DC Police Officer Relives January 6 Attack | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

DC Police Officer Relives January 6 Attack | Morning Joe | MSNBC


In a new interview, DC Metropolitan Police officer Michael Fanone discusses being attacked during the January 6 Capitol riot and his response to politicians who are attempting to downplay the insurrection.

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DC Police Officer Relives January 6 Attack | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Leningrad Lindsey will personally polish your knob during the golf with a clown package. His has a particular set of skills when it comes to mushroom shapes. He is a graduate of Stormy University.

    1. Grrr, my “Taken” quote was removed. I read your comment in Liam Neeson’s voice, and thought my comment would stay. but they removed it 🙁

  2. I am so sorry for this officer. The whole world watched this insurrection, and we have seen nobody held responsible, as yet. Not good enough, US!

  3. It has been decided that we will should not learn more about the agent provocateurs of January 6th.

  4. Gonna quote one of my favorite fictional anti-heroes regarding 1/6: “Cowards and traitors deserve no second thoughts, only their complete annihilation.”

    1. @horsterer77 Then next time ask without talking down to someone, you’ll find such an approach works much better in the long run.

    2. @Simgor2 Can you answer the question now, who your imaginary hero is and from which movie, book or play ?

    3. @Simgor2 Oh goodness, I actually googled it .
      Your quote is from a silly little video game .

      Apart from being a nonsensical line in a game, it would even give a trump an excuse to talk down to you .

    4. @horsterer77 So because it came from a video game you automatically dismiss it? Not all games involve a yellow circle chasing ghosts and eating dots, some are actually written by some of the best minds in any fictional medium. You didn’t even examine the basics did you? You just automatically dismissed it, that shows a level of stupidity and close mindedness that makes you even dumber than a Trump worshipper. You’ve lost this argument by a mile, and it’s on show for all to see. Congratulations on humiliating yourself in a way rarely seen whether online or offline, you are truly a disgrace to humanity. With a brainless attitude like that if you were living in Germany during the 30s and 40s, you’d clearly be one of those fools joining large crowds in burning books.

    1. What lol…would you like some videos of the murders from this summer…did you say anything then? Cause they were massive and wide spread 99 cops were hospitalized and several murdered.

  5. Ignorance lies not in the things you don’t know, but in the things you know that ain’t so. When ignorance gets started it knows no bounds.
    Will Rogers

    1. Yes, and we need more Will Rogers quotes on the internet. I like Dave Barry’s tribute to the man in his “Dave Barry Slept Here — A Sort of History of the United States.”
      “A popular humorist of the day was Will Rogers, who used to do an act where he’d twirl a lasso and absolutely slay his audience with such wry observations as: “The only thing I know is what I read in the papers.” Ha-ha! Get it? Neither do we. Must have been something he did with the lasso.”

  6. brilliantly said, ty both. i saw that interview, it was heartbreaking, but we need to face it. and say ‘never again’.

  7. These people that saved their lives know what happened. The GOP senators and congressman just disrespected them, spit them right to their face.

    1. magichwoo
      well only those who were at the Capitol. So I guess all of the Democrats thru out the Country spat in the face of law enforcement last year up to now.
      Calling fro defunding and other BS?

  8. Is there such a thing as “aiding and abetting after the fact” that we can charge these elected officials with? It is unreal that the people who helped in the attempted over through of our government are still walking around free. Do not let them Gas Light you.

  9. When he says “the most brutal hand-to-hand combat I’ve experienced in my entire life” who else immediately thought their childhood?

  10. I hope the Capitol officers will receive more than pity and/or accolades. I hope they and their families will be treated for psychological trauma.

  11. Observations:
    -That crowd was to small to attempt a coup
    -The crowd had little or no fire power. Without such, you can have a successful coup.
    -No one know the intent (can’t say what they were attempting to do).
    -The electrol college vote was the coup

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