Day 1,065: Impeached Trump Grabs Military Photo-Op Before Holiday Vacation | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Day 1,065: Impeached Trump Grabs Military Photo-Op Before Holiday Vacation | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. Yes, but those who still refuse to see the light and truth should drink whatever Jim Jones put in his followers koo-laid.

  1. America will now be forced to child-proof the Constitution against the toddler tyrants and gruesome grifters of regressive, seditious Republicans.

    1. @Deidre Cohoe ~Truly never even imagined to see SO many grown adult Americans take to behaving SO childish, ignorant, and self-destructive as the Republican cult!

  2. As a Military Vet. I think it is degrading for troops to have to stand with an Impeached president for a photo.

    1. TheKosmikid Thank you for this. Look what they did to Muhammad Ali, yet the trumps (white privileged males) of the world faced no such consequence.

    2. Better than standing with any Democrat, the anti-military, anti- everything good, party. My military friends and relatives detested serving under both Clinton and Obama.

  3. Let’s finally see trumps tax returns and we will all see where his money is coming from… And who ultimately pulls on his strings.

    1. With all the hackers out there I’m surprised his entire house of cards hasnt been exposed already. I guess there are not enough white hats out there any more. Business has really poor tech security.

    2. @claire bigelow Thanks for reminding me the COLD WAR didn’t end and the world is still at war with Russia. I thought it felt like 1984.

  4. Imagine being photographed with an Impeached president who is so guilty that the senate does not want a fair trial.

    1. Todd Beaton – you whine about a “fair trial” but what do you think the Democrats did in Congress??? There were SIX committees (Pelosi let that one slip) and the Republicans were only invited to TWO of them, and even then they were BLOCKED BY THE DEMOCRATS from calling their own witnesses, they were BLOCKED BY THE DEMOCRATS from even talking about the whistleblower who wasn’t even IN the White House on the day of the Ukraine phone call, and they were gaveled down by Nadler every time they got close to the truth about that whistleblower. Do you really think 4 private committees and 2 tightly controlled committees was a “fair trial” conducted by the Democrats??? Turnabout is fair play in my book, time for your side to see what it’s like. Call Pelosi yourself, tell her to grow a set and send the Articles to the Senate like she is legally supposed to do, otherwise she faces arrest and jail time.

  5. All Patriots should stand now for our Country. Wake up Republicans. PLEASE!!! Save our COUNTRY!!!

    1. @queenbeethatme100 This has to be bait, dumbfuck, YOUR CHANNEL DOESN’T HAVE ANY CONTENT EITHER.

      YOU are a Russian Bot.

  6. Putin’s puppet. He’s been laundering money through Russia for years. For some bizzare reason many millions of idiots believe he is on their side. Do they honestly think Trump cares about anyone who is not rich? 17,000 tweets since taking office and never a mention of the homeless. Why? 2 reasons; he hates them and they don’t vote.

    1. @Scott Pratico It s TREMENDOUSLY hard to connect the dots if working on Putin’s disinformation troll farm. DO NOT FEED.

    2. Did you ever notice that trump NEVER makes fun of Putin or calls him a name? Odd! because he makes FUN OF EVERYBODY ELSE – other world leaders, defenseless and dead soldiers and politicians – and their families, people with disabilities… even his own republicon enablers! no one is spared except Putin (and maybe his love interest – Ivanka).
      Guess trump thinks that Putin is his FRIEND? Wow! SMH

    1. Mary Lynne They’re in the military, Moron. Do you expect them to be eating popcorn? Sheesh, you libs are ignorant.

    2. And he didn’t even shake the women hand he has no respect for women I’m a widow Ava World War II Navy vet and I’m appalled

    1. I’m a Navy veteran World War II widow wife and I’m offended offended at this president he did US fit30 time and time again and then one hour photo OP and check this picture out he doesn’t even shake the women no respect for women

    2. @Joes Phone No Name If you believe that bullsh1t then pal you spend too much time kicking yak turds in Kamchatka.

  7. YA know…my buddy Trump looks kinda stressed…..why not give him a real, lengthy vacation. In a federal prison!

    1. Absolutely – send “him” to Guantanamo Bay. I’ve been to Cuba. It’s EXTREMELY hot and Sunny and, with its’ distinct lack of pigmentation, it’ll burn like a butterfly under a blowtorch.

    2. Wade Haden – Master Jedi Engineer Goth but first You ll be in prison . You don’t even know why they want to impeach Donald. Biden committed the crime, but Trump is to be punished. Lol

  8. Being a psychopath, Trump’s only true goal is to get attention. If it’s good, time to gloat and puff up. If it’s bad, time to blame, gaslight and name-call in a desperate attempt to divert attention from his own dysfunction and “sick soul “. Educate yourselves on psychopaths. Google the PCL-R by Dr. Robert Hare.

  9. It’s scary to think the WH thinks Putin is real news and anything said by three quarters of the world are fake.what kinda upside down demons have taken over the world?

  10. Vote America….wipe this plague master out of the Oval Office for good…..he is a stain upon the flag. Traitor in chief…then investigate the entire GOP thoroughly ….for their actions make them traitors and are complicit in crimes against America

    1. Abso-fricking-lutely! The Greedy Old Pigs enabling him and his whole despicable administration deserve Guantanamo…along with his whole famdamily.

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