De Blasio: NYC Doesn't Have Enough Doses Of The Vaccine | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

De Blasio: NYC Doesn’t Have Enough Doses Of The Vaccine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Mayor Bill de Blasio, D-NY, says the city is making progress in fighting the coronavirus but says the city's problem is there aren't enough doses of the vaccine. Aired on 02/18/2021.
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De Blasio: NYC Doesn't Have Enough Doses Of The Vaccine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. So.. you’re blaming Trump? Hahahahahahah Couldn’t be Creepy Joe? Creepy Joe said he would”Shut it down”! What happened? Was Creepy Joe and Kamaltoe lying? Seems they lied!!!!!! Imagine that!!! LOL

    1. No one — EVER — can outright steal a POTUS election, in broad daylight (actually the perps did it at night while everyone was watching their screens), and not expect very serious consequences.

      What’s the old and very wise biblical saying: “God is not mocked.”  Or, is it: “God cannot be mocked.”

  1. when a politician starts a response to a question with “I believe” stop listening as it will be nonsense…!!

  2. Sorry NY, other state and other countries are waiting too. You are not special special! So put your big pants on, Take your precautions like everyone else.

  3. Don’t forget that Pharma companies are literally supplying THE WORLD, not just US with vaccines. We fumbled by not preordering enough for our adult population way back in the summer. Now we’re playing catch up with a new administration.

    1. Children under 16 aren’t supposed to as of right now. The vaccine isn’t recommended for young kids

    2. @Deven Swartz I said as of right now, yes there will probably be one in the near future. We won’t be the first to line up.

  4. I wouldn’t send my kid into the unsafe , poorly planned , schools in new York or anywhere else in this country, I’d rather have a Dumb kid than a dead one , any parent that will risk the life of there child because they don’t want to deal with them are nuts . Do you want to deal with the undertaker? And the mayor to joke about it is Atrocious, children are dying from this horrifically just like adults.

  5. Children have developed fine millions of years before there were even such thing as schools. So stop making the false point of poor social development if they don’t attend schools. Make sure they and they staff are safe inside the schools. Otherwise they may not be around to grow up and develop into adults.

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