Decade old Cry as Rural St. Andrew Communities Residents Plea for Roads | TVJ News - June 15 2021 1

Decade old Cry as Rural St. Andrew Communities Residents Plea for Roads | TVJ News – June 15 2021


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  1. Mr. Shaw can chat, because he is not going to do anything. The taxpayers are going to pay for it.

  2. Crying for roads and yet they the ones that go out every election..old young.. just turn adult .. all house empty and every polling station full ..all Dem get is chicken and feed n fertilizer kmt .. still a pay arm n leg to take goods to the market

  3. Avery road in rural area look the same I am saying people need to wake up all of us need to get out there enough is enough so my question again the road leading up to the governor general resident should look the same way as the road in rural area

  4. All she do all the time is DJ country and western nobody listened to those type of song anymore

  5. The problem is the national work agency and every time I see the news I see Steven Shaw do he have a solution and the answer is no if him could do me a big favor stop show up in the camera so I do not have to see his ugly face if the government spend one money get some expert from Europe to come to Jamaica and do every road Network believe it or not the government of the day would get value for money having Steven Shaw fooling around wasting taxpayer time and him always have stories after the horses gone through the gate we will never get nowhere

  6. Dem fi use Nht and Nis reserves to repair Dem decade old bad roads … hurricane season is now here!!!

  7. Asphalt road in the short term may cost less but in the long term will cost more because of constant repair

  8. That MP in West Rural St. Andrew has been there for many years, and the road infrastructure has not improved.

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