternative as something that it is not. That would be typical republican dishonesty and misrepresentation.

    2. @MrRocktex1978 true. I work in LA and lawlessness is the theme. Most of us hate it, but Democrat leadership will NOT call out criminality

  12. i call b.s. if the repub party is so strong and appealing to average voters, why have party leaders been lazer focused on finding 20 different ways to stop them from voting, and to stop their votes from counting? why has the repub candidate not won the most votes for potus in over 30 years? what repub economic policies have been instituted or offered that are tailored to the working class and poor? yeah, b.s.

    the shift he’s talking about is just a snapshot of the long-running tug of war over ‘hispanics’ identifying as white or brown. repubs want them to identify as white to increase their dwindling numbers, and dems want them to continue identifying as brown. the 2020 census shows a strong shift back to identifying as brown, probably in part due to a rejection of trump’s white supremacy movement.

    1. This is long, but I think all of it is valuable, and it attempts to be as balanced as possible given the limitations of a YouTube comment.
      There is an issue: if they get to be too effective, it becomes difficult to bypass Civil Rights Laws and things of that nature. The result is something of a chilling effect on some of the really extreme candidates. Note also that George W. Bush won the popular vote. Then we had two terms of Obama, who won the popular vote. Clinton only really won the popular vote because of California, which didn’t have the electoral college votes to swing the election; note that in California, early information came out that Trump was ahead, which probably swayed the anti-Trump voters disproportionately in California, because such information did not come out in other parts of the country so decisively. Truthfully, even in opinion polling, the country still comes out very close, and depending on your friends circle, you may find very different opinions across the country.

      While it is important to worry about the increased difficulty caused by voting reform, of course, and election integrity, seeing as both affect the sovereignty of the nation in a Democracy or Democratic Republic, and the media has reported on the concern, the numerical advantage it actually affords is unclear. Note that the Democratic Party has been equally guilty of shenanigans like gerrymandering. Historically, the Republican Party gerrymandered against Democratic Voters, who historically disproportionately consisted of certain ethnic minorities, while the Democratic Party gerrymandered against Republican Voters, who did not generally consist of such demographics, and so the gerrymandering did not fall under existing anti-discrimination laws, so it would not have been as widely reported because there would have been relatively fewer spectacular lawsuits over it.

      Republicans would argue, and I have heard this from people of various financial backgrounds, that over-taxation and over-regulation can create an uncompetitive business environment, which in turn, can reduce everyone’s outlook, but especially those at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder as they are often the first to be laid off or not hired. This is actually not entirely false. It is almost certainly more nuanced than that in practice, of course, but the point is not invalid.

      If you have finished this, congratulations on your long attention span and willingness to put up with my long-winded responses. I hope it has helped your understanding.

  13. Those who fear the other can easily be motivated to vote against their own interests. Look at the Old Southern playbook.

  14. Remember to consider the source when listening to any media. There’s always a sway they are trying to accomplish. I disagree with some of this information but I am one person.

    1. I’m in California and the Hispanics I know all support Trump many are more conservative then me.

    2. Non-Hispanic white European people are 48.1% of the US population. 16.9 million of the Non-Hispanic white category are Arabs North Africans Middle-Eastern and Indian Americans or 8.9% of the 57% they represent together. Add to that the 13% of Hispanics and Latinos are Mestizos and Castizos. That gives you 70% white. They don’t count the 5% of Hispanics and Latinos who are Afro-Latinos as Black. The more than one race category has made the Black population shrink. The majority of mixed people have African ancestry. So sick of the propaganda.

  15. Hmm. I find that data to be very interesting. Especially about the “issues” facing and driving American voters. It appears to me that Democrat-bent folks (big “D”, not little “d”) are concerned about societal issues – the fair and just treatment of people (as individuals) and how a society behaves within itself and towards each other (as human beings), while Republican-bent folks (again big “R”, not little “r”) are concerned more with money – and how individuals can be controlled.

  16. We could have better leaders and improve our quality of live if we were all independent voters and voted based on the integrity and decency of a candidate. We should give our vote to the person with the highest standards and let God do the rest. We should never, ever vote for people with large egos, tyrants and dictator-wannabe’s.

    1. @Trisha Yamada Yup…Let an invisible sky fairy “take care of the rest”.
      ‘Cause “god” has been sooo great at taking “care of the rest” for centuries…


    2. @James Ricker lol u must be slow we will never vote for blue again u think we don’t see what’s going on 🤦🏾‍♂️ can’t wait for 2024 we suffered enough

    3. @Jenella Budge I have family who admit there is climate change but they think we don’t have to fix it because god gave us the planet to use and only god can end it. God is a great excuse for being lazy. It’s like thoughts and prayers; you can feel like you are doing something while actually doing nothing.

  17. The economy always fluctuates and has little to do with which party is in control at the moment and more to do with the actions prior. Inflation doesn’t just happen because of a new administration. The problem is voters expect instant gratification. The economy will improve but racism, gun violence and the threat to our democracy consistently remain.

    1. We have high inflation in France and horribly expensive gasoline. It’s definitely not Biden’s fault.

    2. @Paul Makinson I applaud France for its energy network, nuclear power plants. Are electric cars there popular?

  18. It’s not that there are fewer Democrats, it’s that fewer voters are claiming to be part of the Democratic Party, meaning they are becoming independent Blue voters.

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