Day 967: Trump DOJ Says Dems Shouldn’t Get The Goods From Mueller’s Jury | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Day 967: Trump DOJ Says Dems Shouldn't Get The Goods From Mueller's Jury | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


The Justice Department is claiming House Democrats should not get access to secret Mueller grand jury materials – in part because they can't say whether or not what they're doing is actual Impeachment.
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Day 967: Trump DOJ Says Dems Shouldn't Get The Goods From Mueller's Jury | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

52 Comments on "Day 967: Trump DOJ Says Dems Shouldn’t Get The Goods From Mueller’s Jury | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Ah the old nothing to see here defense

    • Remember don’t believe what you see or hear with your own eyes and ears,Because that’s not what’s happening🤣

    • 1977NOBODY thanks for the reminder, I thought I was going crazy, and the prescient was a fully owned Russian asset. Whew!!!

  2. Another case of obstruction of justice from Trump…
    How many are we up in at this point?

  3. Trump’s once again obstructing justice of an investigation into his obstructing justice of an investigation into him obstructing justice! Or is there one more obstruction of justice in the series? It’s hard to keep up with all his crimes. Unfu¢kingbelievable!

    • @Bruce Boring They aren’t just gullible, they are dishonest filthy little cowards, like little children getting away with lying by telling more and more lies; eventually it has to collapse though.

    • @EldritchLurker I’ve been involved in numerous investigations while in the military and in EVERY INSTANCE where the subject/target obstructed, they were guilty. Simply put, innocent people cooperate, guilty ones obstruct, period.

    • @Bruce Boring Now you’re talking about russiagate truthers?

    • Cameron McKelvey | September 15, 2019 at 12:09 PM | Reply

      DivineHeresy Paul Manafort gave GOP polling data to the Russians and Russians stole what they needed from the dems, with trumps public blessing. They had the roadmaps to both campaigns, and the demographic data of all Americans, the trump campaign was shown to want Russia’s help and Russia was shown to want to help them get elected. The definition of collusion is entirely satisfied by the above facts. Unfortunately collusion is not a legal terms and conspiracy has certain requirements to satisfy a guilty verdict which couldn’t be achieved due to lack of evidence but not necessarily of the lack of that evidence existing. They did everything they could to obstruct mueller, and we still came away with a damning account

      Seeing as trump can’t be indicted, only impeached, so impeachment inquiries are the ONLY way forward, unless the rest of the country wants to stick their fingers in their ears like you have and cry la la la not listening

    • @Cameron McKelvey Your whole argument falls apart with the simple fact that the polling data had already been published by American media (which is stated in the Mueller report). You’re using debunked talking points.

      And no, not everything was done to obstruct the investigation into the Russian collusion fabrication. There wasnt a single document the WH did not let the investigators see (1.4 million docs handed over), there wasnt a single witness they didnt get to question, there wasnt a single piece of information they were obstructed from gathering, yet you claim everything that could have been done to obstruct was done. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Theres nothing in the constitution that says a sitting president cant he indicted. You’re referring to a doj POLICY from the 1970s, because a sitting president shouldn’t be hampered by having to go to court on this day or deposed on that day; if there is evidence he committed crimes, the POLICY is to impeach, then remove, then indict. Do you really think the other separate and equal branches of govt are going to allow a Kremlin agent potus to sign bills and conduct diplomacy just because the third branch has a dept that has a policy from the 1970s!?!?!

      “Sorry, everyone, we’ve got evidence the potus is a Kremlin agent but we’re not indicting because a department of one of the three branches of govt has this policy they put in place.” What an absurdity. And why isnt Congress impeaching? It’s because they know they’ve got nothing…no obstruction, no conspiracies, no crimes.

      Greatest political scandal in anerican history has been thoroughly exposed as a political hit job, and there are still people out there like you who are indoctrinated. It’s so sad.

  4. DigitalSynapse0101 | September 14, 2019 at 1:33 AM | Reply

    The DOJ is obstructing an ongoing well known investigation into Trump by the Congress of the U.S.; I hope Barr goes to jail in 2021 with the rest of them.

    • @claire bigelow -THANK YOU, CLAIRE……. I LIKE THAT ” LIFE + 1000 YEARS”….LUV IT !!!👏👏👍👍

    • mateojaas estaaqui | September 14, 2019 at 11:11 PM | Reply

      Correct you are!

    • Sonny Haskins : We’re going to have to brace for impact. Trump will not go quietly. And, let’s face it? Only a slump in the economy could destabilise Trump, unless the Impeachment releases his Tax and other records? Now Trump has lost his Trade War with China, he’s about to discover that simply backing down, like he usually does, will not make the damage he’s done just go away. This Trumpectomy is going to be painful, but WORTH IT

    • If Trump weren’t a rich, white guy, he’d have been in prison decades ago.

