1. Has anyone seen the graphs on the Pacific ocean lately . Realize how much CO2 the oceans absorb from the atmosphere. What if that was interrupted. Fossel fuel only a small part.

  2. The enemy is people not knowing that it takes large amounts of mining and chemical processing to make “green” energy components and electric vehicles

    1. @Mr Nobody Do nothing, because there is nothing to be done. The earth’s climate has change immensely throughout its 3 billion year history (ice age anyone). It was warming and cooling before we were here and will continue to do so while we are here. The enemy is US? So another pretext to enact more policies and controls over the populace for simply being guilty of EXISTING IN THE SOCIETY THAT THESE ELITES BUILT!

  3. Shout out to George Floyd on 667 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals!

    1. Still no word of the NY Times admission that Hunter Biden’s laptop is genuine? What is it with these lefties?

      Ten percent to The Big Guy. Shitshow Joe has taken his slice.

    2. @Nick Martin when you admit you have genuine hate in your heart unjustly. Be well and love and peace to you. Trump2024

  4. Barack and Michelle bought a $12 Million Oceanfront Mansion on Martha’s Vineyard in 2019 and are having another Oceanfront Mansion built in Hawaii right now.
    That’s how believable this “Climate Crisis” is. 🏝

    1. When they flew Trump home after he left the WH they probably used the fuel 10 people use in a year.

  5. If you want a 100% trustworthy and transparent voting system then you have to give up voter anonymity to some degree. Why even have that? the vast majority are not shy about publicly sharing who they support anyway.

  6. Беженцам из Донбасса в Ростовской области помощь оказывается на высшем уровне, заявил представитель ООН.

  7. These people fly all over the world and couldn’t care less about sacrificing anything.

    Their rules are for YOU

    1. you do know david byrne is a committed bicycle commuter, every day, rain or shine? minimizes any other form of travel etc..

  8. Me: Bank of America, I would like a 2M loan to build a house on the beach in Florida. Bank: you got it! 30 year loan approved.

    Actual climate change: me: Bank of America I would like a 2M loan to build a home on the beach in Florida. Bank of America: loan denied! Florida will be under water in 10 years. 😂 Which will they choose?

  9. I hear that CNN has created a new game. Instead of finding Waldo, it’s “Find Hunter’s Lap Top.” The only problem with the game is if someone finds Hunter’s laptop, the game self destruct’s to erase the evidence.

    1. CNN knows that Hunter’s laptop is in the same closet with all of those CP videos their producers produced, Epstein’s jail footage and the Pfizzer test trial that has been sealed for 75 years because it killed so many.

    2. That is dangerous chinese…. oh wait no they’re paying me. RUSSIAN there we go! Conspiracy theory jack!

  10. Everyone who feels this way needs to walk the walk or shut up, remove yourself from the situation if you think we are the problem.

  11. The slave child labor in Africa forced to dig the minerals for the batteries appreciate the job security.
    LET’S GO BRANDON 👏👏👏👏👏

    1. @The Church of Silly Beggars “yeah them republicans are trying to steal our democracy! Could you have imagined what would’ve happened if they actually counted Trump’s votes? But they didnt! We threw em away man! Then they wanna have a recount, well HOW CAN YOU COUNT SOMETHING THAT AIN’T THERE!?!? man these here Republicans are so stupid! Ha I showed them!”

      I said that.

  12. “Call on the Lord in the day of trouble,
    and he will deliver you”
               -Psalm 50: 15

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