Daughter of infected 90-year-old at Ont. LTC home speaks out 1

Daughter of infected 90-year-old at Ont. LTC home speaks out


Debbie Rinas, whose mother lives at Roberta Place and has COVID-19, speaks out about testing.

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  1. Wow. If everyone family member was as fair, honest and objective as this family member the world would be a better place.
    Thank you so much Debbie for showing compassion and for being fair on how you reported your experiences.
    Wishing your mom, yourself, the other residents at the facility and the team caring for them all the best !

    1. So compassionate that she shoved her own mother, the woman who gave her life itself, into one of those hell holes, instead of taking care of her the way her mother took care of her.

    1. You might find this data from the Ontario government interesting:

      LTC residents in Ontario: 3,307 deaths out of 13,647 cases = 24.23% case fatality rate
      Everyone else in Ontario: 2,307 deaths out of 233,917 cases = 0.99% case fatality rate

      The general public is at 24.6 times less risk from COVID than are long-term care residents. Yet the Ford government has imposed draconian restrictions on that general public while doing nothing to adequately protect LTCs.

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