David Jolly’s Advice To Matt Gaetz: ‘Shut Up, Hire A Lawyer, And Resign’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

David Jolly’s Advice To Matt Gaetz: ‘Shut Up, Hire A Lawyer, And Resign’ | Deadline | MSNBC


In light of the reporting that Rep. Matt Gaetz asked the Trump White House for a blanket pre-emptive pardon, New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt, former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance, and former Florida Congressman David Jolly discuss Gaetz’s connection to Joel Greenberg, a former Florida tax collector, who has already been charged with corruption and sex trafficking a minor, among other crimes. Aired on 04/07/2021.
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David Jolly’s Advice To Matt Gaetz: ‘Shut Up, Hire A Lawyer, And Resign’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @gleichg — yea maybe gaetz should be more like the democrats and ted kennedy.
      Hero of the left ted drove a 20 year old off a bridge and let her drown at the bottom of a lake after binge drinking, then he hid from the police.
      What did u guys charge ted with again? Oh yea, you reelected him for 4 decades.
      Tell me more about your selective outrage.

    2. @Bill Billson no idea what one thing has to do with another? And no way we can go back to the 1960’s?. Great argument you got going. Typical repub…whatabout whatabout? Oh and how can i be outraged by an incident that happened b4 I was born?

    3. @S.D. C The grammar cops are out today. They really need to teach grammar in schools. Not to mention spelling. So so bad. Money for education is needed as much as for many other priorities. Having said that, social media is changing the rules. I prefer short staccato sentences.

    1. @Ben Dover He’s literally a Saint compared to the Orange Mobster…pays off XXX movie stars…cheats on all three wives…including one who was pregnant…26 different women alleging sexual assault. Cmon pal…Joe’s not in his league.

    2. @Keith Lacey — ted kennedy is and you guys had no problem relecting him non stop.
      Between bill and ted’s excellent adventures with women, one of which resulted in a 20 year old girl getting drowned in a lake after ted drove her off a bridge and left her to suffocate, i don’t think dems should be lecturing republican about creepiness.

  1. Gaetz asked Trump for a blanket Pardon and Trump said Gaetz never asked for one… I wonder who is lying

    1. @MrEkzotic vaccination plan? Lmao. Trump administration ordered 50 million shot. Enough to vaccinate 25 million people. When Pfizer asked if he like to order 100 million more he turned it down. Operation Warp speed was only used to help fund the Moderna vaccine. It had nothing to do with Pfizer or J and J. Trump is still out here scamming people out of millions of dollars and gullible idiots like are proud of it.

    2. @Rich Merowitz — it’s not whataboutism, it’s calling out hypocrisy.
      And it’s dredging something up when you guys elected ted continuously all the way up until his death in 2009. If he were alive you’d still be electing him.

    3. @MrEkzotic lmao. Nothing I said was false . the fact that you didn’t know these thing makes you an ill informed moron

  2. Gaetz: “So, can I get a blanket pardon?”
    WH Lawyers: “Are you the same guy who was the lone vote against that Human Trafficking law in 2017?”
    Gaetz: “Yeah, so what?”
    WH Lawyer: “We’ll pass on this one. Sorry.”

    1. @RogerWilco true dat, he goes through loyalists like toilet paper literally. And the weird thing is people still line up to be used and abused by him like its worth it.

    2. @Eddapults Tab — like dems and ted kennedy, when he drove that 20 year old drunk pff the end of the bridge and let her drown in a lake.
      Oh yea, then u guys reelected ted non stop over the next 4 decades. Tell me more about your standards

    3. @Bill Billson as a usual Dem voter, I can say that I always said that if Ted Kennedy ran for president I would have a sign in my yard that said “remember Chappaquiddick”. The very best spin would be that he panicked…and I wouldn’t want him as a POTUS. I can’t speak for Massachusetts voters, but I wouldn’t have voted for him

    4. @Beverly — well that is certainly a principled, objective stand on the issue and the first one i’ve heard from the side critical of gaetz.

      On that note and in the same spirit, if a court of law determines gaetz did something wrong, then he should be charged accordingly. Good Day To you ma’am

    1. @Outhouse John’s
      Here’s a new one for you:

      Gaetz asked for a blanket pardon because he is Q-uilty.

