1. @Boomer5150 This language is typical of dysfunctional personalities with limited intellectual and cognitive abilities.

    2. sue JesusistheLord the same reason these women took so long to say something is the exact same reason as to why I am being attacked by Trump followers here. Batshit crazy people that were so pissed at Obama being President that you went for the worst. That mistake wont happen again and “The Right” knows it, hence all the insults.

    1. @You Know personal freedom of ownership of your stuff. Gov has no business forcing me to buy a certain ( ) fill in the blank.and this goes on an on with all of life. That is freedom.

  1. Joe Biden showed his age in that debate and just because he was Obama’s right hand man, doesn’t mean he’s right for the main job. He’s already lost out on it twice.

  2. That was Joe Biden quietly signalling the moderators if he could phone a friend, probably Obama. Who probably wouldn’t pick up at this point anyway.

    1. Check out the snowflakes crying cuz it’s the truth they support a child killer a racist and a rapist how pathetic what you expect from white people there are the devil the devil

    1. At least “Sleepy” Joe doesn’t use the same derrogatory, childish nickname for more than one person like Trump does. First it was “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd. And unlike Trump, at least Joe sleeps more than 4 hours a night. Who can think straight if they don’t sleep enough night after night? Trump should smoke weed or get on Ambien or something.

    2. @Gavin Are they still paying you only 10 rubles ($0.15) per post or have they adjusted it for inflation?

  3. Biden campaign team should continue to hide him from public. Things go downhill once he opens his mouth. LOL

  4. Now the world can see that UNCLE JOE didn’t wanna do this…media and anti trump DC swamp dwellers pushing him to get in the race. I see him dropping out soon.

  5. I know it takes a lot of confidence and self assurance to noticeably raise your hand high to answer a few questions but come on.. you have to be a little more bold and confident when you are trying to at least run for president..

  6. Joe seems to have zero enthusiasm to do this. If he’s the nominee, it’ll be 4 more years of Trump.

  7. Thank you Democrat’s and CNN, was a hard day at work, but I can always rely on you for a laugh, huge laugh, imagine if anyone in the world agrees with you or your minority of deadbeat followers!! Keep it up please, I realise you will fold soon but I’m here, I love a good laugh and you never disappoint

  8. Bubbles Biden and the Seltzer boi are the two guys in the theater balcony of the Muppet’s TV show.
    Get off my lawn!!

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