Day 1,071: Are There Cracks In Trump’s Impeachment Firewall In The Senate? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Day 1,071: Are There Cracks In Trump's Impeachment Firewall In The Senate? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Trump lashed out at Democrats right after the Christmas holiday, but are Republicans falling in line on impeachment in the Senate? We look at the latest reporting. Aired on 12/26/19.
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Day 1,071: Are There Cracks In Trump's Impeachment Firewall In The Senate? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

90 Comments on "Day 1,071: Are There Cracks In Trump’s Impeachment Firewall In The Senate? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Andreja Calibri | December 27, 2019 at 2:32 AM | Reply

    There are no cracks in the GOP firewall of corruption. They have not done anything but say “maybe”, which is their usual cowardly way of testing the waters. You’ll find no integrity in the dubious four, and definitely no reason to elevate them to any status of honorable.

    • No Articles of Impeachment should be sent to a rigged Senate trial.
      Pelosi just doesn’t want to help Trump’s reelection, but does want him in jail.
      She may have to wait until the Supreme Court to decide about the blocked Congressional subpoenas issued to Trump’s officials.

    • With only democrats voting to impeach President trump and no republicans The vote for impeachment was a sham

    • Kathleen Dunlap | December 27, 2019 at 6:44 AM | Reply

      @mark nelson the criminal republicans are no longer supporting America! They have been working with Putin and Putin’s asset, traitor trump, to destroy everything America has been. Traitor trump and Moscow Mitch have removed all of the tax money from the wealthy that used to run our country. Now all the debt will be paid for by the poorest workers in the history of our country. Welcome to slavery part two brought to you by the criminal southern and Midwestern republicans or should I say criminal RUSSIAN pawns!

    • Kathleen Dunlap You appear to have a very bad case of Russian derangement syndrome A very bad case!

  2. Nancy just needs to keep doing what she’s doing, Trump’s so stressed and angry he’s going to blow a gasket very soon!

  3. Deborah Barrow | December 27, 2019 at 3:09 AM | Reply

    If they are going to commit a fake trial don’t ever send the impeachment to the Senate. Just leave him impeached.Right go ask the most corrupt Senators about what they think. Trump will soon schedule time for Republicans to come over to lick his shoes clean. They can hardly wait.

    • Billy Pardew the pres has been doing illegal things since before he was elected. He’s one smart crook no doubt. So you gotta keep fighting it till it sticks. I guess people like you like crooks in the White House.

    • instead of a sham Senate trial, this should be a vote given by the public in an emergency nationwide ballot.

    • @Billy Pardew …Billy, you are entirely delusional.

  4. Don Emigholz Jr. | December 27, 2019 at 3:10 AM | Reply

    Republicans do not care about the USA! Are huge oil conglomerates in control of our military might and where our military is used around the world? The answer is yes and it is all tax free! After that it is all show, bluff and Propaganda. It is about the oil, it is always about the oil.

    Republicans are first hired for their corruption then they are supported to win elections.

    • Kind of an ironic statement from you, isn’t it? It’s the blue states and the Federal government that keep having to bail out the red states, while these same red states scream about “No Government handouts! Keep your Government hands off MY Medicare!” (Seriously; one Republican protester had that on a sign as he was screaming about the Federal government).
      Dude, you already live in an alternate reality of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh (is he still alive?), Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and all the other sad little weasels telling you that your delusions are real.

      Just don’t expect the rest of us to join you in that very small, sad place….

