David Jolly On Capitol Riot Commission: Voters Need The Truth 1

David Jolly On Capitol Riot Commission: Voters Need The Truth


MSNBC Political Analyst and former Republican David Jolly reacts to Hill Republicans voting against the creation of a bipartisan Capitol Riot and whether Democrats or Pres. Biden should take more unilateral action to ensure the insurrection is properly investigated.
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  1. Grand Old Party Insuurectionists, “it’s Too Late to Apologize …. too late” Timberland song

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis so why did the Democrats mayors tell police to stand down and allow the far right to riot and why did Biden’s staff pay money into the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail out the far right? You can’t have it both ways.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis a leopard can’t change its spots. Read up on what Malcolm X said about white liberals exploiting black people.

  2. That’s the crux of it, yes. If WE don’t get a resolution, then our votes are meaningless from here on out. If somebody throws a fit loud enough when they don’t get their way, and overthrows the vote, our votes may not matter at all.

    1. True. They will probably ignore the IG’s report, and others, also. But no matter what, top republicans are on the record condemning that day whilst still wearing soiled shorts. Then they voted to confirm that the 46th president of the United States would be Joe Biden. Sucks to be them and I’m wondering how many will retire in the midterms?

  3. Republicans and congress has failed all their ability to govern. Your lack of ethics and the oath to uphold the constitution, has not giving you the authority to make such statement. He should be in jail, as all who, have abdicated your oaths to office, and be accountable to those very laws they you swore to uphold.

    1. @Google User you want too something constructive and create a huge amount of jobs. Build a pipeline through the mountains to get fresh water too the west coast from storm water run off. If we can pump gas north. We can pump water west.

    2. It was bad enough when it was party over country for Reps , now it’s worse Reps are Trump over country. Bunch of brazen GD traitors.

  4. We all know who is behind it all, americans know, we saw it all, why is america taking so long to lock up the culprits is crazy

    1. No you dont know because of all the lies. Also why isnt anyone being charged for murdering Ashli Babbitt. What about the lies in the NYT about the cop being killed by a fire extinguisher. The WH wasnt stormed they were let in.

    2. John earle sullivan insurgence usa antifa blm activist filmed himself inside the capitol next to unarmed female shot by police

    3. @Debra Johnson Murdering ashli babbitt? That woman,
      who had trespassed into the Capitol.
      who had at least aided and abetted rioters violently attacking the police, if not participating herself in these violent attacks
      who had conspired with criminals vandalizing the People´s House, standing right next to them as they were breaking down a door, smashing in the glass
      who had ignored and disobeyed several orders by police to stop the destruction of property, to stand back and retreat.
      But despite multiple warnings, Babbit went ahead, attempting to overcome the last barrier protecting lawmakers from the dozens or hundreds of thugs threatening murder. Babbit wanted to take the lead of the HANG MIKE PENCE lynch mob. She was stopped. Thankfully.

      That´s “murder”?
      If you had any consistency in your thinking, you would have to have an exponentially worse view about the police than BLM ever had.
      Your “logic” would make police out to be insane serial killers.
      So now I wonder, do you want to unarm the police or abolish them altogether?

  5. Merrick needs to get involved and investigate insurrection, especially these traitorous congress men and women in the GOP!! America needs to know who had their finger in the insurrection pie!!

    1. Our focus isn’t so much on the unrest during the Jan 6 political justice rally. Instead it’s on over a year of left wing insurrection, treason and violence in our cites for the past year and half.

    2. All the what-about-ism is becoming like a fish story to the tumpetts all saying the same.. but the time line has gotten longer and longer. It used to be last summer now it’s “a year and a half”
      It’s still from a that thinks tump loves it.

    3. I wonder if they realize or remember tump was president during that time and did nothing to stop those “cities burning”….

      Truly pathetic tumpetts

    4. @Random Internet User Whataboutism is a fantastic tool. I use it all the time. It shines a bright spotlight on left wing hypocrisy and their attempts to sweep things under the rug. They don’t get to dictate the national discourse and narrative. Local Democrat authorities refused federal help. Leftist DA’s didn’t prosecute. It’s on them.

  6. Now Flynn is promoting a coup publicly cause he knows there will be no commission on 6/1. That’s why it was so important to have.

    1. They need to get on it fast! Republicans will call it a, “Witch Hunt,” regardless. So, subpoena power is necessary, with swift, harsh consequences for ANYONE who refuses to testify! They’re covering up their complicity! How did they get maps, guided tours and real time texts, telling the rioters where to find Mike Oence and AOC? From the INSIDE!

    2. It’s pretty obvious that these things will continue to happen, because Americans love blaming anything other than themselves. Flynn, Trump, MTG, McConnell etc all have millions of supporters. It doesn’t matter if you lock them all up, those same Americans supporting them now will just vote the next trump-like thing in. Breaking the cycle requires addressing the source, not the product, but as always Americans will never blame themselves as the source so it’ll continue on much like it had for decades already. Enablers.

  7. We all saw what happened and it could easily happen again with a worse outcome if the Dems, the President, and the DOJ don’t act to get to the bottom of this. We all know there are GQP members of Congress that were conspiring and supporting this.

  8. Democrats have to get the Feds to step in! No wishy washy baloney on this matter of the 1-6-2021 inserection.
    Its a serious matter for a serious& overwhelming traitorous event than can not be dumbed down by any fraction, whatsoever.
    The delusional myth making by elected Republicans in congress has to be slammed down hard.

  9. don’t make up excuses a 1/6 select committee has to be formed bc rabid repubs refuse to participate

  10. At this point, I don’t care who appoints the commission or special prosecutor, just do it with the full weight of the law behind it and let the chips fall where they may. Get it done and soon.

  11. There’s no doubt the GOPs would milk this for every drop of malicious, partisan propaganda if the tables were turned.

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