Day 942: Trump Says Economy’s Great & Attacks Democrats, FOX News, & The Fed | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Day 942: Trump Says Economy's Great & Attacks Democrats, FOX News, & The Fed | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @Johnny Pena apparently no one was there πŸ™‚

      Jk jk
      But hilarious how upset Trump gets about the mention of empty seats

    2. @Judy Nelson they did get overtime but were given rules on how to behave. Shell gave overtime pay to their employees to pretend to be trump supporters.
      (Some probably are but I’m guessing more than half were not)

    1. @EAGLE SHIELD you seem to be pretty peppy this morning, let me guess. You ate something other than pop tarts and baked beans, huh? The rabbit ears on your old Zenith finally picking up channels after 4? Your sister finally gave you permission to not pull out? Why the enthusiasm for this old, syphilitic whethered tangerine in office?

    1. @Neat if you rewatch Trump talked about how Fox isn’t as good as they use to be because the channel didn’t show undying love for him.

    2. @Madeline Harper @Neat didn’t watch the video in the first place, none of these trolls actually do. They’re just here because it makes their tiny little wee wees twirl.

    3. “Fox is throwing you under the bus” They also hired Donna “tarmac meeting, Bernie can’t win, give Hillary the answers” Brazile, which is doing nothing for their credibility. Through out 2016, Fox spammed the same _apparently_ fake polls your radical leftist fake news ran in 2016; they only changed their tune _after_ it became apparent anyone in the GOP _not_ backing Trump was essentially doomed. Fox is for globalist trash; just the globalist trash in the GOP, rather than your beloved commietard globalist trash.

    1. @NJ Eddie ~ The sad thing about that statement is it was intended to demean me, but it doesn’t really apply. I’m retired after working 50 years. I left my mom’s basement when I was 15. Do you not understand how stupid you sound when you lash out with baseless insults? Why do you think Maga puppets have a reputation for being illiterate dolts?

    1. He will be disappointed if Elton John doesn’t like him , bet a dollar sir Elton John will say something discouraging at him.

    1. @jeck jeck im pretty sure the narrative is that Hillary had him killed. Because bill posed in a dress for him.

    2. @Bob Berker
      That old hag? She ain’t powerful. But trump with his dog Barr? Now that’s way too likely. His BFF Epstein was going to talk, and trump’s FBI made him silent.

  1. “The Economy is Great”
    “Global Warming is a Hoax”
    “Mexico will pay for the wall”
    “I am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world”

    -Donald J Trump

    1. @Ash Roskell: _”Conservatives are sick of Trump, …”_
      Speak for yourself. We *LOVE* President Trump. And I believe a lot of Democrats are scared of the psychotic leftists running in their party, so they’ll also vote to reelect.

    1. @IMA RUSSIAN hello my Dear Russian Robot, I can every day look myself in the face. Can you as a robot do that too?

    2. @IMA RUSSIAN That’s a question we should ask Trumputin, and we don’t mean the magic one that tells him there’s no one fairer in the land.

  2. Of all the measures considered, they were sure there was no confusion on not providing tax relief to working people.

  3. Reporters ask Trump about the impending recession.

    Trump instead talks crap about Fox News and the crowd sizes at his rallies.

    His ego seems to be in check.

  4. Somebody throw a bucket of water on the Snowflake-in-Chief! He’s so dirty maybe he’ll melt, LOL. Apparently, wicked witches and snowflakes do.

    1. I LIKE how you attribute the term “snowflake” to someone other than Democrats. To me, a snowflake is ANYONE of ANY political stripe who can’t take the heat. Kudos!

  5. And behind door #3….
    the economy is about to collapse because trump said it’s in great shape.
    Only in America can we voters NOT elect such a failure in life as this subhuman.

  6. America…land of the;
    financially broke,
    morally broke,
    mentally broke,
    spiritually broke,
    and emtionally broke, but….
    we have the best military to defend it all.

  7. I’ve never known anyone that talks so much yet says absolutely nothing of value. I’m dizzy from all of the cyclical nonsense he spews. It’s just amazing.

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