Debate Over Lowe's Disallowed Goal Against USA - Nov 17 2021 1

Debate Over Lowe’s Disallowed Goal Against USA – Nov 17 2021


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  1. Is always gonna run that way its a damn costa rican referee an he’s north American same as the usa no caribean team can win against that an it’s been so for so long and that’s not good cause that’s bias
    No damn fowl it’s a clear goal even the hand ball in the box should be a penalty the man dip him shoulder to let it it him hand

  2. I thought the sitter by bobby reid was easier. Who should we appeal to for that easy goal….just convert easy chances!

  3. When you watch the replay you can see that after the ball was headed in the american player landed off balance and stumbled forward it was not a foul

  4. Bobby Reid should score that goal. He and the Referee cost Tappa his job.
    Bobby must take responsible. So many coaches have come and go. We have more of a player execution problem than a coach problem.
    Players need to put their chances away.
    They often hide behind the coach . Time for more balance reflections on matches and performance. If we had won 3 to 1 Tappa would have stayed…see the problem?

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