Dave Chappelle has a powerful take on the Capitol riots 1

Dave Chappelle has a powerful take on the Capitol riots


CNN's Don Lemon reacts to comedian Dave Chappelle saying that the same people who said Colin Kaepernick was unpatriotic for taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality against Black Americans were the same people who stormed the US Capitol.
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    1. @Noir Path Kaepernick was grossly overpaid for playing a game called football and now he’s a corporate pimp for Nike. Nike slave drives Indonesian women at 50 cents/hour to make their shoes, but they pay Kaep MILLIONS so they can use his name to sell those shoes for $200 to poor black kids in the hood. I wonder how many unarmed black kids have been shot for an over priced pair of Nikes? Maybe Kaep should take a knee for that?

    2. @Michael Quinn This fool would likely say the same thing he said about TRUMP in 2016 :” Oh lets give him a CHANCE”..

    1. 4:52 Don Lemon is talking about black men storming the Capitol. x would have had to invited 50,000-80,000 black people to DC. They would have had to come to DC to hear x. They would have had to listen to x telling them it was a good idea to storm the Capitol, and agreed with him. The less than 2,000 Capitol police would have had to look at 40,000+ people, and liking those odds, started shooting. So short answer, no black men would have been shot, pick whatever reason or reasons above you wish. This is not a race thing, it was a terrorist thing led by an Insurrectionist.

  1. For one thing IF the shoe was on the other foot!!! Trump would be like those were nasty, vicious and violent people.

    1. He did say that about Antifa, blm and the radical groups all summer long and they did not stop either. Stop with the double standards.

    2. @antony cuff you are arguing a point that is irrelevant to whether or not Trump knowingly stoked an insurrection. Im no fan of Pelosi either so miss me with that whataboutism. Trump and his cultists are an embarrassment to the party of Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln. Republicans should rally around people like Ben Sasse rather than be enraged that he dares to have anything negative to say about Trump. I dont see Dems trying to censure Joe Manchin of WV for not toeing the party line on every single thing.

    3. @Michael Laughery
      Have you ever heard that song by Run DMC you’re blind you can’t see, you need to wear sunglasses like dmc. ….. that’s you!!!

    1. @james massey
      You didn’t have to say anything about “glossing over” racism. The results of the amount of focus racism has been given is apparent. Take a break from watching Chappell videos and look out your window.
      You need to realize that for a lot of us, racism IS the be-all and end-all.

    2. @Vince F Yea, and IF everything looks like a nail to you, you can pull out the wrong tool. I’ve been working against it since ’69, and I’m speaking about what’s worked for me…. It’s just a thought.

  2. The kneeling at a football game thing was SO benign, it blows my mind anyone in America was upset over that. Oh well, I share this country with a bunch of emotionally challenged folks.

    1. This isn’t about slavery, this is about dominion (or domination if you prefer that crass type of language).
      Black people don’t own slavery. Tyranny doesn’t have a skin colour. This is power concentration in the hands of too few.

    2. The reason that the tRumptards didn’t have guns when they attacked the Capitol is because Washington DC has very strict gun laws and none of those traitors would have gotten close to tRump at his White House rally

    3. @Samuel DeChamplain do you really need rioting and looting in every city to prove yourself wrong as Trump supporters? I think you did all in one try.

    1. @Samuel DeChamplain I’m so sick of seeing Trump supporters repeating every idiotic thing he says like a freaking parrot! They were his supporters, BLM and Antifa would NEVER do anything to help that fool, let alone follow his instructions at every turn including leaving the Capitol when he said so. Think for yourself and use some damn common sense!

  3. Imagine that the party that is supposedly against cancel culture would shun a person for having a different opinion then they do lol.

    1. Freedom is not Free.. DOMINION AI MACHINES are still in use around the world to control elections . CCP has control of all the DEMONCRACKS and GOP TRAITORS they support the Satanic NAZIS control ..FACISM/COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM/ NATO/UN these are Evil SATANIS. The FBI/CIA/NSA/NASA/FEMA’s new Death Camps have all no fight, lost their Faith. Also the FAKE NEWS…And the worst BIG Tech is CENSORHIP ..Voice of the people of America is gone, We will return it. V@x Sin is fake. .Prepare. demoncracks. Told you So …..you voted the Swamp back in demoncracks. WAKE UP maybe never 🙁 YOUR NEXT on your list ): WWG1WGA. CCP china banned the Pfiel V@X SIN … Killing to many people .
      {If there is no enemy within, there is no enemy without}. OORAH!! … Demonrats See the light, open your eyes and mind, the horror your demons did, will be revealed to you soon .

  4. When the villagers come after you with pitch forks, torches and a noose. You don’t ask “hey does anyone have a firearm?”

  5. Ron Johnson: “If that was a planned armed insurrection you’d really have a bunch of idiots” Nobody here is claiming they were brilliant Ron!!! They’re just lucky that idiocy is not punishable by law on top their actual crimes, otherwise they’d be sharing a cell with you and the Orangegutan!

    1. very true BUT i would say they were poorly armed i say that as i FEAR next time they will come with guns!!!!!! and do real harm we have all see ppl in the USA with very big guns they have them but did not bring them on mass if they did it could have been very very bad i hope that never happens

    2. @dark14life if stupidity was a disease… it is. That’s why people keep thinking this system works and don’t do a damn thing to change it because they’re too busy listening to idiots like these two spreading whatever propaganda the state wants you to hear

    3. The reason that the tRumptards didn’t have guns when they attacked the Capitol is because Washington DC has very strict gun laws and none of those traitors would have gotten close to tRump with guns

    1. Comes to mind every time I think about people who follow Gangster/Criminal organizations like the Democrat Party. No need for explanations, read a history book.

    2. @Leonie Romanes I find it weird that most of people assume their celebrities (or themselves) are chilling in heaven, at peace…

      There are levels of “stupid” and this is one of the less apparent ones

  6. Chappelle is giving lessons: heed them, listen to his lessons and ‘evolve’ your thinking. “Normalcy…never again “MLK
    Normal America is NOT GOOD for most Americans.

  7. If it had been black people storming the capital, a lot more insurrectionists would be dead and the National Guard would have been deployed in a heart beat. There is two kinds of justice in this country.

    1. Or if Trump had proclaimed those were unpatriotic rioters and domestic terrorists *while* it was taking place… you bet, those insurrectionists would have been ‘stopped’.

    2. @Dan Silver … @Mark B’s comment is on-target: why wasn’t the DC police reaction just as ‘determined’ as what we witnessed in the Oregon events?

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