Debates will be critical for Trudeau or O'Toole to have success in election: Nanos 1

Debates will be critical for Trudeau or O’Toole to have success in election: Nanos


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    1. 08/30/21 —CDC panel says MORE evidence needed for booster recommendation …no booster no need for N@zi vax pass port … no need for N@zi lock downs

    2. save health-care! Before covid we were lining up outside for a doctor, now we can’t get one at all.

    1. The potheads he created from legalizing weed. Plenty of non functional brains to zombie vote for him.

    1. Unfortunately,, O’Toole the tool is Trudeau-lite. O’Toole already threw two candidates out of the party for daring to oppose the idea of lockdowns.

  1. “The debates will be critical for election success” right, because six years of grift, corruption, scandal, and division will definitely be turned around by Trudeau in a debate.

    1. No, Trudeau for one-way trip to an Antarctic ice sheet where he can live out his remaining days (hours?) playing with the penguins.

  2. Green party should be tossed from the debate. The bloc is questionable as well since they are not a national party.

  3. What would Trudeau say? “I would raise child benefit.” “I would raise old age security.” “I would raise CERB.” “I would raise welfare.” He is nothing but a vote buyer.

    1. He is willing to say anything and everything as long as Canadians vote the Liberal. No! Canadians are waking up.

    2. Wait, so you don’t care about policy but care about the “Values” and “Perception” of the party leader?

    3. @Hobbes 74 You Pay for Medicare. One of the biggest points of Canadian nationalism in Canada.

      Imagine how much getting Pharmacare would increase our Canadian Patriotism and how we can mock Americans more.

  4. Trudeau has had long enough to “fix” things, before covid I had to line up outside to get a doctor’s appt. now I can’t get one at all.

  5. I would be watching if any of them have a prompter, usually sent by a hearing aid device. The more umms and ahhhs may be an indication of waiting to hear what to say next

  6. Really the Librtads ahead? I have to wonder where Nanos feels about the Libtrads? Another bought lemming for the Librads ! How about Nanos puts a poll about how polls like his are always slanted towards the Libtrads ? It seems that everyone I’ve seen n read wants Thurdope OUT! Do you even see that hate from your GTA office or is that just another conspiracy as all the Libtrads like to cry about!

  7. Debates? I’d rather not hear Trudeau whine about how he has done “everything” for Canadians. He does more for foreigners then he does for Canadians.

  8. I want to see if Trudeau will finally answer a direct question with an answer that applies to the question being asked.

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