Day 2 of former President Trump's historic second impeachment continues | USA TODAY 1

Day 2 of former President Trump’s historic second impeachment continues | USA TODAY


The Senate resumes day two of the Trump impeachment trial. House managers have focused largely on recounting the events leading up to and during the Capitol attack.

The Senate wrapped up initial arguments Tuesday afternoon and is set to begin hearing evidence Wednesday in Donald Trump's impeachment trial after rebuffing arguments by the former president’s lawyers that the entire proceeding was unconstitutional and lacked due process.

Trump’s lawyers – David Schoen and Bruce Castor – contended Tuesday there is no legal justification to hold a trial for a president who is no longer in office. But senators sided with House managers prosecuting the case – as well as a wide swath of legal experts – that the Senate is bound to hold a trial considering Trump was impeached before he left office.

The vote was 56-44 with six Republicans joining every Democrat to go forward with the trial.

Wednesday is expected to be the first opportunity for impeachment managers, the House Democrats prosecuting the case, to present what they say is new evidence to convict the former president on a single article that he incited a pro-Trump mob to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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    1. @S D well at very least the major media corporations, democrat politicians, one or more federal law enforcement agencies, and several high ranking health officials.

    2. @tommyboss when bob Iger on his way to becoming an ambassador to China, and most media companies seem to practically worship the country while outright ignoring their ongoing genocide of their Uighur citizens, I think we have the right to be at least a little suspicious.

  1. Not the American way? Unfortunately and sadly, this has been the American way for decades. It’s just happening to whites/white elites now. It’s very hurtful. All lives really do matter.

    1. It’s up to the cities and states where those crimes were committed to prosecute and I hope they do . This is being dealt with in the proper juristriction.

  2. The great DC circle jerk Round 2.
    How much is all is this pomp and circumstance costing taxpayers?
    What sort of “justice” shall we expect after the final act?

  3. “Where is everybody”
    “I withdraw my request for a role call”
    Meaning not enough GOP Senators were in attendance during the end of this crucial and historic proceeding to meet a quorum. GOP so unwilling to pull their head out of their own asses and so afraid of losing a vote that they don’t recognize the 140,000 votes they’ve already lost as people changed from the GOP party in the month of January alone.

    1. @D. Mills That’s awesome. We have much in common. I should make a good addition to your party as I have never been a member of a political party. I also own a gun, am a Christian and love our country. 1.9 trillion is not fiscally conservative and the republicans we have in office seem to have been infiltrated by progressive spenders on some level. My very own senator Bill Cassidy being one of them. So all that being said sounds like I’ll fit right in in the Democratic Party. Gun, Christian, own a business in an industry promoted by the current administration. Oil. Price is up to $2.50/ barrel. We are about to get busy exporting our people and money overseas to drill for it.

  4. Disclaimer!!! He loved himself more than his country of what it afforded him to attain, he fought Tooth & Nail to securing his wealth and security while millions upon millions of americans would never get close to President’s 1% wealth and leverages

  5. Donald Trump will be surely acquitted by his little men so-called Trumpublicans senators, his followers without any idea or charisma, but these videos must return to the TV at each election (during the 3 months preceding each senatorial or presidential election) for the next 20 years. You need to be totally desperate to have Trump as a model, even just for re-election.

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