Day 1,105: Senators Finally Get Their Say In The Trump Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Day 1,105: Senators Finally Get Their Say In The Trump Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. Republican leaders have always admired that, they wanted the same power, and now Trump has shown the side door to get it. Democrats are holding up the American Democracy alone.

    2. ​@birdlynn hubbard Yes, Democrats all good. Republicans are all evil corrupt greedy.
      Quid Quo Pro Joe Biden & Hunter Biden.

    3. Shame on you MSNBC. To cut off the answer to Senator Collins’
      question when the president’s attorney‘ answer cited all the news reports that issued shortly before Trump asked Zelinski to do a favor for us. There were reports in Politico and the
      Washington Post,, not exactly Trump friendly news outlets, that demonstrated the Biden’s corruption, or at least the appearance there of.. This is why you are called fake news. You’re forcing me to vote for orange man.

  1. As a non American I have to say that this pathetic Sham of an impeachment, and total failure to uphold the constitution, is killing your global image and credibility.

    1. @lelennyfox34 just the ones who are still able to think for themselves. Once your brave enough to leave your safe place you’ll see the world’s not half as bad as CNN and MSNBC try and convince you it is

    2. Tom Hodgson lmao this is the most republican comment ive ever late. I think you’re late for your klan meeting buddy

    3. @Dux D Re: “most businessmen never go bankrupt”
      Most businessmen don’t run international holding companies consisting at any given time of over 500 individual ventures for decades.
      Re: “He went BANKRUPT 5 times.” To be clear, Trump never declared personal bankruptcy. The Ch 11s he filed were for companies he owned.
      “He [Trump] got 413 million from his dad through various illegal schemes,” Illegal? To my knowledge, neither Trump nor his father have been convicted of any crime. Can you please cite the conviction?

    4. @lelennyfox34 when you say assumptions, dont you mean evidence? According to shift assumptions and hearsay are a slam dunk case these days.

    1. Brainstorm Pus has declared on Youtube that he feels Dershowitz, professor at Harvard Law School for 50 years, now emeritus. Iconic litigator, writer, and defender of civil liberties and human rights is an “absolute shame.” Given Pus’s unassailable status as a political science student and considerable expertise in posting really good burns, Dershowitz must be reeling. Score: Civil Liberties Icon 0 Partisan leftist hack 1. Keep it up, Pus.

    2. ​@BoydThe ENTIRE reason you’re here–any of us are here–is because you and the minions of liberals are angry their Russian narrative didn’t pan out after $40 milllion in taxpayer money. Oh, the irony you’re too stupid to see and the sentences you’re too illiterate to construct completely. Snowflake is explicitly a word used for liberals–embarrassing you even fail at comprehending that, too.

    1. Adam Schiff surely is an intelligent and prepared man. It’s mind-blowing how trumpers have their perception sense so screwed up when they think trump is actually even understandable when he speaks.

  2. so since everybody’s above-the-law I wish to reach out to other countries to help us the Democrats win the election and fix the world on day one.

  3. The Republicans Repersentives and GOP is no longer a party of the United States, they seem to be a party of 1930/1940s Nazi Germany a National Socialism Party.

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