1. @Chad the Chud Show sorry, Chad, i thought you were a cultist with that red hat, trying to be satirical. they aren’t very good at it.

  1. I ❤️❤️❤️ THIS! Im obsessed with this show, have watched it maybe 100x via HBO, and this cover makes me cry. 👏👏👏 BRAVO! ❤️✊

  2. Wow….some really weird comments on here. This actually is a good thing and for him to make a point and identify what we are lacking in our society is actually good thing. We need to build consciousness in our society the bible does not necessarily do that for everyone.

    1. Trolls do this weird thing where they just spam nonsense at videos they don’t like. Bringing the bible into this was pretty weird…

  3. I love the unique way the show and the host allow artists to be relevant and comfortable in a political show.
    It’s not easy to be both good and different in such a line up.
    From Rachel to Ari with Ali and all the others, I hope this new generation will be on for many years to come.
    It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll do 20 yrs from now

  4. I love your celebrity segments Ari! Everyone in my family wait to see who you will reference next every night. We love David Byrne and Jonelle Monae!

    1. The entire concert, directed by Spike Lee, is available on the HBO Max app for those like me who don’t have a cable tv account. I opened my own HBO Max account for this concert. This was a particularly moving moment, and we are fortunate she gave permission for the performance.

    2. @debra. wheeler I never have time to watch ‘extras’ but I will definitely check it out. What I saw on the YouTube channel looked intriguing. I pay unreasonable amounts for my premium cable, so I can’t afford Netflix. With a few exceptions, HBO beats Netflix easily.
      It’s worth it. Netflix seems to get the big comedy specials instead of HBO but that’s the only real plus.

  5. Sometimes, all you need to do is sit down and talk with that other person to understand their position and be open to changing your’s. Or the other way around.
    Seems simple, yet so hard to do in reality. 🤷

  6. Will these exciting protest songs be available along with “The Best Of Bob Dylan’s Protest Songs” on K-Tel records??

  7. Welp. The reaction of people in his crowds is exactly why he needs to be doing it. Who has a problem with people when they have been murdered?

  8. Msnbc employees and DNC state and local officials soon taken into coustdy and charge with attempted overthrow of government then military trybrunals will begin and after foud guilty exacuted for treason

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