Decision To Retire Washington NFL Team Name Was A ‘Decades’ Long Battle | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Let’s not forget they were forced into this decision because of major sponsors like Nike pressuring to cut off sponsorship.

    I doubt they cared about anything else other than the threat of losing money from this change

    1. You know it’s all about the money. Most of the rich are disconnected from social justice issues anyways. I find the people crying about how this ruined the NFL for them, more pathetic.

    2. It’s not just about the money, but path of least resistance. It is controversial and some fans will go bonkers. They probably always knew this day was coming. When the advertisers took action, that day became now.

    3. Taylor Murphy that’s a good point, it may be why some people say “all lives matter” and don’t see a problem with systemic racism. It’s the path of least resistance and they don’t have to change anything about themselves.

  2. A lot of Blackfeet Indians are heartbroken of the name change I guess the chiefs will have a new fan base

  3. Riddle me this: Those 87 investors maybe should have invested the money on reservations to help the native people build hospitals help them fight the virus help preserve their history. So what does a name change do for native people who can’t get funding fm the US government? Don’t fall 4 the bs folks..

  4. I’m proud to have triggered the decision to finally drop the name: it happened as soon as I came up with the new name Washington Washouts.

  5. I am a Canadian First Nations citizen. Recognized as so by the Canadian Government in British Columbia, Canada. I have been a sport fan for years. I support Crystal Hawk for all her efforts. It takes years of talking to government with deaf ears to make any progress. To shift the my conversation in regards to Canada.

    We also die at the hands of RCMP, of governments, provincial or federal. You can walk into any RCMP station in Canada and you will see First Nation’s art or ancient artifacts. If foreign governments visit Canada. They are presented with carvings, totem poles or native paintings that represent Canada. Yet, here we are. The world sees First Nations of Canada as a people that contributed to the establishment of our country. Yet, we still our discriminated at so many levels. Like in India. We have been looked at as Native people in Canada as “untouchables”.

  6. The Washington Swampthings is fitting… despite the original Swampthing having had some character and integrity.

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