    • On thing is sure, assuming DT loses: Barr will be in no position to misuse the DOJ and shield Trump from prosecution.

  5. Barr got his start lying and covering up for Reagan and Bush. He’s here now to do the same thing for the grifter in the WH.

  6. Trumps DOJ is obstructing justice again.

  7. Republicans won’t impeach Trump unless he does something super terrible like wear a tan suit or use Dijon mustard on a hamberder.

    • You forgot how the GOP almost impeached Obama for saluting with a coffee cup in hand…ah, I miss the good old days!!

    • You forgot the time OBAMA wore a bicycle helmet whilst riding a bicycle. Republicans SCREAMED that wearing a helmet made him look weak opposed to Putin who rode a horse with no Shirt on

    • @Nicholas Woods
      I forgot about that! Faux News fanned all over Pooty-Poot Putin about that. Laura Insane-graham was giddy like a school girl as she praised Poot on the air. She was seriously crushing on that guy…but then again, Chump’s madly in love with him, these days, too!

    • Cameron McKelvey | September 15, 2019 at 11:00 AM | Reply

      But he already takes his steaks well done with ketchup, if that wasn’t a deal breaker, I don’t think the Dijon will do it

  8. Richard Johnsen | September 14, 2019 at 2:55 AM | Reply

    Remove the Oathbreakers, they have betrayed the public trust!!!

  9. Lie, deny, deflect, and project.
    The orange one never stops.

  10. Oh ffs. What kind of goddam Justice Dept do you idiots run?
    Police and prosecutors don’t lay formal charges without doing an investigation but even THEY get access and the right to obtain information with warrants etc.
    As this relates to impeachment, the ‘Court’ is the DOJ – and this lot’s dodgy as f###!
    How can you people have faith in your legal system when the people at the top can’t even be touched with all this obstruction from this ‘Dept of Illegality’.

  11. Nothing but filth and corruption surrounds this administration! WE must be mindful as to whom we vote into a position of power. Protecting Americas highest office should be our priority. Our quality of life depends on it.

    • DivineHeresy laughable little Diveney with more of her delusions. So why is she not in jail? Come on clown waiting for your response. Laughable tool

    • @DivineHeresy yes grateful we have a pathological liar with the most corrupt administration ever

    • @Kevin stevens Shes not in jail because the FBI, even though they uncovered her crimes during her criminal investigation, didnt recommend indictment to the DOJ because they couldnt “prove intent.” Shes the only American ever to receive that kind of privilege. Imagine if the feds found evidence that trump committed crimes and they said they werent indicting because they couldnt prove intent. You deranged Democrats would screech at the sky even worse than you’ve been screeching at the sky over the past two years.

  12. Slytherin Reviews | September 14, 2019 at 5:21 AM | Reply

    Trump has done nothing but play golf, take money from Tax Payers to put into HIS own pocket, still owns business’s when a sitting President isn’t allowed to have businesses to OWN, is a tax cheat and fraud, uses social media ex Twitter and YouTube to attack and spread false and misleading information to not only American’s but the whole world, uses YouTube to do News Media type videos that are full of false and misleading information which I’m surprised that YouTube hasn’t closed down Trumps YouTube Channel which they should do cause that is pocketing money when a sitting president isn’t allowed to.

  13. Hey Trump! Do not stand before me and lie over 10,000x in less than 900 days and ask me to believe you.

  14. Rebecca Peterson | September 14, 2019 at 11:02 AM | Reply

    Who cares what Trump, the psychopathic liar, says. Really. He’s a attention-seeking, sexually promiscuous, impulsive con man manipulator, prone to boredom, who has created havoc and chaos every one of those 900 + days. Don’t pay him any attention and maybe he will go away. Attention is what he craves, good or bad. Educate yourselves on psychopaths. Google the PCL-R by Dr. Robert Hare.

  15. flight doc 094502-75 | September 14, 2019 at 11:15 AM | Reply

    How do u imp a president that has lied more than he breathed in his life?.
    answer : easily.

  16. Nonsense, only Nadler’s official statements matter. If he asks for documents, DOJ needs to shut up and comply or we have no oversight and no democracy.

  17. We need a revolution against the Republicans.

  18. This is typical GOP blurring of the lines. Let’s see if the Dems have the smarts to get anything done.

  19. They talk about how the Democrats handled the investigation? Yeah, if the Republicans and Trump weren’t blatantly obstructing the investigation, this whole thing would have been long over by now.

  20. Ronnell Littlejohn | September 14, 2019 at 6:45 PM | Reply

    Mitch McConnell is obstructing America’s Future

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