David Plouffe: GOP’s Fight Against Obamacare Was The Original Big Lie

David Plouffe, former campaign manager and senior adviser to President Obama, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the lessons from the fight to pass the Affordable Care Act, and how they can be used to help enact infrastructure and voting rights legislation. Plouffe says Democrats have the power and they need to use it because “you never know when that’s going to change.”
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  1. Republicans hated President Obama so much they were willing to undermine a popular healthcare bill that saved millions of Americans.

    1. Gop has always killed healthcare, they hated obama cause he was black man in white house,they hated healthcare long before him.

    2. Republicans offer absolutely nothing to replace Obamacare, they offer racism and hate instead along with conspiracy theories!

    3. The truly ridiculous thing about the ACA is that it was formulated using a proposal that originally came from Republicans. Obama tried desperately to work with Republicans, in spite of their overt malice. He catered his entire administration toward choices Republicans could support by his use and inclusion of conservative doctrine. Even in his nomination of Judge (now A.G.) Garland, he sought to appease the Republicans. It wasn’t for lack of trying that the ACA was the only major legislation passed.

    4. @Vicky P C’mon the Orange Loser promised for year’s (4 yrs I believe) “…two weeks away…”
      Thanks to all who prefer a healthier populace.

  2. If they wanted to get rid of the _Affordable Care Act,_ all they needed to do was come up with a better system — but they simply refused to even try.

    1. @Mark Wagner They haven’t tried, they’ve had 10+ years to come up with an alternative and all they still have is “repeal, repeal, repeal, repeal, repeal”.

    2. The Republicans haven’t come up with anything else because the Affordable Care Act *is already* a market-based conservative style plan.

      Medicare for All would be a Democratic style health care plan where the federal government would be the insurer for every American. This was the compromise.

  3. The GOP doesn’t really want to get rid of Obamacare at this point. They have nothing to replace it and realize that they can continue to kick the Dems over it as long as it exists. So this way they can condemn it and the Dems without doing anything to come up with a plan to replace it that they would inevitably be criticized for as well because ultimately their replacement plan would be about the same.

  4. Here’s a thought: Healthcare is the political graveyard for Republicans. That’s why they lost in the 2018 midterms and that’s why they lost in 2020. Plain and simple.

  5. Im already bankrupt due to medical bills, but I’d be dead if it wasn’t for the Affordable Care Act.

    1. I know, right? At least it’s a step towards univeral health care. So many countries already doing it.

  6. I am thrilled about this. Trump tried his best to destroy everything Obama crested and this will will upset him hugely. Yay

    1. Trumps destruction goes back 20 years…america used to be knowen as a security provider now we are security consumers…it nice to see we are back to moving forward

  7. The Supreme Court gave the republican party a thumbs down on repealing Obamacare like John McCain.👎 😂

    1. If John McCain was still alive today, he’d tell Donald: “I like presidents who don’t get impeached twice” just like he told him he liked people who weren’t captured.

    2. @TrollKing9001 Set me to thinking what if McCain were alive today…..Jan 6th might not have happened. Given it did, he’d have voted for impeachment, and for the Bipartisan Commission. He was a balance against that extreme fringe we now see. With both McCain and Romney, perhaps the Republicans wouldn’t have gone off the rails with Trump. Both of them bolstered and encouraged other moderate Republicans to act and speak out with them.

    3. It’s kind of funny thinking of McCain as moderate. I certainly didn’t see him as a moderate when he thankfully kidnapped Alaska’s Caribou Barbie governor. I was charmed by his decision to run with a woman as VP, but out of scores of available qualified women, Sarah Palin was the least qualified and her lack of ethics was becoming a problem in Alaska. She may not have been the only reason he lost the election, but she was the primary reason, particularly after her rhetoric at an Arizona event incited gun violence resulting in life-threatening injuries and death. Now we accept that the fringe majority of Republicans are inciting violent civil war in their pursuit of power and wealth and view those not so inclined as moderate.

  8. Our right to vote is the single most important thing that makes the country the place it is . Without our voting rights, we might as well be an island sinking into ocean

    1. They are only interested in giving big tax breaks to the big corporations whose campaign contributions put them in office while screwing everyone else over. It amounts to corporate welfare although you will never get any Republican to admit it.

  9. I used to believe a country gets the politicians it deserves. No longer. No country, esp one as great as the US, deserves the GOP hacks. They see power as end it itself and are willing to sacrifice national interests in its pursuit

  10. All this BS over getting the American people proper health care just shows how backwards America was. Yeah Affordable Care Act!

  11. FYI everybody some of the same people who wants to take a healthcare from millions pay all of us low wages, sell us unhealthy food, sell us leathal medications and charge us outragouse amouts for appartments and all worthless goods. Those are the people we should be deporting not hard working emigrants.

  12. All the rethugs ever do is try to hurt people. That’s it. Think about it. If it hurts people, they are for it. That’s why I’m against them. With every molecule of my being. Ya got to be one ignorant hate filled lunatic to be a rethug. I’m so sick of these idiots.

  13. If the GOP had their way, the Declaration of Independence would read that all rich white men are created equal and are endowed with their creator with the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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