Death Threat to Nurse who Gave Jamaican Journalist Sharpe Vaccine | TVJ News - April 21 2021 1

Death Threat to Nurse who Gave Jamaican Journalist Sharpe Vaccine | TVJ News – April 21 2021


The Health Ministry is in discussion as to whether security should be given to the nurse whom administered the vaccine to the now deceased journalist, Michael Sharpe.

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    1. @Kennesia Latoya holness a waste man Let that sink in and if a Golden me seh di same ting. Bun all politicians

    2. @Conrod Powell blame the vaccine ppl… do you here the words that is coming out of yr mouth… SMH

    3. @mystic you are so right. Plus no one knows for sure if the vaccine contributed to his death. He had a heart condition. He took the vaccine (first dose) not protected from covid until 2 wks after 2nd dose. He contracted the virus which made him very sick

    4. Education is very important. Some of the people get their information from hear say. Sometimes put fear in others. The nurse is not responsible. The patient consent to the vaccine. Please leave the nurse alone. She was given the direction to administered the vaccine just like any other health care provider.

    5. @Lorna Brown that is so true that is why they need to listen and read and understand what the vaccine is all about… cuz the nurse was just trying to save a life and do what they tell her to do

    1. @Bari you are breaking the skin of the person you are injecting exposing yourself to what they have and exposing them to what you have sanitizing won’t stop you frm getting hepatitis or HIV….how is this news to you guys??? WOW AMAZING

    2. THE CREAM OF THE CROP This sounds so paradoxical , how can you even get HIV like that tf it’s just an injection

    1. @Crystal Crystal not a choice when a medical professionals giving it doesn’t give full disclosure

    2. @Crystal Crystal why do you think killing people is a good thing and not think you are the dumb one?

  1. This is why Jamaica not going to change all those people who is calling and texting the lady she need to go to the police station and give them the numbers that’s calling her look at the amount of people she give and it nu kill nobody else the man have a problem

    1. well it nuh kill them yet …..and may be it kill some but them a blame it on covid sah a it kill them them not going to say is the vaccine kill them. SMH. my God have mercy on us.

    2. @Belle Linton you put that vaccine in any human and they die you are 100% responsible and accountable for all deaths from your actions. No excuse we all know Covid is not a pandemic, Trudeau admitted Covid is not a pandemic, there is zero evidence of a pandemic. If you want to kill people best be educated

    3. @nutbar idea am not trying to argue but what if the lady was your family you guys are not fear she dont have ntg to do with the man death you guys need to stop

    4. @Sandrine Gooden I would tell all my family members not to kill people else you are a killer and must pay a price for the rest of your life if you take a life

  2. I hope the government is able to protect her in every way he can. That doctor forced no one to take the vaccine, he took it because he deemed it necessary! My condolences to his family, relatives and friends. I just pray god build a shield around her in jesus name.

    1. Oh trust anyone putting these vaccines into anyone will be facing crimes against humanity charges- he life should be over given how easily she ended the lives of others- shame on these fake medical professionals

    1. What harm did the nurse do? People die in surgery, motor vehicle accidents every day, but they still go to surgery and drive/travel in by automobile… life holds no guarantee…if it’s not death by homicide, it’s called “natural causes.”Medical workers are not miracle workers. They have not found a cure that can guarantee life… One can die from Covid or take a chance on the vaccine….

    2. @Maxine Adderley that is so true lady and how they know that he died from the Vaccine it could have been something else…. just saying

    3. @ERROL GORDON: exactly! He had stated that he had a heart problem. A medical examination is not required before the vaccine and it’s possible that he might have been one of the unfortunate ones who might have had an adverse effect, such as the blood clotting issue as well as the coagulating factor … That particular method as well as the J&J are being scrutinized in such regards. We have halted the J&J here in America, even though the statistic is one in a million, but the AstraZeneca is not being used here. It’s in Europe and other countries

    4. @Maxine Adderley that’s true cuz am in Canada and we used the AstraZeneca and there is no death… so maybe he did have some kind of a problem that the nurse didn’t know about… that still no give them reason to threaten her life.. we Jamaican need to know better… she’s trying to save life’s not take it

  3. Too much ignorant people deh ah jamaica. When mi seh Jamaica is a lost cause some people tek offense to it.

    1. That’s why they have medical professionals they want to lie to people and kill them makes them a killer

  4. With the mindset of Jamaican there’s noway this country going get better and it going to get worst with these kids out of school…the country going fully dunce

  5. Those people are so stupid… Michael took the vaccine willingly.
    It’s very unfortunate that he died and he will be missed.
    May his soul rest in perpetual peace.

    1. You people are fully dunce all of a sudden every body tun doctor and scientist kmt next time dem sick I hope u look about yourself

    2. @junior frazer killing people is not health care, that’s death care and no I will never need the services of any medical professional who kills people for profit

    3. @junior frazer be warned globally names are being collected for crimes against humanity- anyone giving out these vaccines are facing jail for life. Think twice before killing people, this time you will be held accountable and “ just doing my job” is not a defence to murder

  6. Only in jamaica. Treating a nurse for doing her job and trying to make her community safe .They need to invest that energy into something more positive . Get a Grip my brethren.

  7. What kind of MADNESS is this?? We feel it DEEPLY that Michael has died but the nurse was simply doing her job. Neither she nor Michael would have expected this outcome. Jamaica is lawless and ungovernable, sadly. Sympathy to ALL!!

    1. Then if a so the one him get name a wonder if a it because I never ear of that name before and I don’t think them going to make that one either

    1. The nurse is not to b blame for doing her job.. she didnt know it was harmful when the bigger heads give the go ahead. . Sigh

  8. What the nurse got to do with this!? Sorry for his passing but he’s accountable for his actions!

  9. sad some idler that don’t have anything to do and want to make mistrive some one in their right mind couldn’t be saying that about the nurse she didn’t make the vaccine the devil is a liar I renounce that treats and send it back in the name of Jesus .be strong nurses and take courage God is with u.

  10. He died like any other Jamaican who had covid-19. He had a heart problem and it became more problematic when he contracted covid-19.

    1. The Oxford zeneca vaccine is known to cause blood clots, it shouldn’t be given elderly people or those with previous medical issues.

    2. People with underlining sickness should not take it and I heard one doctor said if you have covid or if you did have it you must not take the vaccine….every body a run go take vaccines fi go a them grave .

  11. To all the medical workers in Jamaica asked the government to send robots to administer the vacations. So incased of any mishaps they can called texted and threatened the robot.

  12. If it was an ordinary person die it would be oh well underline problem. This is so messed up, looks how many people die from pure neglect and life goes on jamaica is a one sided country. I feel sorry for the nurse I pray God guide and protect her.

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