Daycare Centers Begin To Reopen With Coronavirus Precautions Amid Pandemic | MSNBC

NBC News' Rehema Ellis reports on the challenges the childcare industry faces as it begins to reopen with coronavirus restrictions amid the ongoing pandemic. Aired on 6/12/2020.
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Daycare Centers Begin To Reopen With Coronavirus Precautions Amid Pandemic | MSNBC


  1. have you cleaned the place ? – yes
    heres my kids they are not infected

    next kids in are asymptomatic

    heres your kids back – infected

    1. And then they visit the grands…..No wonder we are on hour way to eclipsing the Spanish Flu.

    2. @Just another day in the salt mine my daughter said it best,and shes autistic…
      “if it was big enough to see people wouldnt be so silly”
      from the mouths of babes

  2. They were forced to make this change. Forced to make a business change that was nothing like what you started with.

  3. Why do I have the feeling that the powers that be have literally written off the people who would be affected most by Covid19?

    1. So true. Who is crazy enough to take their baby to Covid 19 day care. Usually , crazy people leave babies I’m hot cars. Now. they will take them to day care . No grandma or Grandpa at home to help. What about neighbors who have other stay at Mom’s. What about relatives who have a real connection to the child. There should be no over crowding.Ten small kids in a room is too many. LIVE SMART and Stay Safe .

  4. Israel had one of the best responses to Covid-19, and despite many frail Holocaust survivors, one of the lowest mortality rates per capita. But, parents were going mad trying to home school in tiny apartments, and schools were reopened. This reopening of schools in May coincided with unexpected heat wave (105F or higher) and parents complained masks were too much for their children to stand during the heat. (Central air conditioning had been shown to spread the virus, so was kept off.) Now , Israel is seeing a rise in Covid cases, and most outbreaks are centered on schools. Parents have stopped complaining about masks, which are now strictly enforced, but too late.

  5. But won’t millions die because of this? Our Hollywood actors and commercials are saying stay home unless it’s for rioting. I see a planned uptick and more restrictions coming. Watch.

    1. It’s all government guidelines… is the trump administration “planning” this pandemic? Your crazy nonsense is laughably puerile

  6. The plandemic was just another flu but all the facts aren’t reported on MSNBS conveniently.

    1. @David’s Garden Anyone that uses the word “pandemic” is a dumb CNT and deserves to die from covid-19

    2. You realize the confirmed death rate was far higher than any flu in the u.s in the last century and the pandemic killed far more than the flu

  7. People will have to go old school where family members move under the same roof, someone stays home to babysitter without charge and in that exchange the money goes towards rent or the mortgage. Everyone supports. Everyone benefits.

  8. Children are little vectors of contagion. Whether it’s head lice or the common cold, children spread things like wildfire. I avoid them like, well, The Plague.

  9. If it is still evident that COVID-19 is stalking the human race then why are you sending your kids into a daycare?, what logical sense does that make? To be honest I could care less what you do with your kids if they get infected it’s on the parents there’s no one better to blame but themselves they should already have known the biohazard’s for sending their kids get into a daycare and should be ready for any repercussions That follow but hey. I could care less, you guys do you.

  10. More parental leave. Min Wage reform. living wage jobs. Many solutions that TAXES could be used for instead of a tax cut to the super rich. trickle down does not work. Lets try trickle up for a change.
    “And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? … It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.”
    – Martin Luther King

  11. Some of these children, the slightly older ones, will remember this time for the rest of their lives.

  12. Gotta get em back to their real mommies and daddies to be brainwashed into what their biological mommies and daddies were brainwashed into believing.

  13. How you or any human can make sure that your kids are safe. The main risk is on the parents.

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