1. No no no Ukraine want to spread the war to involve Poland. Can do it alone so we need someone to help and join us. Cheap tactics.

  2. Oops, oops, oops looks like I just said this yesterday when that guy put his foot in his mouth like I said by saying he actually knows for sure it was Russia. It looks like all of the NATO countries need to be going after Ukraine now with massive force like the analyst said yesterday. And multiple different analysts said on different channels around the world. They better go ahead and use those same words against Ukraine or look like the biggest hypocrites ever

    1. Еще надеешся копеечку за этот понос получить? Не тот форум выбрал, до и английский твой тебя на 2ом слове выдает

    2. @Essence of Order lol, Ukraine has never been anyone’s Ally and so they needed someone to help them against Russia

  3. Duh we knew this yesterday, so did Zelensky when he was trying to get Nato to attack Russia and get us in a nuclear war

  4. This war was the last thing that we needed on Earth at this time in our history with so many other things on the brink of collapse.


  6. Ukraine uses Russian made S300 in their anti air.
    That is what was registered when the missile was reviewed. Yes its a Russian missile but fired by Ukraine’s anti air. Serial numbers would further verify but everything is tracked by ballistic radar fired from where in real time as is.

    1. So, as usual, the brainless newsreaders at CNN first run with the same preapproved horsesh*t propaganda from the U.S./NATO media/government/intelligence cooperative…

    1. Too bad RT was banned in the west and on YouTube so people can’t see Russian perspective, but you can check out my playlist Ukraine debunked

  7. So you reported before you knew the facts like always and scared the hell out of people….GREAT WORK!!!! Very beneficial…

  8. With the most advanced NATO air surveillance observing the conflict, surely they saw the stray projectile heading towards Poland and it’s place of origin…it was good to clarify the obvious was not the obvious though 👏👏..

    1. In fact, if there is no suppression by the CCP, Taiwan should be more famous than South Korea. Before South Korea’s Samsung became famous, Taiwan’s computer brands should be well-known internationally, such as BenQ and Dow, but I don’t know that they are Taiwanese brands benQ and acer , Aoc, ASUS and other Taiwanese brands are very well-known, and Taiwanese brands are known all over the world. Because the CCP does not allow Taiwan to appear under the country’s name, Taiwan has no way to promote itself like South Korea. The above is my own point of view.

    1. ONLY and ONLY because very soon after explosion some random folks took photos of missile debris and posted them in social media.

  9. *Ukraine did hurl those missiles intentionally to draw NATO into the war. This was provocation and false flag from Zelensky !!*

  10. Hey CNN- I’m trying to find on your channel information on the new Biden probe being conducted by the House of Representatives. Am I overlooking it?

  11. Mind Begs the Question:
    If deploying Weapons,Mercenaries
    In USA backyard (Cuba) – Not Allowed
    In Russias backyard (Ukraine) – Allowed

  12. With over a hundred + missiles in bound on that day and as many fired at them, surprised something like this hasn’t happened before.

    1. Why is Russia hitting random targets around the city???? 🤣🤪 For every incoming missile they fire several rockets to try and hit it. What goes must come down. 💥💥💥

    1. Remember when camel herders chased MuriKUNT out of Afghanistan a year ago?? HAHA, Murican soldiers running away like lil girls🤣🤣

  13. Those air defense missiles are supposed to blow up in the air if they miss the target I thought. I mean if every missile that misses lands in some random place and explodes, then the defense might be more damaging than the attack🤣

  14. I have a curiosity: will the death of the two Poles be investigated as a crime of murder and will the guilty be punished, or will it be treated as an unfortunate event, collateral damage? Whoops, I’ve heard that before…

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