Deadly Attack Steps Away From The U.S. Capitol | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Jen Lin sounds like you haven’t finished high school but that’s none of my business 🐸

    2. @Victor Salazar ha ha ha high-school is way over rated and so is college.I made it to tenth grade and decided I wanted to make 💰 instead. That was 20 years ago and I’m doing great financially. This is America and it’s so easy financially if you have drive. Especially in this country…

    3. @Chris Rawls that is amazing, but nobody asked 🐸👁️👄👁️🍿 besides this wasn’t a conversation about how much money you can make. It was about people making the killing of a cop a political talking point.

  1. This is so tragic……RIP and condolences to the officer. William (Billy) Evans and his family.

    1. I think you all are misunderstanding giggle users comment. He’s a racist just like the rest of you.

    2. @Vulpinetide Cute Times I know you think you said something clever, but what you actually have done is show how ignorant you are. Not so much as your hoeplessly ignorant and childish statement that you believe is some kind of argument, but that you fail to recognize that you have fallen hopelessly behind in a dialogue that is far beyond your comprehension.  

      But you MAGA infants all seem to foolishly believe that the rest of us are all idiots like you, and it is darkly hilarious how you without fail all think you are the smartest one in the room all the time when it is painfully obvious the oppisite is true. It is hilarious and pathetically sad at the same time, junior. Go back to the kiddie pool and save yourself some grief.

    1. The discontent is growing, and the approval rating of Congress has been very low for many years.

    2. I know in my heart that these people that hate instead of love are the Antichrist as they go against everything Christ like.

    3. This is a hate crime by a black supremacist. But, it’s okay because Al Sharpton says black people are justified.

  2. 2 billion dollars? You’ve got to be kidding me. Maybe, if the capital needs to be a bunker, our leaders aren’t doing their freaking job!

    1. @Vlad Mere see if I were to be like you and respond like an ignorant f*** I’d say something like… You can’t even spell Looney tune, you must be stupid!

    2. @Vlad Mere stats or numbers on what exactly am I comment that communism kills it’s killed more people in the past 100 years than either two ideologies combined killing well over 100 million people and that’s just with Russia and China

    3. @Vlad Mere Russia 30 million killed

      China 70 million killed
      I can list off the death counts from several other genocides caused by Marxism if you would like for me to really embarrass you

    4. @Vlad Mere try doing a deep dive on marx he wrote his manifesto and is youth in his old age he said it was wrong and admitted he was naive just like you

  3. MSNBC: Breaking news attack at the capital
    Dems: Wait, he was black, and a Muslim and he didnt have a gun?
    MSNBC: Back to the Gaetz, we were talking about Gaetz, nothing to see here.

    1. @Susan Siedler They got their mail-in ballots. Maybe they’ll bring back the death clock for mid-term elections.

    2. @Sophia Beckett they reported about it for a day, until they find out it didnt support their narrative. And now they’re back talking about Gaetz, like they were doing before. Meanwhile there is a media blackout at the border, a true humanitarian cluster f. and the lefties couldnt care less.

      Everything is fine now that the bad orange man is out of office. Theres no such thing as political corruption now, nothing to see here

    3. @tobber fu too that’s an immature way of saying “I DONT WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING BECAUSE IT OFFENDS ME”

      I don’t need grow up hun, you do.

    4. @Sophia Beckett – your comments are very immature, but hey, everyone is entitled to their 1st Amendment right to speak, right? Except our last President, and anyone that made a pro GOP comment before the election, or made a negative comment against the democrats before the election, or make comments that the lefty traitors of this country don’t like today.

      But that is perfectly ok. Because political power and corruption supersedes our Constitution, according to Big Tech, social media, and the Left. Despicable hypocrisy from the socialists of this country. Say anything you like, fellow citizen.

      Right now, the best I can hope for is Civil War.

  4. Well thank goodness all of those national guard were there to come to the rescue. Good to see taxpayers money hard at work.

    1. @Cindy Lee Which god? If you are referring to one specifically, let me know his name and how to contact him, because I tried and haven’t heard back. I’m sorry. I really don’t intend to sound sarcastic at all, but I left Christianity, due to my really studying the Bible and history. I was left it very dismayed and jaded. I’m feel bad for so many, also, affected by this shooting.

    2. @Joel Alexander I am a Christian and yes I struggle daily, but only when I try to carry everything alone. (Which I do alot because I think I’m tough) lol when I have faith that He’s with me I can carry much much more.


    1. @Republicans are terrorists you missed the point but that’s okay, everyone can’t be intelligent. Just keep practicing with those shoe laces, nevermind that’s a lost cause just stick with the velcro.

    2. Well, yeah. It was next to the capitol building, you would expect to hear more about it than an attack at mcdonalds.

    3. @Jonathan Devereaux Doesn’t seem like they missed the point; seems like they were just making a brief point of their own. We’re so easily offended these days.

  6. He attacked the police and not the Capital building half a block away. Prayers for those involved.

  7. This is SPIN CENTRAL very laughable! How do these people SLEEP at nite ? Lying every day after day

  8. Another terrorist attack and this disappeared faster than a bottle of vodka from Nancy’s pocketbook

    1. @DeShawn Marquis Were those IED’s built as a result of a foreign invasion under false pretenses?

      Why yes… yes they were.

  9. No one in Congress was even there, all off this week and Good Friday. The police were guarding who?

  10. When the government is afraid of the people people are free when the people are afraid of the government tyranny rules

  11. “I’m gonna me-gam, ma-mam, ma-man-meeting…” is this an alternate reality we are living in, or is this guy really president?

  12. God bless you and thank you for your service. This is so pathetic!!! Unbelievable. My heart goes out to this gentleman’s family

  13. We’ve got to come together against the media/political machine who keep feeding this anti-race, us against them,… politician, elite, corporation, entertainment will come save us/or leave us, if we all don’t act exactly the same so, they can have more control over us narrative! 🇺🇸

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