1. What is normal?

    Before the coronavirus showed up there were killing in schools, killing in churches, killing in public gatherings including Las Vegas, and children were bullying themselves into suicide… Is this the new normal to a new world order? Coronavirus Death Toll … 2,838,458 people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of April 01, 2021. I don’t know about anyone else but I believe nature has feelings even if people don’t. You won’t believe this but I can call my dog by his name and he will come to me and I still haven’t taught him to talk on the telephone. If we are all going back to what is normal how come I am not feeling that much better. I believe there is consciousness with nature, I also believe God lives in nature. God was asked his name he replied “I am what I am” I could say the same thing. Whether God created this universe or not I can’t say for sure I wasn’t there, but one thing seems for certain….He does live in our feelings whether we like it or not!

    A spiritual being

    I can remember the time when I was backpacking in the Smoky Mountains, I put up my hammock watching this deer drinking out of a stream behind me. With the smell of pine needles rising off the sunbaked ground I started to believe that none of this was real. The sun was starting to set, there was this green hue coming off the moss-covered rocks rising over the stream between the shadows of the mountains. I close my eyes to take a short nap, when I open them again I noticed this butterfly in front of me sitting on my hammock. In less than 15 minutes they were all over me bringing so many colors with them I thought I was in Disneyland and all of this was being made up… I was wrong, I even caught a trout later on that day. Needless to say, this was one of the best days I ever had Just me myself and I waking up to the realization that I was a spiritual being.

    PS. What is mother nature’s point of view you ask? If life does have consciousness my feelings are that mother nature could be feeling threatened by man and instinctively show up in self-preservation. Believing life has good sense is not the worst way to see yourself in this world.

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