Death toll in Kentucky floods rises to 25, will ‘likely increase’ | USA TODAY

Death toll in Kentucky floods rises to 25, will 'likely increase' | USA TODAY 1


    1. Prayer, that good feeling you get when you say you’re going to help someone but you actually don’t do anything! ⚛ 👍 😁

    1. @A E not for drinking….I mean it could be processed but just filling lakes up n stuff would help. The average tanker could hold 11600 gallons of water…… wouldn’t take much to make a difference

  1. Damn only 4 children? That makes me feel so much better. Don’t say that shits a good thing

    1. Still salty about Roe vs Wade I see. Everybody has lives, but children have their WHOLE life ahead of them. So yeah it makes a shitty situation a little bit better to know that not ALL the kids in that family died.

    1. If it flooded that bad than it’s a flood plain in my book and yes people knew that heavy rains were approaching for at least a week.

    2. The weather forecast gave a five-day flood warning, but dams upriver opened the flood gates too much. This is less due to weather and more to do with having not passed down the proper knowledge from those who managed the situations of the past.

  2. How about we get some better cell service??? So that people have a heads up on emergencies? I’ve been living in Brandenburg, KY since 2013. The internet connections here crap and getting worse over time.

    Same with the government websites. They’re still pretty behind and klunky.

    You could also prevent more casualties with better tech.

    1. We are also getting an influx of people moving here. Because they’re leaving the big cities… Which means more possible deaths. We need to step up our game so that we can also take care of newcomers.

    2. Your problem is that it is a red state. Poor financial planning, poor communication, poor education, poor civil protection.

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  4. I have taught people to swim in less than 1 hour. imagine dying because you never took a single afternoon to learn the single most basic survival skill that exists…. Giving the kids a pass, there are 21 Darwin awards handed out here

    1. This is an ignorant comment. Swimming in floodwaters when your house is being swept away is not exactly like what you would do in a pool or lake.

    2. @Patrick Doyle I just watched in another video a 97-year-old woman supported by her relatives in muddy water over their heads in terrible conditions. No boat, Just clinging to one another. Do you want to teach her how to swim?

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  6. Were homes built in an area where home building should not be allowed? Sympathy for those affected, but the government should not allow homes to be built in flood prone areas.

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