1. @Bru Star I disagree. He made mistakes, yes, but so did everyone else who was trying to guess where all this was headed. For the most part, he took reasonably timely decisions that helped the province avert a disaster like we’re seeing in Alberta.

      Like I said, I am not conservative so it pains me to say this, but WRT COVID he did a great job. Now, don’t get me started on zero emission vehicle rebates!

    2. For woefully neglecting their responsibility to do what is needed to protect all of their citizens and the healthcare system despite the whiny few? I agree!!!

    3. these anti vaxxers are hypocrites, they don’t trust medical advice yet go to the hospital when they are sick, let them die at home.

      And FRAUD .

      Everyone in the Government employment should be Criminally Charged .
      no one escapes

    5. @CanadaFirstchatt twentyseven your full of hot air… I say quarantine the anti vaxxers , they don’t deserve to be part of our society anymore. It’s time to remove those anti vaxx parasites ..

  1. All hands on deck? Why ya laying so many nurses off then?
    Folks if you don’t get it by now then you’re πŸ’€ in the water.

    1. @GNR 1978 Forever That’s not an argument, child. Grow up, educate yourself on how human beings communicate and argue. Then try to form a coherent argument based on facts and data.

      That you think stating “liar” would change anyones mind is just a sign that you yourself have an extremely low standard for information acceptance. If you think posting “liar” changes anyones mind, it’s because your mind is so weak that a non argument like “liar” would effect you.

    1. @GNR 1978 Forever dont worry AB wont be sending the billions to the rest of Canada. and if i had my way we would be voting on the right to become a state.

  2. This wave is peaking in AB. Everything is downhill from here. Politicians will try to thank themselves, despite really not doing anything.

    1. @T. Dmytryshyn No it doesn’t, lag between testing positive and either resolving or getting worse is 10-14 days.

    2. @Nice Kitty Would be nice, but cases are pretty well baked in now. The case could be made that if they had done something in early August it might have made a difference, this is questionable though given data.

    3. @T. Dmytryshyn The number flashing on the television or computer screen? Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?

    1. @Subversionz Then just have 1 expert instead of pretending you are being unbiased or neutral. Australia: 50% vax rate. 78% of hospitalizations with COVID are FULLY VAXXED? Explain that Mr Smug Smartypants πŸ€“

    2. ​@Daniel Arcadia This entire diatribe just to say you don’t have a background in virology or epidemiology lol, impressive stuff Dan!

    1. CMA to physicians: don’t prescribe THAT !!! we’ll take your license
      Gov to physicians: don’t prescribe THAT !!! we’ll take your license
      Indian gov: use what works – here, we’ll give you and the citizens packs of what works
      Indian laywers: sue WHO for tweeting a MERCK hit piece of a medicine (a medicine whose discoverers won the nobel prize for it)

    1. Yes! All the evidence points to the fact that vaccines and masks work. Stop listening to politicians, activists and religious leaders. We have experts for a reason, and when 99% of them agree, just do it!

    2. @Brent Chapman If you are referring to the horse medication, even the pharmaceutical company that makes it doesn’t recommend it for COVID-19. There is literally a Seinfeld episode for every occasion. “Kramer refuses to go to a doctor for a bad cough. He finds a dog named Smuckers who has a cough, and takes him to a veterinarian, since he trusts vets more than doctors. However, his throat is too tender to swallow the medication, and he begins acting like a dog.”

    1. @Bru Star Africans are not so obese, whereas most who die are obese or underlying conditions like Diabetes in America

    2. The Alberta ICU is running at 179% overcapacity. We should build enough facilities to be able to handle a massive influx of patients, that will just sit empty in the future. You either have no critical thinking skills or do not pay taxes.

  3. And yeah, like another commenter says on this page, Kenney and Shandro laid off hundreds of front line health care workers DURING THE PANDEMIC, insulted them and abused them. What does that say about their leadership? Now they’re begging them all to be all hands on deck.

  4. ALLOW early treatments with large success rates that other countries are using with success. You amy decrease hospitalizations by 50%

  5. The current situation is a direct result stemming fron the bad medical advice dispensed by medical unprofessionals endorsed by Daystar Canada. It is time to revoke their broadcast licence and chase them back to Texas.Preferably with sharpened pitchforks and on foot all the way with no rest stops.

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