    • Don Emigholz Jr. | December 27, 2019 at 5:13 PM | Reply

      @David Sherbert Wow! that is a Ding! ding ding for the all time fox News watcher.
      BUT just to let you know the two crimes of impeachment are for just those couple of weeks in Trumps administration. Trump could be impeached on a daily bases but you would have to have another source besides Fox News to know this.
      Literally Trump could not be more corrupt. Trump sanctions on countries around the world can easily be circumvented by Trump but the companies or even industries have to pay Trump directly.
      NO evidence – EXCEPT for Oleg Derepaska who Mnuchin is trying to unsanction, Felix Sater, Vasily Titov of Vnesheconombank, Trumps Khazakstan partner: Tevfik Arif, in Aktyubinsk Chromium Chemicals, and owner of Bayrock real estate who worked on all Trumps projects, Alexander Mashevich’s “Eurasia Group”, Alexander Torshin Russian banker handler of Maria Butina Russian spy & Gun Activist for the N.R.A, Andrey Kostin Russia’s most powerful banker, who settled Trumps DeutcheBank debts, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. A billionaire, Dmytro Firtash heads the board of directors of Group DF, Viktor Medvedchuk ,Ukrainian politician, lawyer, and business oligarch, Victor Pinchuk Ukrainian businessman and oligarch, Yevgeny Prigozhin Russian oligarch – Putins Chef, Aras Agalarov, Russian real estate developer orchestrated the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, Denis Katsyv – CEO Prevezon Holdings Ltd. Cyprus, “The Trio” Billionaires: Patokh Chodiev, Alijan Ibragimov, Alexander Mashevich, then: Salim Abduvaliyeva Uzbek mob boss, Viktor Vekselberg Russian oligarch owns Columbus Nova, Oleh LyashkoUkrainian politician and journalist who is a member of Verkhovna Rada, Vadym Novynskyi, owner of Smart Holding Group, and politician, Konstantin Kilimnik, Russian business man, Kirill Dmitriev, Russian fund manager, who put together the “Project Rome” for Saudi Arabia, with convicted child molestor George Nader, a Middle East specialist adviser to the United Arab Emirates, and Joel Zamel, CEO of Israeli Psy-Group Cyber Specialists to do what the Russians did for: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan he is the sheikh of Abu dhabi, and the president of the united Arab emirates…These crimes are all old from the beginning of Trump’s administration.

    • nope the DNC destroyed ALL voter data within 24 hrs of polls close to stop ANY recount . look it up Don .

  5. No.
    Republicans are traitors.
    Eliminate them from the government:

  6. No cracks in the GOP, the party has been corrupt for the last 50 years.

  7. How do you know Trump is lying? His lips are moving.

    • @nathar40 media lies to you as well just at a more sophisticated level..They constantly misquote on purpose… They said T rump said mexcicans are rapists and drug dealers.. He never said that and you can’t find any link showing me he said that.. He said the ones that cross over illegally many times are.. There is a huge difference the media lies by spinning things.. so they lie too..

    • Did you just think that up? Original.

    • @Matt Caulfieldpretty sure of that are ya?

  8. His tweets only intimidate his own house . To Nancy , Donald is as worrisome as a cloudy day.

  9. If he’s such a billionaire, why does he need campaign money donations at all?

    • Kathleen Martin | December 27, 2019 at 9:23 PM | Reply

      @Mike Thanks… Well, he always wants to be Number One at something.. I guess the dubious honor of being the single most sued individual goes to him.. I would love to know what world leaders truly have to say about him when away from the cameras..

    • Cathryn Bowling | December 27, 2019 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      Why did he need to host a reality show, and do fast food commercials?

    • Billions in debts!

    • Shpetim Berisha | December 27, 2019 at 10:21 PM | Reply

      He’s no billionaire, probably a millionaire. Now Bloomberg is a billionaire.

    • The danger with Dimbulb is that he wants to use our hard earned tax dollars to prop up a grossly failed financial empire….remove now…man is pure poison to our Country!

  10. Trump is Ghetto.

  11. Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! | December 27, 2019 at 3:54 AM | Reply

    Didn’t Murkowski & Susan Collins say the exact same thing over Brett “I like Beer” Kavascum and then voted for him anyway. Not buying it B!!

  12. If there’s no crime why are you worried mr trump. You can only worry when you have done something wrong.

    • @great observations his associates took the rap for what like I said Democrats like to run their mouth but they won’t mention what they’re running their mouth about so please fill me in on the wrap his associates took for him if you can

    • great observations | December 27, 2019 at 8:51 PM | Reply

      @Billy Pardew Yes we know..and you know. He has incriminating testimony against Trump and so do the rest. If they had anything to say that would exonerate Trump we would heard it by know.

