1. Imagine the last thing you hear as you die being “STRAIGHT UP!” in autotune…
    What a tragedy

  2. Time to also bring the musicians and music to heel. Take responsibility fr the chaos ur generating, the mischief!

    1. @Forever Young is there a POPULAR male who does not promote these things??
      all the current bunch promote these things to kids with no subtlety or remorse. but also look at the promoters and recording companies. they do the same thing but secondhand, just by employing and selling these recordings

  3. How come every new station has a new number what about the 10-year-old why do they keep leaving out the 10 year old that was dead

    1. Parents may be very young. So many parents do anything to make sure their kids “fit in ” no matter what.😞

  4. It can be blamed on GREED of those who made money of the show or they wouldnt of tried their best to pack the place to the max.

  5. I don’t get it this was suppose peaceful concert this Stampede starts to happen. Where were securty.

  6. Is this today…November 7, 2021? Omg this is awful. So sad. Pray for their families and friends. Heartbreaking.

  7. Concerts are events that “you” choose to go at your own risk ( read the tickets) …nobody will be responsible for this…😔

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