    2. @My Pillow Guy — here’s a joke.
      Ted kennedy’s girlfriend never made it out of her 20’s because ted drove her drunk off a bridge and let her drown at the bottom of a lake.
      What charges did dems give him for that lol?
      punchline: you reelected him for 4 decades

  3. These are some great family values how can u all doubt that this party is all about family values when they have trump, gaetz, guliani, and Gingrich how can u not see the family values they have lol

    1. Newt Gingrich is now the darling TV poster child convert of the Roman Catholic Church – despite having three living wives…

    2. @MILFMAN1986 — well ted kennedy taught one female about what it was like to have him drive her off a bridge while he was drunk and then leave her at the bottom of a lake in the middle of the night to drown.
      What did dems charge him with
      Oh yea, and how many times did u reelect ole ted!?
      Hypocrisy dems, you guys really gotta get it together.

  4. He should get his own television show “Butthead and Butthead” – Beavis is Mitch McConnell.

  5. The one time I did jury duty, we had that situation where the big fish testified against the little fish. The big fish was nearly as slimy as Gaetz and had friends in high places. We really hated having to convict the little fish (there was video of the crime) and we all wanted to convict the slimy guy instead.

    1. @randall leboeuf We didn’t get to decide his punishment. He probably didn’t do well. His lawyer was almost worthless.

    2. I had a similar experience on jury duty. Biggest drug dealer in town (meth) was allowed to ru his “business” without punishment by entrapping little fish to buy small quantities of marijuana. He testified that a guy had bought from him with no proof but his word (and a garbled, useless wire recording) We let the guy who allegedly bought a loose joint from the meth dealer go. We really wanted to send the “CI” to prison. I think small towns have a quota for their war on drugs. It’s definitely quantity over quality.

    3. @black feel i asked president Putin if Russia did it, he denies is and he’s very strong and tough guy. I believe him, I like strong guy yeah I do

    1. @MaxMisterC — what age was ted kennedy’s girl that he drove off a bridge after a night of drinking and then let drown in the bttom of a lake.
      Ted was nearly 40 🙂
      Oh yea, you guys rewarded him for that by reelecting him for 4 decades lol.

  6. Greenberg is facing some serious time. He is definitely going to flip on Gaetz in order to get a lighter sentence. Count on it.

    1. @Mimzy Jinx you do realize your calling msnbc ” CNN” right. Don’t worry letters are confusing

  7. I don’t think Gaetz believes he is going to get away with this, but he thinks his only chance is to bluff it out.

    1. @Adrian Bishop — bluffing worked for your boy ted kennedy after he drove that girl into the bottom of a lake and drowned her. He got off scott free and you guys reelected him non stop.
      Tell me more lol

    2. Hot air and bullsh*t have been the currency of Republitards for the last 12 years. They created this hollow monster, and now he will use its tactics as best he can. He’s been rewarded for it in the past, and it’s all he knows…

    3. Gaetz is trying to win in the “court of public opinion” Guilianni did the same thing. Rudy was oh for every time in real court. Gaetz’s accusers are awaiting for the rat to squeal on him so they can nail him big time.
      Godspeed to the people who will put this POS in jail for a long time
      trump is next (let’s see how Gaetz rats him out)

    4. @Day Dreamer Rudy Giuliani should have claimed early onset dementia while he still could…

    5. @Austin 7thGen Texan Maybe the shoe polish in his hair ate out what few brain cells he had left. Getting back to Gaetz needing a lawyer, I understand the Kraken is looking for work

  8. True, Operative word is “Arrogance”!
    He’s going to get hoisted on his own petard. Let him talk himself into a
    striped orange jumpsuit.

    1. If he keeps on talking, he’s going to implicate more! I’m sure there’s alot of nervous people out there?

    2. @Debbie so true. Loved the look on Tucker Carlson’s face when Matt was doing “we’re just the same” reasoning. Tucker became less friendly quickly.

  9. Matt the Goetz will be quiet alright, believe it when the law knock on his door 5 in the morning

    1. @Austin 7thGen Texan — i don’t think ar 15s are required.
      They sure weren’t for the dem hero ted kennedy when he drove a girl into a lake after a night of binge drinking and let her drown there
      Oh yea, then you reelcted him for the next 4 decades. I’m sorry, what were you saying about gaetz again?

    2. @Bill Billson Whatabout-ism.
      s & s . I live in Texas. Kennedy was from Massachusetts. No one here re-elected him…

    1. They ought to get the lawyer that helped you guys get ted kennedy to walk free after he drowned that girl in his car after a night of drinking and driving off a bridge. Then you reelected him for 40 years

  10. After the last four years, no sane person should care what anyone who supported 45 says. Credibility is a thing, and they lit theirs on fire

    1. A four year dumpster fire. Who even knows what the ruins of the Republican Party will finally be ?

    1. @Teal Square He likes the spotlight too much.
      Wonder what hairdo he will have? The Beavis and Butthead one?

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