    • Why I don’t understand the issue with Biden , if you did nothing wrong how would it affect the 2020 election

    • Haha he’s not worried

  13. Remove Donald Trump! Vote

  14. norma armstrong | December 27, 2019 at 4:15 AM | Reply

    Dump Trump . Dump Trump. USA and World will be better off without Trump.

    • @Denis Beaubien I don’t disagree but definitely a sad state of affairs if it goes that far. He should quit now, but you know that won’t happen.

    • @Heritage Karma Political scientists get the same 1 vote as an illegal chili choking pepper belly inbred ! Majority rule does not work in mental institutions ! Monopoly MSM media is causing the sheeple to be a human centipede to destroy our nation. Why are so many dead people voting as democrap?

    • Dump yourself, oh constipated garbage mouth. The best president will eventually leave office, and you will be free to be dumped on by numerous godless leaders, who you asked for, and they’ll have you stand in bread lines, oh constipated on.

  15. Remember these people are cowards who have never stood up to Trump or his horrible policies and are only now BARELY turning over in the face of OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE!

  16. The most corrupt, unprofessional, dishonest, inarticulate, childish, and biggest bully to ever occupy the desk in the Oval Office. A pathological liar who possesses not an ounce of statesmanship or honor, and whose preference for being friends and having “love affairs” with dictators over respect for, and cooperation with, our Allies. The United States is a laughing stock. I live in Europe, am exposed to foreign media coverage of Trump and am deeply embarrassed for the country I was born and lived in most of my life.

    • Juan Luis Gonzalez | December 27, 2019 at 1:17 PM | Reply

      @crosbonit yeah Trump 20-20 in the lake of fire for eternity with you too

    • Well, good thing Europe has had such a stellar record with its citizens in the last century.

    • @David Sherbert Dem party are a bunch of losers

    • Ewwwwwwwwww…….TDS Jonesing hon….you are Jonesing.

    • @Aizz He is now the 3rd US President to be impeached. Nothing can change that. He may win another term but it will be his last. Our Constitution forbids a President seeking a third term. When Trump leaves office, whenever that may be, he will be facing charges regarding the misappropriation of charity funds in New York. He has already been fined 2 million dollars in connection with the inappropriated funds.

  17. Senator Kennedy says McConnell is entitled to his opinion?
    That’s the problem. McConnell has made it very clear they’re not his opinions…They’re Trump’s.

    • charge trump with Civil case in court Corthew , do so , But know this the counter punch is a hard one . lets start with sedition ,article 94 ; at elevenworth Kan,
      Me i’d use simple double barrel shot guns with 00buckshot and deer Slugs , this should give don lemon plenty of body parts to shovel up …
      I guess I wont change you or you I so one of us will have cancel the other out of reality . that can be done too Pic the day !

    • @weasel Boy 2.0 I’d rather be a democrat than a criminal like our president

    • liar he never said that.. you only have the info you make up in your brain.

    • @weasel Boy 2.0 is a bogus site!

  18. I don’t even know why media asks him questions regarding serious matters, just stick to fun questions like “how big does water have to be before it is regarded as real big water”. Then sit back and listen to a real big a-brain answer.

    • Trump will give a “perfect” answer to all those questions Andy

    • Lol!

    • Aizz What’s a looser? Maybe it’s someone that’s not up tight? The dictionary says, “free or loose from attachment”. I’m guessing Andrew is free from the Trump cult mentality so, perhaps, he is looser than, say, you are. “What a looser” sounds exactly like something Trump would tweet! LOL

    • You guys clearly aren’t flushing your toilet 10-15 times per use and it shows.

  19. Trump is the new standard for evaluating pathological narcissism.

  20. Me: “Hey Trump. Denial is NOT a river in Egypt.”

    Trump: “Egypt? Who’s that?”

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