David Ignatius: ‘This Has Been A Crushing Week,’ For Biden Administration


  1. It’s been a crushing week for the Military Industry Complex. You never hear the views of the American people who overwhelmingly against forever wars. That why you can’t trust the Corporate Media.

    1. Well this is your Suez moment and China is now the preeminent global player. That’s the war you need to worry about and you have handed them the advantage.

    2. @Jeff Oliver handed Afghanistan to China and Russia, its full of lithium which is needed to make batteries, which is essential for a green economy. China already controls 80% of the worlds lithium that’s just one example. More importantly though, the world has seen the US leaving Afghanistan in a panic. The US has left without consulting any of its allies, who have supported and bled for it over the last 20 years. Those allies will not trust the US the next time it tries to build a coalition. The US has provided all the justification needed for those pushing for an EU army. An EU army will make NATO redundant, which weakens the key structure of western security. This is a massive geopolitical own goal and in 20 years time will be seen as the watershed moment.

  2. Why no mention of what Maddow has been reporting, that Afghan leaders in rural villages to the larger cities and districts have been negotiating surrender of the ANA to the Taliban for months, ever since the announced withdrawal? And why the intelligence services were not aware of this?

  3. And now facts with Skeletor: The only reason the Media cares at all about Afghanistan after 20 years of silence is to cover up for their own role in dragging out this war with BS punditry like this and to protect the Pentagon that lied to them for 20 years and ignoring the 20 years of evidence, documents, and more that showed this was gonna happen no matter what America did in Afghanistan.

    1. @Derek Pennington

      1. Team Trump cut a deal with the Taliban in Doha that didn’t involve the Afghan government.

      2. The Taliban took Trump’s deal to Afghan military commanders and secretly pre-negotiated surrenders.

      3. The USIC missed 2, so now the Taliban has much of our weaponry.

      4. Knowing it was the deal his SoS (Pompeo) negotiated that triggered all the secret Taliban/Afghan-military deals that led to instant surrenders across the country;and Trump tried to get ahead of all the blame he deserved by calling for Biden to resign.

      5.Biden couldn’t counterpunch because in fact it *was* a failure of the USIC—which is now his USIC—that it never picked up on the disastrous effects of Trump’s move in Doha.

      6. Media did Trump and Pompeo a solid by not talking about the Doha fallout.

      7. So while there’s ample blame to go around—Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden—the *specific* sequence of events that led to *instant* surrenders (and loss of our equipment, and current SIV crisis) was set in motion by *Trump and Pompeo.* *Everyone knows it.*

    2. @Derek Pennington The “blame game”… hmmmm.. Well, Trump agreed to our withdrawal. Trump gave them breathing room. Trump & Pompeo legitimized them. Trump released 5000 Taliban fighters. Trump let them fortify their supply lines. Trump released Afghanistan’s new leader.

    3. @Derek Pennington Remember this… “I started the process, all the troops are coming home, *they (Biden) couldn’t stop the process.* 21 years is enough. *They (Biden) couldn’t stop the process, they (Biden) wanted to but couldn’t stop the process.”* – *Trump, 1 month ago* – Because I do. Anyway, this was the outcome in Afghanistan if we had pulled U.S. Soldiers out of there in 2005, 2015, 2020, 2025 or 2050. It was unavoidable without literally nuking the Taliban to its core. They are murderously insane religious fanatics who believe their version of God is leading them.

  4. Its been a crushing week for AFGHANS and those military and aid workers at risks! The “feelings” of others are irrelevant.

    1. @Regulatory Affairs Look, the country isn’t under Chinese control or anywhere near it. Can we dispense with hyperbole? Biden is looking to become a very disappointing president (not unknown, but it’s really annoying for those who voted for him hoping for some changes, namely less chaos and more competence in the government). The tragedy of the situation is that the alternative — which is the new Banana Republicans (as opposed to the old Reagan Republicans) — are about as isolationist, parochial and incompetent.

    2. @E Smith Would that help matters? That guy promised a border wall and failed to deliver spectacularly. Why would voters give him another chance?

  5. The most overrated show anywhere. They want us to stay in Afghanistan for years to come. Joe has been a hypocrite a long time ago. Why not talk about Trump releasing 5,000 Taliban and their top leaders from prison.

    1. Yes indeed, the Russians are testing the new equipment in the Syria. The small wars are great raid to test and prefect new military equipment. We have to understand that the defense contractors employ thousands of workers from engineers to janitors. They are huge employers and they pay very well.

    2. alan you dont know anything, I own all those companies, as do many other americans, you’re broke and clueless, I’m sure.

    3. It was one big Money laundering scheme.
      In 20 years there should be one Taliban alive by now.
      It has always been a money making plan.
      It always is!

    4. @T. R. Campbell
      It was one big Money laundering scheme.
      In 20 years there should be one Taliban alive by now.
      It has always been a money making plan.
      It always is!

    5. You are speaking the bottom line. Back in the 50’s there was a writer who said when the economy needed a boost, we’d start a war.

  6. When we evacuated Vietnam back in the 70s Biden stated the USA wasn’t responsible for saving the south Vietnamese people that worked with us at the time. Apparently, he still feels the same way.

    1. Any competent leader with the bare minimum of common sense would know you evacuate civilians before the military. You don’t evacuate the military first, the failure to recognize this very basic thing shows the Biden administration is a huge joke.

    2. @Derek Pennington my 10 year old niece knows that…. Worst part is he doesnt have the sack to own his screw up

    1. Biden is amazing! He’s smart and an Foreign Policy expert! He isn’t senile and his son Hunter is a role model! Hunter Biden 2028 baby!

  7. A few weeks ago we had 2500 troops in Afghanistan and some measure of control over most of the country. Today, we have thousands more troops there and have lost control of the entire country, except for one airport. Worst US military decision in my lifetime. Debacle.

  8. The endless war in Afghanistan and the endless war on COVID have one thing in common: They’re manufactured to be endless

  9. 😅😅😂😭This whole time this has been a steaming pile this is just the planet sized cherry on top of his ice cream

  10. ONE President in 20 years had the moral conviction to remove us from Afghanistan, his predecessor left him a booby-trapped situation with 5,000 Taliban released, and the media is piling on…Biden?

    Seems very, very wrong.

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